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R.P Chapter 83: The secret Chamber! [EDITED]

The functionality of the armor was actually quite simple. It was similar to an engine, and human flesh and blood was its fuel.

The more flesh and blood provided, the better the enhancement of the armor.

CCG was completely crazy to invent something like this. It was not as simple as ‘just getting a bit injured when using it’, repeated usage might even reduce the user’s remaining lifespan.

Among CCG’s forces, not only was Yuna using the armor, Shinohara Yukinori, Kuroiwa Takeomi, and others were using it.

This made Su Xiao question whether the leadership of CCG cares about the life of their Investigators at all.

Considering the various orders of CCG’s top brass, it seemed that as long as they could kill some ghouls, the Investigator’s lives did not matter.

Some high-ranking Investigators may even have noticed this and kept going only because they believed in the cause.


After Su Xiao threw over the armor, it climbed onto Yuna’s upper body.

“Just rest for a bit.”

Yuna pressed the switch without hesitation and activated the armor again.

The damage Yuna caused with her sickle was instantly magnified by several times.

“Time to die, hahaha.”

Yuna made a strange smile as she swung her sickle around, quickly killing the remaining dozens of ghouls.

In less than 30 seconds, she slaughtered more than a dozen of them.

Yuna was quickly killing the ghouls, but it couldn’t last. The armor had begun to consume Yuna.

“Save, save me.”

Yuna, who had just been madly slaughtering ghouls, was now kneeling down and tried to reach Su Xiao for help.

Su Xiao used the wall to steady himself as he stumbled his way over to Yuna, then began to rip the armor off of her.

While doing so, he could hear her clothes ripping. Although Su Xiao succeeded in taking off the armor, he accidently stripped her naked.

Blushing, Yuna hurriedly covered her chest with one hand and curled her body up to protect her modesty.

“Don’t look at me, hurry, there’s thousands of those ghouls.”

Although Yuna’s appearance was tempting, now was not the time to think about it. Indeed, the life-threatening danger came first.

“But, this, that’s too shameful!”

Yuna was still curled up on the ground, covering herself up with her hands.

“Being shameful or death, choose one.”

After that, Su Xiao slowly walked away, he needed to leave the 24th district as soon as possible. It was far more dangerous than he imagined.

“Wait, wait for me.”

Yuna was not in a position where she could care about feeling ashamed. She forced herself to stand up, took her Quinque, and followed Su Xiao.

“Please don’t look back. I am naked, gosh, how can I go back aboveground like this.”

Yuna followed Su Xiao in a strange pose, using her two Quinque boxes to cover the front of her body.

“Wear this.”

Su Xiao took out a set of clothes from his storage space and threw them to Yuna, who hurriedly put them on.


Yuna’s footsteps suddenly stopped, pulling a worried face.


Su Xiao looked at Yuna.

“The battle was too intense, I lost the compass.”

Losing the compass after going this deep into the 24th district might cause them to get lost. Once that happened, the hope of survival was slim at best.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll mark the way ground on our way. According to the map I painted, we will be able to get out soon.”

Su Xiao used Dragon Flash to carve a word on the ground, then took out the hand-drawn map and made a mark on it.

“I hope Arima is alright. Compared to the two of you, I really am useless.”

Yuna lowered her head and followed Su Xiao.

“Arima will not die.”

Yuna looked at Su Xiao inexplicably.

“He won’t die from something this simple, he’s too good for that.”

Through the original book, Su Xiao only had little understanding of Arima Kisho, but after coming into personal contact with him, he thought that Arima Kisho was a very smart guy, who had many secrets.

“This way.”

Su Xiao passed a corner and just wanted to move on. Then he noticed that the meat wall on their side was a bit strange.

The meat walls in other locations were fully connected, but there was a gap of about forty centimeters wide on the meat wall in next to him.

The gap was dark, so Su Xiao took out a strong flashlight and shined inside.

