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R.P Chapter 70: You Are In Trouble [EDITED]

In the 11th district, inside the Aogiri Tree’s hideout.


Screams of pain rang throughout the old building.

On the first floor of the building, many contractors had gathered. The previous scream was from the original protagonist, Kaneki Ken.

Those contractors, in order to increase their own strength and to let the plot continue normally, cooperated with Kirishima Ayato and captured Kaneki Ken for the Aogiri Tree.

They were different from Su Xiao. Su Xiao did not care whether the plot continued, as long as he could complete his task, even though the difficulty might rise without using the plot as guidance.

Being powerful was the only thing important to him, overly relying on the plot would only lead to problems sooner or later once the plot collapsed.

“Is this really alright, Hot?”

Cold Fish was talking, the incessant screams were causing his nerves to fray.

Cold Fish couldn’t help but imagine the things that made Kaneki Ken scream like this.

“It should be alright. In the original plot, Gecko tortured Kaneki Ken, now it is Nico. The way this guy tortures people is almost the same as Gecko.”

Those incessant screams even caused Hot to feel flustered.

“Tell me, tell me, tell me! One thousand minus seven is equal to what?”

Another scream was heard from above.

“Will Kaneki Ken die?”

Hot swallowed hard at that thought.

“Probably not, he is the protagonist after all.”

Hot and Cold Fish were silent.

A little girl was sitting aside from most contractors. It was Xi Lo Lo, the little girl dressed like Kanna Kamui who had traded with Su Xiao before.

Xi Lo Lo was being ignored by the others in Cold Fish’s adventurer group, she only held a low position here.

“Did that pervert on the CCG’s camp do anything recently?”

Hot asked, but Cold Fish did not answer openly.

“Nothing happened.”

While Cold Fish said this, he secretly passed Hot a piece of paper.

‘That guy cleared the entire 14th district.’

Hot’s body stiffened, his thoughts went haywire. Clearing all the ghouls in a district?

Hot understood why Cold Fish did not say this out loud. The less contractors knew about this, the better, because it would drastically lower the fighting spirit of the contractors on the ghoul’s side.

Cold Fish and Hot controlled this information, they made sure that the other contractors wouldn’t learn of this.

Knowing critical information could consolidate their status as leaders, allowing them to get more benefits.

People were selfish, and in the first place, Cold Fish and Hot only set up a temporary adventurer group instead of a permanent one.

The leaders of a temporary adventurer group exploiting the contractors was almost an unspoken rule.

Those exploited contractors were mostly aware of this, but they had no choice but to join the temporary adventurer groups anyways, since they could not be sure that they could live through the derivative worlds on their own.

“The confrontational task has yet to begin. How far along the main task are you? I have completed more than 50% of this.”

Hot changed the topic of the conversation.

“I haven’t made any special progress. It’s too hard to find Investigators, there are only few scattered ones. The people on my side are probably finished by about 40%.”

After today, the mission time limit is still 12 days, and the plot line of the 11th district will start soon. That’s an excellent opportunity.”

Cold Fish sighed.

Su Xiao’s mission was to kill the ghouls, while Cold Fish and the other people were killing the Investigators.

Of course, compared to killing ghouls, the number of Investigators they needed to kill was much less, each of them only needed to kill five Investigators.

If the number of Investigators required to be killed were the same as the number of ghouls, then even if every single Investigator in Tokyo was killed, they would not be able to complete the task. The number of Investigators was just much less than that of ghouls.

Xi Lo Lo heard the discussion between the two people, but she just felt bored.

She had already paid the money, but Cold Fish did not care about her task completion rate.

By now, the number of kills of Xi Lo Lo was still 0. The original words of Cold Fish were along the lines of: “Don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.”

Xi Lo Lo thought that Cold Fish just wanted to cheat her.

Although she paid the money and signed a contract with Cold Fish, if she encountered some people with ill intentions, her contract would not save her life.

The contract only stated that Cold Fish should help her to complete the task and to try to protect her.

