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R.P Chapter 77: Primitives!

“It’s so weird that those ghouls dress like this.”
Yuna whispered it seemed that she had never seen such.
“Are these ghouls very rare in the 24th district?”
Su Xiao asked.
“It should be rare. I explored the 24th district for a half year, and this is the first time I see this kind of dress.”
Yuna was surprised to see those ghouls.
“Special Arima. You have been exploring the 24th district for a longer time. Have you seen this kind of ghouls before?”
Arima Kisho did not answer Yuna’s question but just walked out from the corner.
In the vagueness, Su Xiao felt that Arima Kisho probably knew something.
When he first met Arima Kisho, Su Xiao had a strange feeling that this person seemed not a human. Ghouls could only possess the kind of powerful body.
However, this was only Su Xiao’s guess. He had seen with his own eyes that Arima Kisho ate human’s food and then acted with him for a long time without any abnormality.
Judging from the behavior that Arima Kisho showed, He could not be a ghoul.
His body had the strength of a ghoul, but its behavior wasn’t like one.
During Su Xiao’s thought, Arima Kisho had already stepped out of the corner, and his Quinque ‘Narukami’ appeared.
‘Narukami’ was an S+ Quinque, it had three forms.
The first form was a cannon shape that was ranged attacks.
The second form was a pincer-type that could launch a radio ball remotely.
The third form was a sword shape which was very strong and suitable for close attacks.
Now Arima Kisho used the sword type.
“One person fights with one ghoul, we must resolve it as soon as possible.”
Arima Kisho looked at Su Xiao, his meaning was obvious.
Arima Kisho’s current action made Su Xiao more confused. The two ghouls were not too strong, and he could solve them by himself.
Did he want to try to test his strength? It was not likely, the strength of the two ghouls could not meet the test standards.
After entering the 24th district, Su Xiao had many doubts. There should be some secrets here, and Arima Kisho probably knew some.
But he and Arima Kisho were not familiar, the person was not a warm-hearted person, so it needed him to explore on his own.
Su Xiao held dragon flash and stood on Arima Kisho’s side.
The two were in the direction behind the two ghouls. The two ghouls were rushing to eat and did not notice the two.
Arima Kisho extended three fingers and started counting down.
After Arima Kisho took the last finger together, the two rushed to the two ghouls at the same time.
On the way to the assault, Su Xiao found that ArimaKisho was very fast, almost as fast as him.
This made Su Xiao more skeptical about Arima Kisho being a human. His agility was 13 points, can an average human in the ghoul’s world reach 13 points?
After rushing over, Su Xiao and Arima Kisho arrived behind their goals at the same time.
By now, the two ghouls had reacted.
A bright light along with the sword made the ghoul’s head fly.
Fast, accurate, with one strike, Su Xiao solved his goal.
Looking up, there was a headless body in front of Arima Kisho.
In the distance, Yuna was staring at the two people stunned. She had already known the strength of Arima Kisho, but she didn’t think that Su Xiao was also so strong.
“Oh, how can I become the weakest?”
Yuna was not reconciled, but she can’t do anything.
After Su Xiao killed the ghoul in front of him, the reincarnation paradises gave a hint.
[You killed the resident of ‘Diakman’.]
[CCG contribution increased by 46 points, ‘Diakman tribe’ reputation value -92, now ‘Diakman tribe’ reputation exceeds -50, and the Diakman tribe will attack you actively.]
After receiving the reminder of the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao was more confused.
What is this ‘Diakman tribe’, there was no such organization in the story.
Arima Kisho opened the back of the ghoul’s body and took out a kakuhou.
“This kind of kakuhou is very precious. If you want status, you can turn it over to the Information Investigation Section in 24th district.”
Arima Kisho opened his bag and took out a bottle of water, rinsed the blood on the kakuhou, and put it in his backpack.
Su Xiao learned that, and he took out the kakuhou of the ghoul. After touching the kakuhou, the remainder of the reincarnation paradise appeared.
[You get kakuhou (type 1), which can be used to exchange 40 points of CCG contribution.]
Whether it was killing the primitive ghouls or taking out the other’s kakuhou, he could get a lot of CCG contribution points.
The contribution obtained by killing primitive ghouls was ten times more than killing the ghouls on the ground.
The reason for this was still unclear for Su Xiao. Mysteries appeared one after another, and the 24th district became more mysterious.
Just as the three men continued to move deeper, a pair of red eyes stared at the three in the distance with hatred, and a ghoul stood at the end of the passage at 100 meters away.
“not good.”
Arima Kisho revealed a rare expression, and he seemed to be worried about something.
The ghoul in the distance also looked like a primitive person. After seeing the bodies of the two ghouls, he made two strange sounds.
“Woo, woo.”
The swearing of the primitive ghoul was short and sharp, and it passed very far away.
Arima Kisho changed the form of Narukami into an unknown type.
A golden electric ball was shot, it directly shot the ghoul.
After being hit by the electric ball, the ghoul twitched and fell to the ground, and a smell of scorching came. The ghoul was killed after being burnt.
Arima Kisho slightly closed his eyes which were behind the glasses, and his face was a bit ugly.
“Prepare to fight with the enemy, Yuna come behind me.”
Arima Kisho pressed the suitcase, and his other Quinque appeared.
Quinque ‘IXA’, S+ Quinque, could be changed into a variety of forms, which was a weapon for attack and defense.
“Where is the enemy?”
Su Xiao looked serious. Although he did not perceive the enemy, Arima Kisho’s weird performance alerted him.
Arima Kisho’s words had not finished, Su Xiao felt a slight vibration on the ground.
It seemed that there were thousands of horses running wildly on both sides of the channel, and the light ash on the top of the hole fell.
“Woo, woo, woo.”
That strange sound came again. 
In the two directions, the front and back of Su Xiao, ghouls rushed to them, and both ways were blocked.
These ghouls were all dressed as primitives. The grass skirt and bone tooth necklace were almost standard. Some primitive ghouls’ faces had some weird tattoos.
If he looks carefully, he will find that the pattern is a bloated fish.
A pair of big bare feet stepped on the ground, dust rushed, and the primitive ghouls rushed forward while yelling.
“Oh my.”
Su Xiao snorted, it conservatively estimated that there were at least three hundred primitives ghouls on both sides of the passage, surrounded them.
“Although we haven’t fought together, let’s cooperate. Otherwise, we will all die.”
Su Xiao looked at Arima Kisho, and Arima Kisho seriously nodded to Su Xiao.
“Cooperate, you are responsible for the left side, mine is the right side, don’t be surrounded by ghouls.”
In the battle, it was easy to close the relationship, especially the current crisis of life and death.
“Then, then what should I do.”
Yuna bitterly, helplessly asked.
“Support us at any time.”
Su Xiao held the dragon flash tightly in his hand and prepared to meet the enemy.
“Believe in me.”
Although Su Xiao was only a superior Investigator, he was one level lower than Yuna, but positions didn’t matter, strength was the most important.
A primitive ghoul looked like a leader made a short scream. The primitive ghoul picked up a long tree root with a few bird feathers on its end.
After this strange scream, those ghouls who were crazy like beasts rushed at Su Xiao.


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