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R.P Chapter 78: Fight!

The underground passage Su Xiao stayed at was not too wide, it was only about three meters, and at most only four ghouls can rush on him at the same time, which made his pressure decrease.
Four ghouls rushed to Su Xiao, and the strange thing was that they didn’t use kagune.
It was now impossible for Su Xiao to think much, even if these ghouls do not use kagune, they are still hard to get rid of.
Su Xiao held dragon flash tightly, and cut out, and a few white lines appeared.
Puchi! Puchi!
Several arms were cut off, those ghouls in front of Su Xiao screamed in succession.
Su Xiao continued his attacks!
A sword passed, all the ghouls in front of him had their throats cut, and blood spewed out. The timing of this sword was very precise.
The four ghouls in front of him fell down, but other ghouls behind filled in the space immediately, they did not give him time to take a rest.
Su Xiao concentrated highly, and the long sword immediately slashed into the newly added ghouls.
Flesh and blood splashed, the residual limbs flew, in less than two minutes, Su Xiao had already made a road with bodies.
After discovering this situation, Su Xiao immediately jumped onto the bodies.
Although the bodies were somewhat soft and would cause the lower plate to be unstable, if he doesn’t stand up on the ghouls’ bodies, other ghouls will hold the high ground.
Standing on the pile of bodies, he took advantage of his position to continue his attack.
The sound of battle and the roar of the ghouls were connected in a chain.
It had been five minutes since they started the fight, Su Xiao did not see any ghouls use kagune.
These ghouls seemed not to know how to use kagune, or they did not have kagune at all.
In contrast, these ghouls were very strong, and their physical defenses were very high. The durability of the dragon flash had dropped by 3 points in a very short time.
The durability of the dragon flash was now 28/40. If this battle lasts for more than two hours, the durability of the dragon flash may reach 0.
In helpless, Su Xiao could only open Qing Gang Ying. He now had 253 magic values, and Qing Gang Yin could last for two hours.
The light blue arc appeared on the surface of the dragon flash, and the assistant power to attack the enemy’s body was significantly smaller.
Just after Su Xiao cut off a ghoul, another ghoul surprisingly leaped in the distance and rushed into Su Xiao.
Su Xiao kicked the ghoul in front of him and cut the ghoul from bottom to top by the long sword in his hand.
The ghoul who rushed in the air was directly smashed and lost its half head. Su Xiao stopped paying attention to it.
Just as he was preparing to kill a ghoul in front of him, he suddenly felt a stinging pain in his calf.
Looking down, it was the ghoul that had been smashed as it bit on his calf
Previously, these ghouls gave Su Xiao the feelings were strong, and their body was hard.
Now it needed to add one more, they were tenacious.
Su Xiao lifted his calf and the ghoul, who bit his calf, had its teeth were torn down.
Unrelentingly stepping on the ghoul’s head, a white liquid splashed out, and the skull that had been cut off was directly crushed.
In this very short time, a ghoul had already rushed to him.
Su Xiao’s face changed because the distance was too close.
This was not difficult for him as during fights he must be flexible. Dragon Flash in his hand-rolled and the handle turned forward.
The handle hit on the face of the ghoul, and the ghoul screamed and took back a few steps.
Dragon flash slashed, and the ghoul was killed.
A gunshot behind him, a ghoul that was immediately close to Su Xiao was directly headshot.
Su Xiao looked back, Yuna held a slender gun in her hands. It was Yuna’s Quinque Red Moon.
Discovering Yuna could attack from a distance, Su Xiao became a bit relaxed.
Under the cover of him and Arima Kisho, Yuna could exert a strong fighting power.
Arima Kisho was in a similar situation with Su Xiao, they both stood on the bodies.
Now Yuna was in the middle of two piles of bodies.
One side was Su Xiao, and the other side was Arima Kisho.
The mechanical killing began, and at the same time, it was inevitable that Su Xiao got hurt because he fought with many ghouls at the same time. Some primitive ghouls held a kind of black stone spear in their hands, hidden among many ghouls.
Those ghouls that held black stone spears were very dangerous, but the number was not much.
Su Xiao thigh was stabbed by one of the spears and blood splashed out.
“Chu, chu.”
Two short screams came, that was the ghoul leader who had been hiding in the distance.
After a short scream, all the ghouls became crazy, hysterical rushing to Su Xiao, this should be the signal of attack.
The pressure suddenly increased, and Su Xiao almost could not stop it.
Su Xiao’s eyes began to flash with red light as screamed and attacked three times in front of him.
Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!
After the three attacks, the ghouls in front of Su Xiao were cut to pieces.
The intense fight continued for 20 minutes which cause Su Xiao’s power to drop significantly. Su Xiao will soon be unable to hold on.
Even if his attribute points had improved a lot, in this kind of full-strength battle, he couldn’t hold for too much.
Su Xiao looked at Arima Kisho next to him, Arima Kisho’s gentle look had disappeared, his glasses were broken, and his whole body was full of blood.
“Chu, chu.”
A long and short scream came, and the ghouls who were fighting with Su Xiao suddenly stopped and gradually retreated.
Su Xiao gasped heavily, and some looked at those ghouls confused.
Looking at the scene, his feet were stepped on the dead bodies.
Su Xiao and Arima kisho took distance from the ghouls.
The leader looked at Su Xiao and Arima Kisho with hatred, who had a fish-shaped pattern on his face which twitched from time to time.
It may be that they killed too many primitive ghouls, and the leader of the ghouls chose to retreat.
A large group of ghouls retreated from both sides of the tunnel, and Su Xiao did not choose to pursue.
This group of unknown ghouls was too strong. If the battle lasts for another 10 minutes, he will be overwhelmed by the crowd.
When those ghouls disappeared completely in sight, Su Xiao leaned against the wall, and his body felt a sense of powerlessness.
Arima Kisho was not better than him, he was holding ‘Narukami’ against the ground to stand.
“What do we do now?”
Yuna’s physical strength was very abundant, she only supported in the center of the two.
“Leave this place right away.”
“Leave this place right away.”
Su Xiao and Arima Kisho spoke at the same time, Yuna was stunned.
“The blood smell here is too heavy and may lead other ghouls to come here.”
Su Xiao lit a cigarette and barely stood up straight.
“Return to the temporary branch, this exploration is over.”
It seemed that Arima Kisho didn’t expect meeting the primitive ghouls, so he wanted to end this exploration ahead of time.
Yuna shrugged and said she was no objection.
The three returned in the direction they come from, and after walking about 10 minutes, the three temporarily stopped.
Su Xiao and Arima Kisho both needed rest, and Yuna took Quinque on the sidelines with vigilance.
Su Xiao sat on the meat wall. In this battle, he scored 2670 CCG contribution values, without calculating the Kakuhou.
He was no longer thinking about those Kakuhou because if other ghouls appear, he will die there.
After Su Xiao and Arima Kisho left the place of the fight, several ghouls slowly approached that place.
“Who is the new guy, he is too strong.”
“I don’t know, but we have to be careful in the future. Tell the children after going back home to not leave the ‘Central City’ for the time being.”
These ghouls were different from those of the primitive ghouls. They wore normal clothes, but the clothes were a bit old, and they spoke the human language.
A ghoul with bitter face looked at those bodies and said:
“These beasts that haven’t evolved cleanly, they need to get stronger, or they won’t be able to come out again.”
“What do we go, now ‘the leader’ is not in the central city, she is fighting with the CCG on the ground.”
Several ghouls were silent, and eventually, these ghouls chose to leave and walked deep into the 24thdistrict.


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