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R.P Chapter 68: You’re Good At Shooting! [EDITED]

In a large, abandoned warehouse, a large group of ghouls was fighting against the CCG.

“Escape! Hurry!”

“Damn it, boss, the road is blocked!”

“Are those Investigators crazy?”

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Deafening gunshots rang again and again. Su Xiao stood behind a large concrete column, which was splashing with large pieces of debris and smoke due to continuous bullets impacting.

He was fighting against a group of more than a hundred ghouls, which was very tenacious and were led by an S-class ghoul.

Surprisingly, this group of ghouls was equipped with a lot of firearms.

Judging from the shots being fired, there should be0 at least a hundred long and short guns in that group.

This was the third group of ghouls that he cleared after the fight in the building started. It was also the last stand of the ghouls in the area.

“Byakuya-san, this group’s firepower is too fierce, we can’t advance.”

Mado Akira stood next to Su Xiao.

The cement column was hit by bullets again and again, raising more and more smoke. The explosions of grenades could be heard from time to time.

Su Xiao wanted to risk a glance, but suddenly felt a stinging sensation in his head.

He forcefully grabbed Mado Akira and jumped to another nearby cement column.

This was a large warehouse, with at least one hundred cement columns, which were each about one meter wide.


When Su Xiao had just jumped away, he felt a heat wave coming from behind him. The impact of the explosion pushed him for a bit further.

Mado Akira sat behind the cement column and looked at the explosion with an unbelieving expression.

“A rock, rocket launcher?!”

Not only Mado Akira, but even Su Xiao was surprised. Who would expect ghouls to possess rocket launchers?

Su Xiao raised an automatic assault rifle and randomly shot at the ghouls. As for whether he hit them or not, only the dead would know.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

Until he emptied the magazine, he heard two ghouls scream. Su Xiao got a notification, and his CCG contribution increased.

This was pure luck. He did not aim at all.

“Byakuya-san, good shooting.”

Maybe Mado Akira didn’t see the way Su Xiao casually sprayed, she only saw the two fallen ghouls.

“It wasn’t bad.”

Su Xiao could not help but feel awkward.

Most of the time he killed in close combat, but this fight had really turned into a gun movie.

“Boss, we can’t do this, our brothers can’t hold on.”

A middle-aged Investigator rushed to Su Xiao holding a bulletproof shield.

Some Investigators who followed Su Xiao and had cleared the ghouls’ gathering places with him called him ‘boss’ to show their admiration.

“Itakura, where did you get this?”

Su Xiao was more interested in the bulletproof shield in Itakura’s hands.

“I was part of the back entrance raid. A ghoul had this thing but was killed by a grenade.”

Grenades were the only explosives that CCG Investigators were allowed to use, and only a few of them.

Itakura smiled and handed the bulletproof shield to Su Xiao.

This bulletproof shield was black and about one meter tall. There was a rectangular lookout in the upper middle, which was covered with bulletproof glass.

“Boss, this is a FXF6-T explosion-proof shield. It’s level 6 bulletproof! In addition to heavy sniper rifles, it can defend other guns.” [1]

Su Xiao took the bulletproof shield and was able to feel that he could rely on it.

“Everyone, pay attention! I’ll create an opportunity, get ready to annihilate these ghouls!”

Su Xiao held the bulletproof shield in his left and the sword in his right hand he rushed straight out from the cement column.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Through the bullet-proof glass mounted on the bulletproof shield, Su Xiao saw a large row of firearms wielding ghouls as they shot bullets incessantly.

“Bang, bang, bang.”

A dense rain of bullets impacted the bulletproof shield.

The pace of Su Xiao slowed down due to the heavy impacts.

The impact of single bullet was not weak, not to mention a dozen or even hundreds of bullets.

Seeing Su Xiao rushing over with a bulletproof shield, the leader of the ghouls was shocked.

He recognized Su Xiao. In just ten seconds, that man had killed six of his subordinates.

The leader of these ghouls was dressed as a mercenary, his shooting was impeccable.

“Stop him, don’t let him pass through.”

As if he suddenly thought of something, the corner of his mouth raised into a cruel smile. The mercenary clad ghoul looked for something behind him and raised a sniper rifle which was at least two meters long.

