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R.P Chapter 80: Trouble! [EDITED]

Arima Kisho, who was leading them, slowly started to retreat after gesturing them to keep f.

Su Xiao was not a bad teammate. After Arima Kisho gestured them, the three began to retreat.

As for the reason for their reaction, there was a large cave behind the corner.

In this cave, there were easily thousands of monstrous ghouls gathered.

The reason why these ghouls could be called ‘monstrous’ was their appearances, they looked strange, horrible even.

Their skin was dark like charcoal and looked coarse.

Unlike common ghouls, these ghouls’ Kagune appeared to be permanently external, and they all had Bikaku.

These monstrous ghouls didn’t have the usual red eyes though. Well, to be exact, they didn’t have any eyes at all.

Their eyes had probably degraded over time, until only a grayish white shell, attached to the surface of their eyes, remained.

The three had noticed the ghouls, but remained undetected.

After the group retreated to a safe distance, Arima Kisho sighed in relief.

“I have seen this kind of ghoul before. They rely on their hearing to prey. It is extremely difficult to deal with them. If we alarm such a large group, we will not be able to fend them of.”

Sure enough, Arima Kisho knew a lot about the 24th district.

And in the original book, Su Xiao had never seen any mention of the primitive ghouls or these eyeless ghouls.

“What should we do now?”

Yuna looked at Arima Kisho. It seemed that she fully treated Arima Kisho as their navigator now.

“We have to take a different way.”

Su Xiao did not speak up and Yuna had no objections either.

The three people started looking for other routes, but after two hours of searching, they found that the other ways were dead ends.

Except for the path to the cavern where the eyeless ghouls were resting, the other four routes were all dead ends.

According to the compass, the only way out lay past the cavern.

The three people sat together in a side-passage and discussed what to do.

Without them knowing, Su Xiao had taken out a notebook and a pen.

“Here, here, and here, we haven’t been there yet. From the map I painted, the 24th district seems to have a funnel shape.

This here is the entrance we took, while those are the paths deeper into the district.

From the 17 dead ends that we’ve arrived at, this seems to be the only way out.”

As Su Xiao explained the sketch in his notebook, the other two were surprised at the detailed map they saw in the notebook.

The map was even labeled with latitude and longitude, as well as the zoom ratio.

Yuna looked at Su Xiao with adoration.

“How did you do this, have you remembered the entire route we took?”

Not only Yuna was shocked, but Arima Kisho looked at Su Xiao in amazement too.

The pencil quickly swirled in Su Xiao’s hands.

“My previous ‘profession’ was a bit special. I often sneaked into places to find specific people. This is a professional habit.”

Yuna thought about it.

“Sounds like a killer.”

“Same nature, but different beliefs.”

Su Xiao looked up at the two.

“Now, we either wait for the next time the terrain changes, or we try to go through the dangerous area.”

Arima Kisho and Yuna thought for a while.

“Our supplies are not able to support us until the next cycle.”

The food and fresh water Yuna and Arima Kisho carried with them could only support them for four days. If they starved rationed well, they would be able to support themselves until the next change of the 24th district, but then their combat power would drop sharply.

Su Xiao had enough materials, but he did not want to be trapped here either, the time in the derivative world was way too precious to be spent down here.

“If we’re quiet enough, those special ghouls will not notice us.”

Arima Kisho said, it seemed that he wanted to take the chance.

“So, we’ll take the risk.”

Arima Kisho and Yuna stood up.

“Since we decided to take the risksy way, I have a plan.”

Su Xiao suddenly spoke.

“A plan?”

“Since those ghouls are hunt by sound, we can arrange sound distractions. After that, we wait at this point here.” He said, pointing at the map. “The distractions will make enough sound to bait those special ghouls, while we take the opportunity to pass through.”

Su Xiao did not want to fight against those eyeless ghouls. Seeing the attitude of Arima Kisho, they were most likely very hard to deal with.

“Yes, I have used a similar method before, the effect is remarkable.”

“What do we use as the sound source?”

Su Xiao smiled, pulled out a mobile phone and quickly started pressing buttons.

“The timer is set to five minutes, that has to be enough.”

After that, Su Xiao put the phone on the ground and the three Investigators ran forward.

Soon, they hid in a dead end, which was located very close to the cavern of these eyeless ghouls.

Cheerful music rang from afar and Yuna, that neurotic girl, began to sway her body and shake her hands in front of her.

“What a surprise, this is my favorite leek spin song.”

Yuna’s whole style suddenly changed, Su Xiao and Arima Kisho were speechless.

A few seconds after the music rang, the ghouls started running.

It sounded like thousands of horses were galloping, and was clearly audible to the three Investigators.

The sounds of the footsteps were soon far away, so the three looked at each other and rushed to the only way out.

They didn’t have much time, who knew if those eyeless ghouls might suddenly decide to come back.

The three were very fast, with Arima Kisho taking the lead, Yuna in the middle and Su Xiao being the last.

In just a dozen seconds, the three arrived at the corner were they previously observed the cavern.

Arima Kisho stopped suddenly, held one hand behind him, his palm facing Su Xiao and Yuna.

Su Xiao immediately stopped and looked at the large space around the corner.

Apparently, some eyeless ghouls had stayed behind.

“What do we do?”

Yuna whispered.

“Quiet. Walk slowly.”

Arima Kisho slowly and deliberately walked ahead, and Yuna followed him.

Su Xiao stood in the same place and did not move. Arima Kisho shot Su Xiao a questioning look.

Su Xiao pointed at himself then at the two of them, then swayed his fingers.

The meaning was obvious. The three would make a louder sound if they were walking at the same time, and they did not know when those ghouls would come back. Basically, it meant ‘You will pass first, I will follow after you’.

Arima Kisho nodded and made a gestured for Su Xiao to be careful.

Yuna stretched out her thumb and stood in the same place, waiting for Arima Kisho to pass through first.

Su Xiao did this not to sacrifice himself, but because they sat in the same boat. Any wrong move could make all of them face a bad ending.

Arima Kisho’s pace was not fast, he walked very stable. This space was about 200 meters long, not too long, but not short either.

In less than three minutes, Arima Kisho passed through the cavern.


A low roaring sound caused them to stiffen. It turned out to be an eyeless ghoul that was sleeping on the side and had been awakened by his companion’s Kagune.

The eyeless ghoul shoved off the Kagune and went back to sleep.

Yuna had already walked to the center of the cavern, there were four or five eyeless ghouls just at her feet. Her movements were very careful.

Su Xiao stayed behind and put his ears close to the ground to try to perceive the vibrations of the ground.

It was still safe, the eyeless ghouls that had been lured away with his phone were not returning yet.

Su Xiao began to move, slowly, his every careful.