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R.P Chapter 81: Discovered! [EDITED]

Su Xiao suddenly had to raise his left foot to escape a sleeping ghouls’ sweeping Kagune.

The strong wind fluttered Su Xiao’s trousers, and the tip of the eyeless ghouls’ Kagune slightly scraped his trousers.

The trouser were ripped open. Su Xiao frowned, the Kagune of these ghouls were extremely sharp.

Su Xiao continued to move silently. With his capabilities, he would be able to remain calm even in more harsh circumstances.

When Su Xiao was halfway through, Yuna had passed the most dangerous area and reached the other side.

Arima Kisho and Yuna stood at the exit of the cave, keeping their thumbs over the activation buttons of their Quinque, ready to protect Su Xiao.

From the previous battle, Su Xiao learned that these two were not bad teammates. Otherwise, he would not have stayed back to protect them.

Yuna was crouching, her long black hair hung down her shoulders. She carefully observed every move of those eyeless ghouls, ready to help Su Xiao.

Yuna suddenly raised one hand and tapped its palm with the index and middle fingers of her other hand.

This meant ‘stop’.

Su Xiao immediately noticed Yuna’s signal.

Yuna pointed to two eyeless ghouls in front of Su Xiao. The two eyeless ghouls were moving into Su Xiao’s path, but he could not see them yet.

Yuna pointed to the side, telling Su Xiao to change the road.

Su Xiao did not hesitate and chose another route. The three of them were in the same boat, and their actions showed him that they would not decide to leave him behind.

After taking a few more steps, Su Xiao noticed that the two eyeless ghouls that Yuna had pointed out were slowly waking up, their heads swayed from side to side as if they heard something.

Su Xiao continued to move. Under the cover of Arima Kisho and Yuna, Su Xiao successfully walked more than 180 meters, he was almost through the cave.

“Thump, thump, thump…”

Intensive footsteps echoed from behind.

The three’s faces turned grim, the eyeless ghouls that had been lured away were back.

Su Xiao did not care about being exposed and quickly moved, covered by the thunderous footsteps sound.

A few moments later, Su Xiao had successfully reached the other side and the three gathered.

Because of the roaring footsteps, the ghouls were all active now.

Yuna made a gesture of victory, but at this moment, a ghoul suddenly appeared immediately behind her.

It was a normal ghoul, female, appearing about thirty years old.

It was normal for ghouls to appear in the 24th district. In this case, the three people had already encountered more than a dozen times. However, the timing of this ghoul was really bad.

The three people’s eyes immediately locked on the female ghoul with murderous intent.

“White Reaper!”

As the female ghoul noticed Arima Kisho, she said his nickname with so much hatred it was almost tangible.

Su Xiao knew that they were in a bad situation. Dragon Flash appeared in his hands and he threw it at her as fast as he could.

The female ghoul showed a crazy smile and looked at the eyeless ghouls.

She lived in the 24th district, so she recognized these ‘beasts’.


A scream echoed through the tunnel.



Su Xiao’s blade and Arima Kisho’s electric shot hit her at the same time.

The female ghoul was first pierced by Dragon Flash and then electrocuted to death.

But it was too late, her scream had alarmed the eyeless ghouls. Together with those that had just returned, there were at least five hundred.

A lot of heads turned and stared at the direction of the three Investigators.

All sounds had disappeared.

Su Xiao stiffly turned his head. After seeing all the eyeless ghouls had stood up, his mind became numb, he felt a chills go down his spine.

Facing so many eyeless ghouls at the same time was definitely a dead end!


Countless roars merged into one as the eyeless ghouls rushed up and at the three Investigators.

Before the roars finished, the three had already desperately rushed out. When they passed the female ghoul’s body, Su Xiao grabbed the handle of Dragon Flash with one hand and pulled it out.

“Boom, boom…”

A large amount of dust was raised behind the three, and the eyeless ghouls rushed after them on all fours as if they were beasts.

The ghouls were extremely fast, they were running on all fours and balancing themselves with their Bikaku.

Ordinary ghouls, even in combat, would be walking upright, but these eyeless ghouls were complete beasts, their Bikaku perfect replacements for a tail.

The Investigators did not look back and just ran.

Su Xiao’s agility attribute was at 13 points, he wasn’t slow at all, but even so, those eyeless ghouls were slowly catching up.

“This is not okay. They’ll catch up sooner or later.”

Although Arima Kisho ran at a high speed, his breathing was very calm.

After the three passed a straight passage, they saw that the tunnel split in two directions just a bit ahead.

“Byakuya, go left. I will go right. Take Yuna and go ahead, I will block the passage behind you.”

Su Xiao had stayed behind previously, and now Arima Kisho took the initiative to propose to stay behind.

“I wish you luck.”

Su Xiao nodded to Arima Kisho, he was not someone you could call an indecisive person.

Arima Kisho stopped at the crossroad.

Su Xiao and Yuna directly rushed into the left passage, and Yuna shouted as she entered the path.

“Arima, you need to come out alive.”

After shouting that, Yuna rushed into the tunnel.


A crash echoed from behind them, Su Xiao turned his head and saw that the passage had been blocked just behind them.

That was done with Arima Kisho’s Quinque, ‘IXA’, which had the ability to change its form.

“Boom, boom…”

There was the sound of constant crashes, probably the sound of the eyeless ghouls hitting the shield formed from IXA.

IXA was very solid, but it could not stand up to this kind of impact.

After Su Xiao ran for a certain distance, a loud bang came from behind, the wall formed by ‘IXA’ was broken.

About fifty or sixty eyeless ghouls rushed into the channel, fiercely chasing after Su Xiao and Yuna.

Su Xiao did not pay attention to these eyeless ghouls but continued to run forward.

After rushing for a few minutes or so, Su Xiao’s footsteps suddenly stopped, causing Yuna to stumble into his back.

“Why did you stop?”

Yuna was out of breath, the previous battle plus the running had taken most of her energy.

If the speed of the two had been recorded, the two of them would have destroyed the record of the current world sprint champion.

“If we keep escaping, we will be exhausted sooner or later. We can’t run faster than these beasts.”

Su Xiao stood in the same place with his sword drawn, dozens of eyeless ghouls quickly approached.

“I’ll cover you, you can use this Quinque for now.”

Yuna threw a Quinque to Su Xiao, who thought about it but ultimately pressed the button on the case Quinque.

This was his first time using Quinque.

The silver-white metal box popped open, and after being in contact with the air, the Quinque began to expand rapidly as it climbed to his upper body.

This was not a Quinque of the weapon type, but of the armor type. Su Xiao had seen this before.

In the original work, Shinohara Yukinori used this armor-like Quinque, which was a recent development of CCG.

The blue-black Quinque armor wrapped around Su Xiao. The armor was somewhat heavy, but it should offer some good defense.

After Su Xiao put on the ‘new’ Quinque, the Reincarnation Paradise showed him a notification.

[You wear a new Quinque, power +3, agility-3, defense +2, movement speed is reduced by 30%. (Temporary state. Once unequipped, all stat gains and losses disappear.)

With this Quinque together with Su Xiao’s sword-skills, his combat power had at least doubled.