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R.P Chapter 90: Store Manager! [EDITED]

After several skirmishes, Su Xiao was a bit tired and jumped on top of the concrete pillar to rest for a bit. At a high place, the chance of being discovered and sneak-attacked were a bit lower.

Wiping the blood off of his hand, Su Xiao lit a cigarette and sat down on top of a three-meter-high pillar, keeping his blade in his hand.

In less than five minutes, rapid footsteps closed in again, it was more ghouls from the Aogiri Tree.

Su Xiao sighed helplessly and jumped down again.

“I can’t allow you to pass through.”

After that, Su Xiao rushed at the terrified ghouls.


Below the warehouse of Aogiri Tree, three people were hidden. They were the store manager of Anteiku Kuzen Yoshimura, Irimi Kaya, and the cute little girl Fueguchi Hinami.

“Irimi Kaya, how are CCG’s movements?”

The store manager spoke, and he was wearing Aogiri Tree’s clothes.

“CCG is divided into four teams, three teams are offensive, one team is responsible for blocking the exit. The team responsible for blocking the exit …, no, not a team, the person, only one man is blocking the back door. So far, only one member of Aogiri Tree managed to leave the building, all others were killed.

Currently, the CCG has the upper hand.”

After listening to Irimi Kaya’s answer, the store manager was silent for a while.

“A person guards the back door, is the person a human?”

Irimi Kaya looked at the store manager with surprise.

“Of course he is human, how could there be a ghoul in the CCG.”

The store manager smiled bitterly, of course there were some ghouls in CCG, but there were some things he could not say, some knowledge was just too dangerous.

“If it is a human, there’s only two possibilities. It seems that there is a ‘reaper’ there, I don’t know if it’s the black or the white one.

There is still a space for negotiation with the white reaper, but we have to go all out against the black reaper.”

The store manager got up, and his eyes reddened.

“There is no other way, I need to buy Kirishima Touka some time. Irimi Kaya, you will go with Fueguchi Hinami, inform Kirishima Touka, if you can’t save Kaneki Ken within ten minutes, be ready to retreat.”

Watching the store manager walk away, Irimi Kaya’s lips opened and closed, it seemed like she wanted to say something, but she did not know how to say.

“Kaya-nee, will the store manager be in danger?”

Fueguchi Hinami’s small face was bitter, she worriedly looked at the store manager as he walked away.

“No, the store manager is very strong.”

Irimi Kaya patted Fueguchi Hinami’s head and forcibly smiled.

In the CCG, the title of ‘reaper’ was given to Investigators that could kill or fight off SSS class ghouls on their own. How could Irimi Kaya not worry about the safety of the store manager?

If it weren’t for the manager, Irimi Kaya would still be a crazy ‘wild dog’, she had hunted humans for fun, until the store manager helped her, and turned her from being an instinct driven ghoul into a ‘person’.

Irimi Kaya was worried about the store manager, who hadn’t eaten fresh human flesh for a very long time, resulting in a decrease in the concentration of Rc cells in his body.

“Hinami is really scared, there seems to be a very dangerous person over there.”

Fueguchi Hinami’s thin fingers were pointing in the direction where Su Xiao stayed.


At this time, there was all out fighting on the main battlefield, CCG’s Investigators and the ghouls of Aogiri Tree were busy killing themselves in this dilapidated building.

In a dirty hallway full with trash, Amon Kotaro, wielding two long-handled knives, gasped heavily.

Two bodies were lying in front of him, both were S-class ghouls.

“Mado-san, you are right, don’t give up until the last moment. I will never die until I avenge you.”

After Amon caught his breath, just when he was about to join up with a large team, he suddenly heard a strange sound.

Looking up, Amon saw a black shadow flying past the window, straight to the top of the building. The black shadow looked somewhat human, but was abnormally tall, it was at least three to five meters tall.

“What is this?”

Amon suddenly had a bad feeling.


After long, hard battles, most of the ghouls of Aogiri Tree were eliminated.

Their success caused CCG’s Investigators to feel quite proud. Under the lead of two Special Class Investigators, Shinohara Yukinori and Kuroiwa Takeomi, CCG’s combat forces rushed to the top of the building.

According to the previous thermal induction observation, there were a lot of ghouls gathered on the rooftop.

After Shinohara Yukinori brought his squad to the rooftop, he was only greeted with empty space, there was no ghoul in sight.

“This is Shinohara, we arrived at the top of the building, but those guys of the Aogiri Tree aren’t here. Something’s strange.”

Shinohara Yukinori reported the situation to Marude Itsuki.

Marude Itsuki, in the command car, smiled. He had received several reports before, they had found many hidden explosives in the warehouse, which had been disarmed and removed.

“This is the ‘small trick’ played by the ghouls. Just forget it, get ready to withdraw. There is no battle to be fought over there, it was just a bait those guys put out.”

Marude Itsuki explained the situation to Shinohara Yukinori through their headsets.

This was the truth, Aogiri Tree was not prepared to fight all out against the CCG.

To be exact, Aogiri Tree does not have the power to fight against CCG.

“Then we’ll withdraw, we killed a lot of ghouls this time, and more importantly, we regained the 11th district.”

Shinohara Yukinori looked pleased as he talked.

“Mr. Yukinori.”

Amon Kotaro, who had been spooked by the shadow, had rushed to the top of the building.

“Amon, are you alright?”

Shinohara Yukinori looked at Amon Kotaro with concern, the relationship between the two was good.

“Mr. Shinohara, I just saw some…”


When Amon Kotaro was talking, a huge sound rang as a huge thing hit on the roof.

“What the…?”

Shinohara Yukinori and others looked at the source of the sound.

“What happened?”

Marude Itsuki, in the mobile command center, saw the ‘object’ fall on the roof through the various displays.

After Marude Itsuki’s question, there was a long silence.

“Marude, that thing, it’s Eto Yoshimura.”

Shinohara Yukinori’s voice was low.

Through the screen in front of him, Marude Itsuki was observing the scene on of the rooftop.

Marude Itsuki’s face changed from his usual reckless look, one hand pressed on the earphones, his eyes now extremely cold.

“Shinohara Yukinori, let only the strongest people stay. Even if the rest wanted to try and buy time, they will just die without achieving anything.

Try to keep the casualties low and hold on for five minutes.”

Marude Itsuki immediately switched channels and contacted Su Xiao.

“Byakuya, are you still at the back exit.”

The sound greeting him from the headphones was very noisy.

“Yes, but I am a bit busy right now.”

Su Xiao dodged a Kagune which was going at him, then killed its owner with a single strike.

“Forget about the exit. The rooftop needs support, Eto Yoshimura appeared. Shinohara Yukinori and some others are trying to hold her off. They won’t be able to keep up.”

Su Xiao, who was fighting with more than a dozen ghouls at this time, suddenly stopped.

These ghouls looked at Su Xiao with horrified expressions, their bodies kept trembling, some of the ghouls that had severed limbs were lying on the ground and wailing.

“Understood, I will be at the rooftop as soon as possible.”


At the end of the call, Su Xiao took out a piece of cloth and wiped Dragon Flash clean.

“You have ten seconds, get lost.”

When they heard Su Xiao’s words, the ghouls instantly ran. They were more than 30 at the beginning, and now there were only the 14 of them left.

After Su Xiao confirmed the direction, he began to move toward the top of the building.