As such, it wasn’t ironclad.

As long as Xi Lo Lo were to die, the contract would be voided, while Cold Fish would only lose some paradise coins, and not too many at that.

It would hurt him, but not too deeply, otherwise Cold Fish wouldn’t have signed the contract.

If it had been a normal situation, Cold Fish would not have done things like this, but the existence of Su Xiao caused great pressure to him.

At the moment, Cold Fish had no real interest in Xi Lo Lo’s few paradise coins. As for her life, Cold Fish did not care at all.

Strong enemies were ahead, and even though he and Hot had teamed up, they were still calculating behind each other’s back.

In the 20th district, inside the CCG branch.

After receiving the transfer order from the headquarters, Su Xiao rushed over here. The two districts were not too far from each other, the 20th district was right next to the 14th district and could be reached by car.

Standing in front of the branch office, Su Xiao stretched himself.

Previously, he was pressured by the main task and had been tense all the time, but now that he could complete the main task at any time, he felt more relaxed.

It was five o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was shining, and the surrounding environment was bathed in a warm pale yellow.

The clouds were sparse on the horizon and in the park next to the branch office, some old people sat while drinking tea and chatting.

“It’s a really good day for training.”

After entering the ghouls’ world, Su Xiao had been fighting with high intensity all the time.

While he was learning combat skills in the Reincarnation Paradise, it was actual, real live-and-death fighting now.

After fighting for his live, Su Xiao felt that his sword skills had slightly improved, and the feeling of the blade being an extension of his arm like Koshiro taught him became more and more obvious to him.


A white blur quickly approached from the corner of his vision. Su Xiao subconsciously wanted to draw Dragon Flash, but then he saw the familiar face.


Su Xiao chuckled. He had a good impression of Suzuya Juzo, the two men fought together and had naturally become friends.

The friendships gained in battle were far closer than others.

“Byakuya-san, why are you here?”

“I came to find someone, and don’t call me with ‘-san’, just Byakuya will be fine.”

Although he was looking for someone, Su Xiao did not yet know who he was looking for.

“I got lost, but this is the 20th district’s branch, right? I was looking for it the entire afternoon!

Byakuya-san, Byakuya, do you know where the conference room of the branch is?”

Su Xiao nodded and walked into the branch with Suzuya Juzo.

Just after entering the building, Su Xiao felt that something was wrong. Wherever he went, people would look at him, as if looking at a rare creature. Some female Investigators even not-so-secretly took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

At this time, in the conference room.

Marude Itsuki, the Special Class Investigator, was hosting a meeting.

There were dozens of Investigators sitting in the conference room, without counting Marude Itsuki, there were even two Special Class Investigators.

Something like this had always been rare in CCG’s history.

Although Marude Itsuki was a Special Class Investigator, he generally did not participate in battle. His commanding ability was far superior when compared to his combat ability.

CCG only had few large-scale combat missions, which were mostly planned and led by Marude Itsuki.

Marude Itsuki was the commander of CCG on the battlefield and he was especially good at large-scale battles.

With the excited tone of the Marude Itsuki, the fighting spirit of the people in the meeting was roused.

“This is a war between humans and ghouls. So, for the time being, give me your life.

By the way, this is an order. You have no right to refuse!

Here, I declare that the ‘Special Countermeasure Unit’ in the 11th district is officially activated…”

It was also a summary of his previous words. This was the battle declaration which he prepared for this occasion.

The mobilization before the fight itself was very important.


The door of the conference room was pushed without warning, shocking some Investigators who were wholeheartedly listening.

“Sorry, I am a Suzuya Juzo, a subordinate of Mr. Shinohara. I am late because I got lost.”

Suzuya Juzo stretched his hand in front and pushed the door.

At this time, Su Xiao stood behind Suzuya Juzo. He saw Marude Itsuki, who he had seen from the video call, with a stunned look on his face.

There was deadly silence in the conference room, it seemed that the little angel Juzo was in trouble.