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R.P Chapter 68: You’re Good At Shooting!


In a large abandoned warehouse, a large group of ghouls was fighting with CCG.


“Breakout! Quick!”


“No, boss, the road is blocked.”


“Are these Investigators crazy?”


“Boom, boom, boom!”


Intensive gunshots came. Su Xiao stood behind a tall concrete column, the cement column was splashed with large pieces of smoke due to bullets.


He was fighting with a group of more than 100 ghouls, this group was very tenacious, and their leader was an S-class ghoul.


Unexpectedly, this group of ghouls surprisingly had a lot of firearms.


Judging from the current firepower, there were at least a hundred long and short guns in that group.


This was the third group of ghouls that he cleared after fighting in that building. It was also the last ghouls’ gathering place he could find.


“Byakuya-san, the group’s firepower is too fierce, we can’t get in there.”


Mado Akira stood next to Su Xiao.


The cement column hit by the bullets caused smoke, and the explosion of the grenades could be heard from time to time.


Su Xiao wanted to move his head out, but a sting came in his head.


He stepped on the ground, and brought Mado Akira next to him, and jumped to a nearby cement column.


This was a large warehouse with at least one hundred cement columns which had one meter wide.




When Su Xiao just jumped off, he felt a heat wave came from behind him. The impact of the explosion pulled him for a few steps.


Mado Akira sat behind the cement column looked at the explosion unbelievably.


“Rocket, rocket launcher??”


Not only Mado Akira, but even Su Xiao did not expect that those ghouls surprisingly had rocket launchers.


Su Xiao raised an automatic assault rifle in his hand, and pointed at those ghouls and shot randomly. As for whether he hit the enemy or not, only the ghosts knew.


“Boom, boom, boom.”


After he shot randomly, the ghouls screamed two times, Su Xiao got a hint, and his CCG contribution increased.


This was completely based on luck. Su Xiao vowed that he did not aim at anything at all.


“Byakuya-san, good shots.”


It may be that Mado Akira didn’t see Su Xiao’s casual shots, she only saw the fallen ghouls.


“It’s kind of okay.”


Su Xiao could not help but feel awkward.


Most of the time he always killed in close combat, but this time it turned into a gun movie.


“Boss, it can’t work, our brothers can’t hold on.”


A middle-aged Investigator, holding a bulletproof shield, rushed to Su Xiao.


Some Investigators who followed Su Xiao and had cleared ghouls’ gathering places would call him boss, which shows their admiration.


“Itakura, where did you get this?”


Su Xiao was more interested in the bulletproof shield in Itakura’s hands.


“I was in the back door raid, a ghoul took this thing after that he was killed by a grenade.”


The grenade is the only explosive that CCG was allowed to use.


Itakura smiled and handed the bulletproof shield to Su Xiao.


This bulletproof shield was black, about 1 meter four or so. There was a rectangular lookout in the middle and upper position, covered with bulletproof glass.


“Boss, this is FXF6-T explosion-proof shield, level 6 bulletproof! In addition to heavy sniper rifles, it can defend other guns.”


Su Xiao took the bulletproof shield, and he could feel that he can rely on this.


“Everyone pays attention, I’ll create opportunities, let’s get ready to annihilate these ghouls!”


Su Xiao held the bulletproof shield in his left hand and held the sword in his right hand as he rushed straight out from the cement column.


“Boom, boom, boom!”


Through the bullet-proof glass on the bulletproof shield, Su Xiao saw a large row of firearms from ghouls, as they shot bullets incessantly.


“Boom, boom, boom.”


A dense rain of bullets hit on the bulletproof shield.


The pace of Su Xiao rushed slowed down due to that.


The impact of a bullet was not weak, don’t even talk about dozens or hundreds of bullets.


Seeing that Su Xiao rushed over with a bulletproof shield, the leader of ghouls was shocked.


He recognized Su Xiao, the man. In just ten seconds, he killed six of his subordinates.


The leader of these ghouls was dressed as a mercenary, and his shooting was extremely accurate.


“Stop him, never let him pass through.”


as if he suddenly thought of something, the corner of his mouth raised into a cruel smile, the mercenary ghoul looked for something behind him, raised a sniper rifle at least two meters long.


“Cover me.”


The mercenary ghoul showed a fierce face and the fingers were about to pull the trigger.


Su Xiao saw this scene through bulletproof glass and did not react much.


The dragon flash disappeared from his hand as he put it into the storage space. Su Xiao pulled off a fist-sized iron ball from his back.




The crisp metal crash sound came, Su Xiao threw the metal ball near the mercenary ghoul.


Snigger, the iron ball rolled down to the feet of many ghouls.




The mercenary ghoul shouted and threw the sniper rifle, curled his body as a kagune appeared and wrapped his whole body.




A fire spread across the large warehouse, and dust fell from the ceiling of the warehouse.


The intensive shrapnel hit the bulletproof shield in Su Xiao’s hand and squeaked.


This was a high-explosive grenade. Su Xiao applied to the CCG headquarters twice, and the headquarters finally approve it reluctantly.


Most of the firepower of the ghouls’ side stopped at this moment, and charred smell spread out.


With a bang, half of a broken leg fell in front of Su Xiao, a part of the broken leg was dark while still burning.


In fact, Su Xiao had long wanted to throw a high-explosive grenade. But the firepower of the ghouls was too dense. If he throws from long distance, the high-explosive grenade might explode in the air.




With Su Xiao’s order, the Investigators rushed out.


Su Xiao took the lead and rushed to the forefront.


The mercenary ghoul got up in a confused way and looked at his surrounding with a stunned look. His kagune was blown up, the blood spilled from his ear, he was in a state of shock.


Without waiting for him to recover, Su Xiao had already rushed to him, and he broke the ghoul’s neck directly. After that, Su Xiao started looking for other ghouls without checking again.


The battle was reversed instantly, and the situation which was once balanced power from each side became a unilateral massacre in a very short time.


After half an hour, only humans could live in the warehouse.


Su Xiao sat on a broken chair to take rest, after experiencing severe gunfire. There were only three legs left in the chair, and it was uncomfortable to sit on it.


The Investigators began to gather the dead bodies of ghouls together.


“Byakuya-san, all the ghouls were cleaned up. The numbers of ghouls we killed are 147, and we…”


After hearing to the report of the situation, Su Xiao nodded and gestured to ask Mado Akira to deal with the follow-up issues.


Tomorrow Shinohara Yukinori will be transferred to the 20thdistrict, and Su Xiao had killed all the ghouls he could find.


Itori wouldn’t have thought that the map she painted casually was indirectly causing thousands of ghouls to die.


Su Xiao’s contribution points were now [first-class Investigator, contribution point: 2053/2000. Get the promotion: Yes/No]


Su Xiao chose yes, and the remainder of the reincarnation paradise disappeared.


As long as the news of the CCG headquarters arrived, he could complete the main task.


This made Su Xiao sigh in relief; he did not want his fate to be held in the CCG’s hands.


Just as Su Xiao felt relaxed, a reminder suddenly appeared from the reincarnation paradise.


[The hunters have expelled 95% of the 14thdistrict, the hunter killed 34%, indirectly killed 46%, and only 15% escaped from the 14th district.]


[Because the hunter caused a large number of deaths or escapes in the 14th district, You got an achievement: Scavenger.]


[Achievement: Scavenger. (You need to personally expel more than 30% of the ghouls in an area, and cause more than 90% of them to die or escape from that area.)]


[(scavenger) Achievement reward: 1 point of attribute, 7% of the world’s source.]


[You have a total of 14.3% of the world’s source.]


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