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R.P Chapter 72: Are You Kidding Me? [EDITED]


Kirishima Touka, Yomo Renji, Nishio Nishiki and the others were all in the cafe.

“Sorry, my staff had recently experienced a familial tragedy, so her mood is somewhat unstable.”

Yomo Renji, who was the store manager, stepped forward and apologized.

“This guy, isn’t he…”

Kirishima Touka whispered, looking at Su Xiao with horror.

The ghouls in Anteiku differed from other ghouls. They generally did not prey on humans, but only ate the bodies of people who committed suicide.

Pulling back her short blue hair, Kirishima Touka hesitated briefly, then finally went forward and acted as a waitress.

In the coffee shop in Anteiku, the store manager and the waiters were all ghouls.

There were a lot of ghouls at this café.

The store manager, Yomo Renji, was a horrible person and an SSS class ghoul.

The store manager killed too many people when he was young. He opened this coffee shop in the 20th district when he got older.

His purpose was to let the ghouls live in harmony with human beings. They would not take the initiative to prey on human beings, they would just try to survive.

Su Xiao sat in front of the counter, while Suzuya Juzo looked around in curiosity.

“Dear guest, would you like to order?”

The store manager’s white hair was neatly groomed, he was dressed neatly, and his face was gentle, he seemed like a normal old gentleman.

The strange thing was that the store manager’s eyes seemed permanently closed, perhaps his eyes were too small?

“Since I came to the coffee shop, I would like to have a cup of coffee. I heard that the coffee in your store is ‘excellent’.”

Su Xiao didn’t come to fight. He just wanted information.

He did not see Kaneki Ken in the coffee shop. There were two possibilities. Either Kaneki Ken was not here, or he was already taken away by the Aogiri Tree, and Su Xiao guessed it was the latter one.

“Dear guests, please wait a moment.”

The store manager was well informed, he had recognized Su Xiao, so he personally welcomed Su Xiao, the Black Death.

Kirishima Touka took the napkin she had been carrying and neatly placed it on the counter, planning to leave.


Su Xiao suddenly said, causing Kirishima Touka’s body to stiffen.

“What, what happened? Dear guests.”

Kirishima Touka bowed her head and pretended to be shy, not daring to look at Su Xiao.

“You have a brother, right?”

After Su Xiao said this sentence, Kirishima Touka felt cold rising from her feet, straight to her brain.

“How come, I mean, I don’t have a brother?”

Kirishima Touka looked pretty nervous as she walked away, Su Xiao had just wanted to mess with her.

“Guest, here is your coffee.”

The store manager carried over a cup of coffee served it to Su Xiao.

“Touka, go prepare tomorrow’s ingredients.”

Kirishima Touka seemed relieved by this order and quickly walked into another room.

The unique aroma of coffee floated through the store. Su Xiao didn’t have the habit of drinking coffee, but after smelling this strong fragrance, he couldn’t help but take a sip.

After drinking a sip, Su Xiao’s eyebrows rose.


The store manager smiled.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

The store manager took a cup of coffee for himself and walked out of the bar, sitting next to Su Xiao.

“You don’t drink coffee often, right? Coffee should be tasted slowly. Otherwise, it will affect the taste. Just like life, although it is bitter, you can taste other flavours stronger after some bitterness.”

“I don’t have the habit of drinking coffee. I just have a ‘friend’ working here, so I came to see him. Unfortunately, he is not here today.”

Su Xiao continued to drink his coffee.

“A friend?”

The store manager looked at Su Xiao with confusion apparent on his face.

“Yeah, a ‘friend’. His name is Kaneki Ken, I don’t know if the store manager could contact him. We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Su Xiao put down the coffee cup and looked at the store manager meaningfully.

“It turned out to be Kaneki Ken. It’s a pity, he just took some time off.”

Su Xiao was pretty sure that Kaneki Ken was in trouble.

“Well, since it is like this, then forget it.”

Su Xiao drunk all the remaining coffee in one go.

