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R.P Chapter 93: The Fight Ends!

The manager stood in his place as if thinking about something.

In fact, he was considering whether he should retreat or not as his purpose was to gain some time until Kaneki is rescued.


A loud sound came which made the manager look at its source to find someone fighting.

“That kid Kaneki have escaped.”

A smile emerged on the Manager’s face as Kaneki was successful in his escape, his mission has ended.

“An opportunity!”

Su Xiao’s figure flashed as he rushed toward the manager. The manager was only distracted for a moment, and Su Xiao grabbed this opportunity.

The sword slashed with high speed at the manager.

“This is bad.”

Su Xiao’s sharp sword made the manager panic. The moment he was distracted, Su Xiao attacked.

A cold feeling emerged in the Manager’s eyebrows. The sword has yet stabbed, but the manager felt a stinging feeling on his eye.

He mustn’t let the sword touch him. Otherwise, he would be finished. The manager used his arms to defend.


The manager’s arm was already scarred, and it finally couldn’t resist Su Xiao’s Dragon Flash as it cut through it.

Not only did the sword manage to pierce the manager’s arm, it even reached his bones.

Su Xiao held the sword in one hand and reached with the other hand to thrust it into the ground.


The manager was nailed to the ground.

Su Xiao kicked on the manager’s face which seemed to crack.

When Fighting, Su Xiao mainly used Dragon Flash because it has the strongest attack power, but he still had more weapons, which was his body. When fighting, Su Xiao used almost every mean he can to win.

The manager was strong, but with one hand nailed to the ground he couldn’t fight properly, not to mention, the bones on that hand were cracked, and he was unable to use it right now.

After the kick, Su Xiao didn’t stop, he pulled out Dragon Flash and slashed at the Manager’s throat.

If the manager’s throat was slashed, he would be in trouble. Even if he doesn’t die, he will be slower.

Before the sword reached his throat, the manager hurriedly stepped back, but his pace wasn’t faster than Su Xiao’s sword.

The manager squatted down to avoid the sword.

Blood spewed out, and the manager’s brows were wrinkled.

The Manager’s combat experience was rich, he reached out his hand and attacked Su Xiao from his position.

This attack was full of killing intent as the manager wanted to penetrate Su Xiao’s body.

Su Xiao quickly defended with Dragon Flash using one hand on the handle and the other on the back of the sword.


The huge force behind that attack send Su Xiao flying, and the ground under him was filled with spiderweb-like cracks.

That attack was too strong. Su Xiao estimated that this attack had at least 15 points in Strength behind it.

The manager’s body wasn’t much injured other than his arm.

Taking into account who he is, these injuries weren’t fatal.

Su Xiao was physically exhausted, and he would take a while to recover.

Su Xiao didn’t have any injuries. He was a human, so if the one part was injured, his combat power would decrease.

The Manager looked at Su Xiao silently.

His injuries started to heal at a visible rate with a Zizi sound.

The sound of metal being eroded and blue smoke appeared on the surface of Dragon Flash.

Su Xiao quickly took a cloth and wiped the blood from the blade.

In less than two second, 4 points of durability were lost due to the manager’s blood.

The exact cause was unknown, but the manager’s blood eroded his weapon.

After recovering, Su Xiao continued to fight.

His sword flashed as he attacked the manager. The attack succeeded, but the manager counter-attacked again.

Amon on the side could only watch with the other as the fight continued.

On a bridge far away from the building, Takatsuki was wrapped by bondages while sitting on the edge of the bridge.

“Time is almost up.”

Takatsuki looked at the building at a distance. She could hear the sound of the battle on the roof.


Kichimura Wachuu was standing behind Takatsuki as he took out a remote detonator.

“It’s almost time to retreat, let’s get started.”

After that, Kichimura without hesitating pressed on the detonator.


A huge explosion sounded from the building, and smoke rose to the sky.

After the explosion, the building was full of silence while a large number of crows were startled by the sound and flew away.

“How come the building wasn’t destroyed, is the explosives, not enough?”

Takatsuki got up feeling strange about what happened.

Tok! Tok!

Kichimura pressed the button repeatedly without getting any reaction.

“The explosives were dismantled, only the two most secretive ones were still there.”

Kishimura was furious as the plan failed.

“These suspicious guys told us about this, maybe it has to do with them?”

Takatsuki began to suspect the contractors.

The contractors from the ghouls’ side weren’t fast enough, and their positions weren’t high enough, so they didn’t gain Takatsuki’s trust.

But Su Xiao was different. He was a temporary member of the Zero team and a powerful force invited by Itsuki, his words won’t be ignored.

This is the benefits of strength and status.

“No, those guys were killing CCG Investigators all along and even more than we do. I also made some people keep an eye on them, and it’s almost impossible for them to betray us.”

Hearing Kichimura’s words, Takatsuki didn’t say anything, but she was still unconvinced.

“That guy that almost killed me, I will take my revenge on another time.”

Takatsuki turned around and left with Kichimura following after her.

On the rooftop, Su Xiao sat down with a long cut on his abdomen and a thick hole on his shoulder.

The manager escaped after seriously injuring each other.

He wouldn’t have received this injury if not for the tilting of the building suddenly throwing him off balance which the manager took advantage of to injure him and escape.

Su Xiao was fighting with sword and skills while the manager depended on his strong defense and attack power. So after the sudden change on the ground, Su Xiao was in a disadvantage.

Although the manager escaped, he left something behind. The three-meter tall Kagune which was always behind the manager was left here.