“Cover me.”

The mercenary ghoul showed a fierce face, his finger ready to pull the trigger.

Su Xiao saw this through bulletproof glass, but did not react much.

Dragon Flash disappeared from his hand as he put it into the storage space. Su Xiao pulled out a fist-sized iron ball from his back.


The crisp sound of metal could be heard, before Su Xiao threw the metal ball near the mercenary clad ghoul.


The iron ball bounced before it rolled down close to a group of ghouls.


The leading ghoul shouted as he threw the sniper rifle, curled his body and wrapped his Kagune around his whole body.


A ball of fire spread across the place those ghouls had been standing and dust fell from the ceiling of the warehouse.

The intensive shower of shrapnel hit the bulletproof shield in Su Xiao’s hand.

This was a high-explosive grenade. Su Xiao had applied for it at the CCG headquarters twice, and finally got it approved, even though it had been reluctantly.

Most of the shooting from the ghouls’ side stopped at this moment, and a charred smell spread in the warehouse.

With a sickening sound, half of a broken leg fell down close to Su Xiao. A part of the broken leg was darkened and burning.

In fact, Su Xiao had long since wanted to throw the high-explosive grenade. But the suppression fire of the ghouls was too dense. If he had thrown it from a long distance, the high-explosive grenade might have been hit, causing it to get deflected. [2]


At Su Xiao’s order, the Investigators rushed out.

Su Xiao took the lead and rushed at the forefront.

The mercenary clad ghoul got up, dazed from the explosion, and looked at his surroundings. His Kagune was blown up and blood spilled from his ear, he was in a state of shock.

Without waiting for him to recover, Su Xiao had already rushed to him, and severed his neck without hesitation. After that, Su Xiao started looking for other ghouls without caring about the former leader anymore.

The situation was instantly reversed. The situation, which was the ghouls suppressing the CCG with their firepower, turned into a massacre.

After half an hour, only humans were alive within the warehouse.

Su Xiao sat on a broken chair to rest. After the severe gunfire earlier, there were only three legs left in the chair, and it was uncomfortable to sit on it.

The Investigators began to gather the ghoul’s bodies.

“Byakuya-san, all the ghouls were killed. We counted 147 ghouls, and we…”

After listening to the report, Su Xiao nodded and gestured to Mado Akira to deal with the follow-up issues.

Tomorrow, Shinohara Yukinori will be transferred to the 20th district, and Su Xiao had killed all the ghouls he could find.

Itori wouldn’t have thought that the map she had casually painted had caused thousands of ghouls to die.

Su Xiao’s contribution points were now at [Rank 1 Investigator, contribution points: 2053/2000. Take the promotion: Yes/No]

Su Xiao chose ‘Yes’, and the notification of the Reincarnation Paradise disappeared.

As soon as the news of the CCG headquarters arrived, he would have completed the main task.

This caused Su Xiao to sigh in relief, he did not want his fate to be held in the CCG’s hands.

Just as Su Xiao relaxed, a notification from the Reincarnation Paradise suddenly appeared.

[You have expelled 95% of the ghouls in the 14th district. You have killed 34%, indirectly killed 46%, while 15% managed to escape.]

[Because you caused a large number of deaths and escapes in the 14th district, you got an achievement: Scavenger.]

[Achievement: Scavenger. (Kill more than 30% of the ghouls in an area. Cause more than 90% of all ghouls in that area to die or to escape from that area.)]

[(Scavenger) Achievement reward: 1 attribute point. 7% of the world’s source.]

[You now have a total of 14.3% of the world’s source.]


[1] Probably means either Gost Class 6 armor or BR6 armor. Both are Russian, but the BR6 is newer and can be considered the heavier protection classification. The Gost (intentionally written without the h) Class 6 is rated to take 7.62 x 54mm rounds (think SV-98) while the BR6 is rated to take 12.7x108mm rounds (which is pretty much a Russian .50cal).

[2] It originally said “it might get hit, causing it to explode in the air”. That’s not how grenades work. A grenade doesn’t explode when it’s being hit by a bullet (not counting cal.50 and the like, which might penetrate the iron shell and cause it to explode).