“Suzuya, let’s go.”

Su Xiao seemed to be relaxed but actually perceived the surroundings. All the eyes were on him, which meant that all the people here recognized him.

Su Xiao started to take out some money.

“No, this coffee is my treat.”

The store manager stood up, his face calm.

Although the talk with the store manager was not long, Su Xiao thought that the store manager was different from most ghouls he had seen. He did not have the same feeling of madness and perversion.

He was more like a wise old man with a wrinkled face, occasionally showing helplessness to the world.

“Thank you.”

Su Xiao and the store manager stood up and looked at each other.

“Guests, if you have the chance, please come to ‘Anteiku’ for some coffee again, even if it’s at night. No worries, the area is safe.”

The store manager’s sentence held a variety of meanings.

It was not only meant to invite Su Xiao as a guest and to show him kindness, but also to conceal it at the same time. The 20th and 14th districts were different. The ghouls here were very peaceful and would not harm human beings.

[At the same time, he asked Su Xiao not to start to purge the Xeno Scum. E/N: Sorry couldn’t resist]

At the same time, he asked Su Xiao not to pull a crazy move to eliminate ghouls in the 20th district.

The store manager may have already known that Su Xiao noticed something.

It was a terrible thing to eliminate every single ghoul in an entire district.

The store manager also wanted to avoid facing the Black Death.

“Perhaps we will meet again soon.”

Su Xiao smiled at the manager, a red light flashing in his eyes.

Su Xiao walked out of the cafe.

The store manager sat back and sighed, Kirishima Touka walked out of the adjacent room.

“Is this guy the Black Death that appeared recently? This guy is definitely a madman…”

Touka showed a worried expression, she was afraid of Su Xiao clearing the 20th district like he did the 14th, then Anteiku would have to move to some other place.

“He’s a terrible guy.”

Nishio Nishiki was only an A class ghoul, so he was even more afraid of Su Xiao, and his legs felt somewhat soft.

Su Xiao had killed more A class ghouls than Nishio Nishiki had seen in his life.

“For a pure human to be this strong… If I’m not wrong, he should’ve come to find Kaneki Ken.”

After the store manager spoke, the coffee shop turned silent.

On the way back to the CCG branch, Suzuya Juzo was very cheerful.

“Oh, oh, I just had a very strange feeling in that coffee shop.”

The intuition of Suzuya Juzo was very accurate, except for the two of them, the rest were all ghouls.


Walking along the street at night, Su Xiao lit a cigarette.

Suzuya Juzo ran to the left of Su Xiao, who wondered why, then he went to the right of Su Xiao.

“Brother Byakuya, how can I become as strong as you?”

“Look for opportunities, hard work, and don’t be afraid of death.”

Suzuya Juzo nodded without really understanding.

Five minutes later, the two had returned to the CCG branch.

After Su Xiao returned to his temporary residence, he took a shower and lied on the bed.

A blood-red card appeared in Su Xiao’s hands, he was ready to open the ‘Scarlet card’ that Queen had dropped, to see if he could harvest anything useful.

Tomorrow he may have to go to the 24th district. If he could add gain some combat power or supplies, it would be a good thing.

[Use the Scarlet card: Yes/No.]

When he chose to use it, the ‘Scarlet card’ gradually dissolved and turned into a reddish liquid that floated in the air.

The bright red liquid suddenly began to spin quickly, forming a vortex in front of Su Xiao.

The inner side of the vortex contained a space that fit one hand, so he put his hand in it.

After feeling around for something, he touched a soft, smooth object.

Su Xiao smiled. It seemed like he touched a piece of equipment. It seemed he wasn’t that unlucky after all.

He pulled his hand out of the red vortex, and the notification from the Reincarnation Paradise came.

Upon receiving the notification of the Reincarnation Paradise, the smile on Su Xiao face disappeared, and he stayed rooted on the spot. After a long time, he swore.

The notification of the Reincarnation Paradise was:

[You randomly received: ‘silk bra’.]