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R.P Chapter 84: Ghouls X Investigators!

After taking rest for a few hours in the secret room, Su Xiao opened his eyes.

“Let’s go out.”

The secret room was not a long-term place to stay, it was only suitable for a temporary rest, this environment was too bad, it may cause wound infection.

Yuna sat on the side and didn’t know when she had leaned on Su Xiao’s shoulder and made slight snoring.

Su Xiao pushed her shoulder, and Yuna woke up and jumped.

“What’s wrong, are there ghouls?”

Yuna’s appearance was normal. If they don’t be vigilant in the 24th district, they will end up dead.

“Those ghouls have gone.”

Su Xiao got up and came to the gap in the meat wall and passed sideways.

Yuna, who was suffering from claustrophobia, hesitated for a while, eventually biting her teeth and getting into the gap.

Returning to the underground passage of the 24th district, it was already quiet.

When Su Xiao entered the 24th district for the first time, he experienced a lot of danger.

After he entered the ghoul’s world, this time should be the most dangerous experience. Before in the 14th district, it was completely easy.

Su Xiao used his hand-drawn maps to identify the direction and continued moving ahead.

He recorded every channel of the route and left a mark on it.

Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped after two hours of travel in the intricate passages.

“Why did you stop?”

“We’ve been here.”

Looking at the ground, Su Xiao put an arrow on the map.

He was now moving in the wrong direction, toward the surface, but to the depth of the 24th district.

Without a clear direction, getting lost was common.

Su Xiao was not depressed. As long as he keeps trying, with his maps and markings in the passages, he will soon be able to walk out of the 24th district.


A muffled sound came from the side, behind a meat wall, someone was fighting.

“This is Arima. This was the voice of the large-scale discharged electricity of the “Narukami.”

Yuna cheered, it meant that Arima Kisho did not die.

Su Xiao did not make a sound. He was discerning the source of the sound. It was a good thing to be able to gather. Arima Kisho now was a teammate. If it wasn’t him block the passenger, he would’ve already died in the 24th district.

“This way.”

Su Xiao’s footsteps accelerated, from the originally fast walking into running.

Walking through the passages like a maze, Su Xiao’s footsteps were getting faster and faster, as he had a general understanding of the nearby routes.

The battle sound was getting closer and closer. After a corner, Arima Kisho appeared in the distance.

At this time, Arima Kisho wasn’t elegant anymore, naked upper body, white hair stained with blood, and the pair of glasses was also missing.

“Why, why don’t you talk to us, is it a shame to communicate with us in your mind?”

An old ghoul with a white hair looked at Arima Kisho with sadness.

“Don’t waste time to talk about this, he is not our…”

Another old ghoul just wanted to talk, but Arima Kisho raised his ‘Narukami’ in his hand.

“Boom, boom.”

Two electric balls were shot, but the two old ghouls were not weak and flexibly avoided them.

Arima Kisho activated ‘IXA’ on his left hand.

Puchi! Puchi!

A part of ‘IXA’ had been changed and sneaked into the ground, and at this time it broke ground and directly put two ghouls into a skewer.

“Why, why do you…”

An old ghoul unwillingly looked at Arima Kisho, and he wanted to say something, but the life of the old ghoul was quickly lost, he was already not able to speak.

Arima Kisho’s mouth opened and closed, he said something silently.

In the perspective of Su Xiao, he could just see the face of Arima Kisho, and his look was surprisingly sad. Is he sad to kill the two ghouls?

Su Xiao frowned tightly

The two dead old ghouls seemed to respect Arima Kisho somewhat?

Yes, it was respect, as if Arima Kisho had been their leader before.

CCG’s strongest Investigator was the leader of ghouls? This kind of thing sounded ridiculous.


Yuna attempted to scream, and she saw that the situation was a bit strange as well.

Arima Kisho turned around and looked at the two. At this time, Arima Kisho closed his right eye.

“You are here, this exploration is over.”

The atmosphere was a bit different, Su Xiao did not say anything, he had a lot of doubts about the CCG, and how can Arima Kisho have no secrets.

His first priority was to obtain a large amount of CCG contribution points, and then exchange them with the [human genetic strengthen fluid] and [crushing fairy].

The sum of the two required 28000 points of CCG contribution.

And now was not a time of mutual suspicion, there will be danger in the 24th district, from Arima Kisho’s behaviors, he didn’t seem to think of betraying.

At least after Arima Kisho entered the 24th district, he had been killing ghouls, and there was no situation of selling his teammates happened.

Unless Arima Kisho wanted to betray the CCG, he would not fight with Su Xiao.

“Arima, what’s wrong with those two ghouls?”

Yuna, a neurotic girl, apparently had no intentions and directly asked her doubts.

“These are friends of mine. They used to pretend to be human. I was very young at the time. I didn’t find out about this. It was already a lot of years ago. I didn’t expect to meet them today, with the identity of an Investigator.”

There was a bitter smile on Arima Kisho face, and blood dripping from his chin.

“I got it. I have had such a friend. It was my classmate. I personally killed them.”

Ghouls hid between humans, Investigators and ghouls accidentally becoming friends happened often.

The Investigator was only a profession, they usually dressed like ordinary people, and the ghouls hid and found ways to integrate into human society.

Moreover, the situation in which the Investigator and the ghouls were mistaken as friends was not uncommon.

Yuna believed what Arima Kisho was saying, after all, they had been working together for a half year, that friendship will not be affected by this incident.

Can things really be that simple? At least Su Xiao will not fully believe that, but he will not suspicion of anything. Everyone had their own secrets. Everyone who thought about digging secrets would find themselves alone in the end.

Su Xiao took the map and led the way ahead, Arim aKisho and Yuna followed behind.

In the case of losing the compass, the maps in his hands were precious.

Su Xiao recorded every channel of the route, the hand-drawn map was getting better and better, and a red arrow was getting longer and longer, which was the road to the ground.

“There are footsteps.”

Su Xiao stopped and looked at the dim passage to the front.

“Run fast, it is white Reaper.”

There were more than a dozen ghouls that had just emerged. After seeing Arima Kisho, they turned around and ran.

Those three people were just standing in the same place, the three have to avoid battle as much as they can.

In the 24th district, most of the ghouls will directly escape after seeing Arima, and will not fight at all.

This situation undoubtedly sped up the process. After an hour, Su Xiao saw the metal door at the entrance.

Arima Kisho opened the metal door. After the three people walked out, the metal door was closed and locked.

This was to prevent the ghouls in 24thdistrict from leaving the 24thdistrict and flowing to the ground. As for whether it was effective or not, it was not known.

Through the straight passage, the light appeared ahead of them.

It was the sunlight, Su Xiao stayed in the ground for too long.

Blinking and getting out of the channel, Su Xiao returned to the ground and returned to the human world.

Although the time to go deep into the 24th district was not long, he had a feeling of being separated from the world for a pretty long time.

Taking a deep breath, the air on the ground was exceptionally fresh, without the smell from the 24th district.