The gap in the meat wall was narrow on the outside, but there was quite a bit of space inside. From his position, he could faintly see some dusty items inside.

Yuna carefully glimpsed inside.

“This is a secret room?”

“It should be.”

Su Xiao pulled up Dragon Flash, held it to his side and carefully sidled into the gap of the meat wall.

“What’s inside, I have claustrophobia, can I not go in?”

Yuna, who had just been slaughtering ghouls left and right, was now showing a fearful look.

“Those mutated ghouls may appear at any time. If you want to fight them, you can stay outside, but in your current state, you are likely to become a snack.”

When Su Xiao finished speaking, he had already squeezed into the depths of the gap, and arrived in the wider space.

Su Xiao carefully looked around in the secret room with his flashlight.

There was a musty smell in the room and some strange objects with an unknown purpose were placed in the room.

Some items like wooden tables, boxes and the like were covered by so much dust he could see their surface.

There was a room like a lab, and it looked like it was very old. There was no electronic equipment at all. The dust alone showed the age of the lab.

“I hate narrow places.”

Yuna entered the room from the narrow passage and shook the dust off of her head.

The reason why Su Xiao ultimately decided to enter this secret room was helplessness. His current state was very bad and Yuna was no better, they needed to rest and recover.

This room promised a bit of safety. Otherwise, he would never enter.

He asked Yuna to put the Quinque box into the gap of the meat wall to prevent it from suddenly closing.

Even if the Quinque box could not stop the gap of the meat wall from closing, it would at least buy them some time to escape. That thing was very hard, especially the armor inside the box, which was made of special alloy.

“This is… a lab?”

“It should be, and it’s not particularly new either.”

Su Xiao walked over to a wooden table and wiped the dust off.

“Cough, cough.”

The dust filled the room, forcing Su Xiao into a small coughing fit.


A test tube had fallen to the ground and shattered.

Su Xiao took a few steps back to make sure and observed the shards on the ground.

The tube had completely shattered. He could see that the inner side was stained with something dark yellow, with some suspicious black spots mixed in.

“Who’d have guessed that there is such a place in the 24th district, I have never seen or heard of something this before.”

Yuna was quite curious about the lab.

After Su Xiao confirmed that the room held no apparent danger, he leant against the wall and bandages his wounds.

Yuna’s injuries were not too serious, she had some skin trauma and was weakened from the side-effects of using the armor, but she would be fine after a break.

But Su Xiao was heavily injured. The successive battles had exhausted him severely. Additionally, he was hurt by the primitive ghouls, and he was finally bitten by ‘Shi’.

“Let’s take a break for a few hours, then continue.”

Su Xiao took out some food and fresh water, and slowly ate to recover his energy, indicating to Yuna to also eat some.

He ate two [salted rice ball], each of which could restore 10% of his Hp and speed up his natural healing.

As for the more advanced [golden fried rice], Su Xiao did not use it.

He only had one [golden fried rice] left, which was the best restorative food he currently had, so it was obviously quite precious.

Yuna sat in front of Su Xiao and took some food and fresh water, as her own supplies were all lost.

After eating the [salted rice ball], Su Xiao felt that the pain had somewhat receded.

Then he had a stray thought, and decided to check his current CCG contribution points.

There was the battle with the tribal ghouls and just now he killed hundreds of the eyeless ghouls, though he did not know if he would get contribution points for them, or how many.

[First Class Investigator, existing contribution value: 7723/10000.]

Su Xiao barely managed to keep his eyes from widening in surprise, he surprisingly got more than 5,000 CCG contribution points, and this fast too.

There was without doubt a huge secret hidden here, and it should be closely related to CCG.

If he could explore the secrets here, then…

Su Xiao was pondering, if he were to explore the secrets of the 24th district now, he may have to ultimately fight against the CCG, but there might be some huge gains.

Anyways, that was a matter for later. If he were to ultimately fight against the CCG, he would only do so after getting the blue-quality medicine.