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R.P Chapter 80: Trouble!

Arima Kisho at the forefront, he slowly started to retreat, and at the same time made a gesture of asking them to be quiet.
Su Xiao was not a bad teammate. After Arima Kisho nodded, the three began to retreat gradually.
The reason why the three people did this was that after the corner, there was a large space in front of them.
In this space, there were at least thousands of monsters ghouls gathered.
The reason why they were monsters ghouls was that these ghouls appearances were very strange and even horrible.
The skin of these ghouls was dark, like the coke burned by fire, and coarse.
Unlike the common ghouls, these ghouls’ kagune was in an external state, and these ghouls were bikaku.
These monsters ghouls didn’t have red eyes. To be exact, they didn’t have eyes.
Their eyes should have been degraded and a grayish white shell attached to the surface of their eyes.
The three people had noticed the ghouls, but these ghouls did not notice the three.
After the three men left for a certain distance, Arima Kisho was relieved.
“I have seen this kind of ghouls before. They rely on hearing to prey. It is extremely difficult to deal with them. If we alarm them with this kind of group, we will not be their opponents.”
Sure enough, Arima Kisho understood some secrets of the 24th district.
At least in the original book, Su Xiao had never seen primitive ghouls and this kind of eyeless ghouls.
“What should we do now?”
Yuna looked at Arima Kisho. It seemed that she treated Arima Kisho as the leader.
“Change the road.”
Su Xiao did not speak, and Yuna had no objection.
The three people started looking for other routes, but after two hours, the three people found one thing.
Except for those where the eyeless ghouls were located, the other four routes were dead ends.
According to the compass, that direction was the only way out.
The three people sat together in a passage and began to discuss a countermeasure.
Without them knowing, Su Xiao had a notebook and a pen on his hand.
“Here, here, and here, we have never been there. From the map I painted, the 24th district has a funnel shape.
The direction leading to the depth of the 24th district was the head of the ‘funnel,’ and the small head that led to the ground, it was just like this, that will appear With a fixed direction, we can walk out of the 24th district.
From the 17 dead roads that I led previously, this was the only way out.”
After Su Xiao wrote and painted in his notebook, a detailed map appeared on the notebook.
The map was even labeled with latitude and longitude, as well as the zoom ratio.
Yuna looked at Su Xiao with adoration.
“How did you do it, have you remembered the route we have walked before?”
Not only Yuna, the nervous girl, was shocked, but Arima Kisho also looked at Su Xiao with amazement.
The carbon pen quickly swirled in Su Xiao’s hands.
“My previous ‘profession’ was a bit special. I often sneaked into a place to find a specific person. This is a professional habit.”
Yuna thought about it.
“It sounds like a killer.”
“Nature is the same, and the beliefs are different.”
Su Xiao looked up at the two.
“Now, we wait for the next time the terrain changes in the 24th district, or try to walk into the dangerous area.”
Arima Kisho and Yuna thought for a while.
“Our supplies are not able to support us until the next change of the 24th district.”
The food and fresh water Yuna and Arima Kisho carried could only support them for four days. In the case of where they starved, they could support themselves to the next change of the 24th district. But in that case, their combat power will drop sharply.
Su Xiao’s materials were enough, but he did not want to be trapped here, the time spent in the derivative world was precious.
“Without the sound, those special ghouls will not notice us.”
Arima Kisho spoke, it seemed that he wanted to take a chance.
“So, we take the risk once.”
Arima Kisho and Yuna stood up.
“Since we decided to take risks, I have a plan.”
Su Xiao suddenly spoke.
“A plan?”
“Since those ghouls are perceptual of sounds, we can arrange sound sources on the map. After that, we wait at this position on the map. The sound source will make sounds, attracting the attention of those special ghouls, then we take the opportunity to pass through.”
Su Xiao did not want to fight against those eyeless ghouls. Seeing the attitude of Arima Kisho, those eyeless ghouls were hard to deal with.
“Yes, I have used a similar method before, and the effect is remarkable.”
“Where does the sound source come from?”
Su Xiao smiled and pulled out a mobile phone, and the thumb pressed the mobile phone screen to operate quickly.
“Time is set to five minutes, enough.”
After that, Su Xiao put the phone on the ground, and the three people ran forward.
Soon, the three came to a dead end, where the location was very close to those the eyeless ghouls.
“Beep, toot, toot, toot.”
Cheerful music came from afar, Yuna, the neurotic girl, began to twist her body, her hands shaking in front of her.
“It’s surprisingly my favorite leek spin song.”
Yuna’s style of painting suddenly changed, so that Su Xiao was speechless, and Arima Kisho also turned over his head.
A few seconds after the music rang, a rush of running sound came.
“Boom, bang, bang…”
It seemed that thousands of horses were rushing, and three people were hearing that while they were not far away.
Not long after, the big footsteps were far away, and the three looked at each other and rushed to the only way out.
There was not much time, who knew if those eyeless ghouls will suddenly come back.
The three were very fast, Arima Kisho took the lead, Yuna was in the middle, Su Xiao was last, it was the original formation.
In just a dozen seconds, the three went to the corner they previously stayed at.
Arima Kisho stopped suddenly, holding one hand behind him, his palm facing Su Xiao and Yuna.
Su Xiao immediately stopped and looked at the large space after the corner.
In this space, some eyeless ghouls were still staying in the same place. Some of the ghouls remained.
“What do we do?”
Yuna whispered.
“Don’t make a sound, walk slowly.”
Arima Kisho walked slowly in front, and Yuna walked behind him.
Su Xiao stood in the same place and did not move. Arima Kisho looked at Su Xiao with some doubts.
Su Xiao pointed to the back by his fingers and pointed to the two men, his fingers swinging forward.
The meaning was obvious. The three people will make a louder sound if they walk at the same time, and they did not know when those ghouls behind will come back. You will pass first, I will follow after you.
Arima Kisho nodded and made a gesture to ask him to be careful.
Yuna stretched out her thumb and stood in the same place, waiting for Arima Kisho to pass first.
Su Xiao did this, not to sacrifice himself to save others, now the three were a grasshopper on the rope, any wrong thing would make them face a bad end.
Arima Kisho’s pace was not fast, but very stable. This space was about 200 meters long. It was not too long, but it was not short.
Less than three minutes, Arima Kisho passed through space carefully.
A low roar voice came, the body of the three people stiffened, it turned out to be an eyeless ghoul that was sleeping on the ground was awakened by his companion’s kagune.
The eyeless ghoul rudely took off the kagune and went to sleep.
Yuna had already walked to the center, and there were four or five eyeless ghouls at her feet. Her movements were very careful.
Su Xiao stayed behind to put his ears close to the ground and perceived the sound of the ground.
It was very safe, those eyeless ghouls that had been taken away by the sound source had not returned yet.
Su Xiao began to move slowly, his every step was very careful.


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