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R.P Chapter 74: 24th District!

The next morning, in the park of CCG branch in the 20thdistrict, there was a shade of trees.
Su Xiao supported the ground with one hand and maintained an inverted posture.
“543, 544, 545…”
Su Xiao was doing one-handed inverted push-ups to exercise arm strength.
Sweat dripped down his cheeks while there was a small pool of water that appeared on the ground beneath him.
Although the reincarnation Paradise could increase the value of attributes, Su Xiao never slacked off his own exercise.
When perceiving the feeling of getting stronger, most people will be addicted to it.
Imagine being able to feel stronger every day. How pleasant it is.
“Superior Byakuya, someone is looking for you.”
A male Investigator walked up to Su Xiao.
Su Xiao put power to his arm and stretched his body.
“Special Arima!”
After telling the name Arima, the Investigator showed a look of admiration.
“Arima? I understood, where is he?”
After getting the position of Arima Kisho, Su Xiao picked up his top and left the park.
Unexpectedly, the person that waited for him was surprisingly Arima Kisho.
In the restaurant of the CCG’s branch, Su Xiao was eating the food in front of him.
In the seat in front of Su Xiao was sitting a man with a handsome look with white hair and glasses.
He is Arima Kisho, the strongest Investigator in CCG.
“So, are you, my boss, now?”
Su Xiao ate the last bite of breakfast and looked up to see Arima Kisho.
“Yes, you are temporarily transferred to the zero team and are responsible for the investigation of the 24th district.”
Arima Kisho spoke with a gentle tone and looked like a male god with no expressions.
Su Xiao thought for a while.
He also had 12 days of free time, although the 24thdistrict was dangerous, it was also a good place.
If he wants to become stronger quickly, he needs to take risks, then he will get rewards. This was the iron law of the reincarnation paradise.
“When will we go?”
The first impression Su Xiao gave other people was murderousness, which could be seen from his only three points of charm.
And Arima Kisho was without expressionless, so the interactions between the two were very simple and clear.
Arima Kisho did not ask for testing Su Xiao’s strength, as he could clean the 14th district, which showed his power.
Su Xiao followed Arima Kisho to leave the CCG branch of the 20th district and drove to the 24th district.
The 24th district was located on the edge of Tokyo and belonged to the suburbs of Tokyo.
To be exact, the 24th district was a wilderness, and the real 24th district was underground.
In the meeting room of the branch of the 20th district, Marude Itsuki stood by the window and looked at the car which was far away, and sighed.
“He still left, if Blackdeath joins this….”
MarudeItsuki looked somehow disappointed.
“Marude, it doesn’t matter, I may have a way.”
Shinohara Yukinori patted on Marude Itsuki’s shoulder and looked at the vehicle that was far away. Didn’t know what he was thinking.
“A way? Tell me.”
Marude Itsuki looked at Shinohara Yukinori with surprise.
Shinohara Yukinori mysteriously smiled and put his head near Marude Itsuki’s ear, and said something in a low voice.
“Yes, that’s it. I haven’t thought that you can still think of this way.”
Shinohara Yukinori’s face was black and looked at Marude Itsuki speechlessly.
24th district, a CCG bulletproof car parked on wild grasses.
“Right here.”
Arima Kisho took the lead to get off the car, Su Xiao also got off the car.
A hole with a diameter of more than ten meters wide appeared in front of Su Xiao.
This was an entrance to the underground. The entrance was dark, and a vague whine sounded as if a ghost was crying.
It was the sound of the wind, which meant there was a lot of space underground.
“Yuna, introduce the situation in the 24th district to superior Byakuya.”
In the main driver’s seat of the car, a beauty who was like a student walked down.
This beauty named Yuna, about 18 or 19 years old, had a long black hair, a white sailor suit, and her chest was only slightly raised, and the left and right hands were carrying Quinque boxes.
Yuna glanced at Su Xiao and cleared her throat.
She could guess by a glance that this was also a cold guy.
“In the 24th district, we call it the underground maze. So far, we have been unable to explore the 24th district thoroughly.
In the 24thdistrict, there are a lot of meat walls… “
Su Xiao had some doubts. He only heard slightly about the meat walls in the underground of the 24th district. He did not know the specific appearance and only knew a little bit of information.
“Yes, meat walls. That is a kind of meat wall made of kakuhou, and it is similar to the technique of making Quinque.
It is because of these meat walls that the difficulty of exploring the 24th district has been greatly improved… “
Yuna began to introduce the exact situation in the 24th district.
In general, there were now three teams exploring the 24th district, including Arima Kisho, Su Xiao, and Yuna.
As for the other members of the zero team, because of Su Xiao, they were all transferred by the headquarter.
The original words of the headquarter were that the decentralized combat power was in various regions and the current situation was unstable.
Although Yuna had a weak look, she was a quasi-special Investigator.
“The information in the 24th district is here. Now we just pass by here, and I’ll give you some general introductions. And we will start actions in the afternoon.”
The three people stood silently in the same place, Su Xiao could not help but wonder, will they stand to the afternoon?
In the end, Yuna spoke first.
“You two, are you going to stand here?”
Arima Kisho did not speak but go directly to the car.
Su Xiao was looking at Yuna, Yuna also looked at Su Xiao, the two just looked at each other.
“Back, to, the, temporary, branch.”
Yuna said this sentence words by words with a strange tone.
Through a short period of contact, Su Xiao found that his judgment on Yuna was wrong.
This beauty Investigator was not very cold, but slightly nervous, moody.
Five minutes later, the three people drove to the temporary branch, which was a three-floor villa.
Here was the place where the Investigator temporarily rests in the 24th district, there were very few Investigators in the 24th district. Now there were only three people.
Going into the branch, Su Xiao saw some busy staffs.
Except for these staff members, there were no other Investigators in the branch, which made the temporary divisions somewhat sloppy.
“Don’t look like that. Except for the newcomers, there are only three Investigators, that’s us.”
Yuna changed her previous cold attitude and became passionate.
“What’s the specific time to explore the 24th district?”
Su Xiao looked around, the structure here was very simple, the important department, only the logistics department, and the Information Investigation Section.
The logistics department should provide all kinds of materials, and the Information Investigation Section record the situation in the 24th district.
“We will go at one o’clock in the afternoon, the restaurant is inside, and there is your residence.”
After that, Yuna’s white face suddenly came to Su Xiao, and the pretty nose shook.
“I smell blood, I like your smell.”
Su Xiao’s mouth twitched, this woman is completely a replica of Juuzo Suzuya, even more, neurotic than Juuzo Suzuya.
No longer paying attention to this nervous girl, Su Xiao walked to the window of the logistics department. He had received a reminder of the reincarnation paradise.
[Hint: You have entered a special area, temporary division of the 24th district.]
[Hint: The temporary division of the 24th district is a hidden area. In the logistics department of the temporary branch, the CCG contribution value can be used to exchange items.]
Su Xiao was curious about what items can be exchanged in the logistics department.
“Superior Byakuya, welcome to the logistics department. Our items are inexpensive and useful, but they are never free.”
A thin old man with a small round sunglasses looked at Su Xiao in the window with a smile.
Su Xiao was a bit stunned, is this really the logistics department of the CCG branch? He seemed to come to a store.
During the talk of the thin old man, a list of items appeared in front of Su Xiao.
After seeing the first item on the list of items, Su Xiao seemed to have a flame burning in his eyes.
The glory blue light that he saw, he saw it for the first time.
At this moment, Su Xiao felt fortunate to be able to come to the 24th district.


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