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R.P Chapter 97: The Aim Was Achieved!

(T/N: Sorry, Su Xiao didn’t get promoted to a special class Investigator, but to Associate Special Class Investigator)

After cleaning the battlefield, CCG personnel gradually withdrew from Aogiri tree’s stronghold.

Su Xiao was sitting in a medical car. His wounds had been bandaged. Although the wound in his lower abdomen was bleeding a lot, it did not hurt his internal organs.

With his tenacity, this kind of injury could be healed quickly after only a proper rest after bandaging.

“Well, the two wounds did not hurt your internal organs, remember to take your medicine on time.”

After a nurse bandaged Su Xiao’s wounds carefully, she gave Su Xiao several medicines.

“The ghoul Investigator is such a dangerous occupation. You were injured two times in less than half a month.”

The nurse looked at Su Xiao with a smile.

“Who are you?”

When she bandaged his wounds made Su Xiao’s face full of cold sweat, and the nurse’s delicate face became more familiar, and he gradually recalled some bad memories.

He had a battle with Takatsuki Sen when he first entered the ghoul world, after that this nurse bandaged his wound.

When he thought of the strong pain, Su Xiao’s cheeks shook.


Su Xiao who had fought with Takatsuki Sen was very reluctant to see this nurse again.

Under the sweet smile of her face, she definitely had a black ‘devil heart’ under this pink skin.

The way she cleaned up his wound was cruel so that Su Xiao remembered it very deeply.

“It seems that you remember me, my patients will not forget me generally.”

Su Xiao nodded and got off the car in silence.

“Remember to take medicine, you can’t stop to taking it.”

Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped, after a long time, he answered ‘got it.’

The siren sound was heard, and a faint bloody smell came with the fresh air of the night.

“My arm, where is my arm.”

“Hurry up, this person lost a lot of blood, make a blood transfusion!”

The mourning of the wounded people was endless. Although CCG won, they still paid a hefty price.

“Doctor, can I still stand up again? Answer me!”

A ghoul Investigator whose spine was cut through, grabbing the doctor’s arm in a panic, and he couldn’t feel his lower body.

The doctor turned his head and asked other medical staff to carry the wounded person to the car.

The ghoul Investigator was desperate, lying on the stretcher and looking up at the starry sky.

Compared to the wounded people of CCG, the ghouls in Aogiri trees were obviously much quieter, they were all packed in a body bags.

CCG’s car team retreated incessantly, Su Xiao returned to the division in 20th district at about one o’clock in the middle of the night.

His fighting level tonight was not small, losing a lot of blood made him very tired.

After coming to the house where Marude Itsuki arranged for him, Su Xiao fell asleep directly. When he woke up again, the sky was already bright.

He took the alarm near the bed, it was already 10 Am.

After washing himself, Su Xiao came to Marude Itsuki’s office.

“How about a rest? I saw you injured seriously yesterday.”

Marude Itsuki put down a document in his hand, he already guessed Su Xiao’s intention for coming here.

After the war with the Aogiri tree ended, Su Xiao would return to the 24th district. He was a member of the zero team after all.

“The wounds healed and I can fully recover in three days.”

Su Xiao had eaten the last [Salt Rice Ball] before fighting Kaneki Ken last night, so the recovery rate of his injury accelerated a lot.

Normally, his injuries would take at least half a month to recover.

“That’s good, You want to go now?”

“Yes, I want to go now.”

“I will arrange a car for you.”

Marude Itsuki took a phone call and said a few words. A few minutes later, a young lady wearing a suit opened the door.

“Byakuya-sama, the car has been arranged for you.”

After saying goodbye to Marude Itsuki, Su Xiao took the vehicle back to the 24th district.

Soon, the vehicle arrived in the temporary division of the 24th district, and Su Xiao got off the car and entered the temporary division.

The temporary division still looked the same, some staffs were at work.

Su Xiao went straight to the logistics department of the temporary division, and the thin old man with small round sunglasses was lazily lying behind the window.

Su Xiao knocked on the glass of the window, and the old man who was about to fall asleep looked up.

“Who is that? It turned out to be Byakuya, is there anything you need?”

“I want to exchange something.”

The thin old man became concentrated immediately.

“Let me see, you are an Associate Special Class Investigator in the record, please select the items you need.”

When the thin old man was talking, the redemption list appeared in front of Su Xiao.

[Human gene strengthen liquid]

Redemption conditions: 15000 points CCG contribution value, Associate Special Class Investigator.

[Crushing Elf (Boutique)]

Redemption conditions: 13,000 points CCG contribution value, Associate Special Class Investigator.


Su Xiao chose [Human gene strengthen liquid]. After the selection, his CCG contribution points began to drop rapidly, and finally, there was only [Associate Special Class Investigator: contribution value 4823/130000.]

The promotion of a special class Investigator required a contribution of 130,000 the CCG ‘s contribution points. Su Xiao did not need the position of the special class Investigator rank, so it was a wise choice to directly use the CCG’s contribution points and improve the strength as soon as possible.

Spending CCG contribution value will not make position decline. He has previously asked the reincarnation park.

After successfully getting what he wants, Su Xiao had an extra green medicine in his hand. The medicine was contained in a glass tube, and the outer layer of the glass tube was inlaid with fine metal lines for reinforcement.

Su Xiao couldn’t help but smile when he was holding [human gene strengthen liquid]. He went deep into the 24th area for this bottle of strengthening liquid and then participated in the battle in the 11th district.

But it was all worth it. After drinking this bottle of liquid, his strength will improve a lot.

After getting the [Human gene strengthen liquid], Su Xiao walked quickly to his room. 


A staff member just wanted to call Su Xiao, but he has already late.

The staff member hesitated for a moment and eventually did not bother Su Xiao.

In the room, Su Xiao locked the door and pulled the curtains. Although this series of actions was somewhat suspicious, [Human gene strengthen Liquid] did not indicate what will happen after he drinks it.

The only thing described was that it has no side-effects and it will improve his attributes, as to what will happen after use was, nothing was said.

For caution, Su Xiao put dragon flash nearby.

Unplugging the seal of [Human gene strengthen liquid], Su Xiao smelled it. First, fresh sent of plants reached his nose.

Taking a deep breath, Su Xiao drank all the [human gene strengthen liquid].

A horrible taste filled his mouth as he frowned.

“What a strange taste.”

Su Xiao sat in bed waiting for a change, but after a long time, he did not feel anything.

Checking power and physical attributes, there was no enhancement.

Can’t it be the item was fake?!

As Su Xiao was pondering, a sense of warmth spread all over his body.

This warmth was very calm as it spread. In the end, he felt that his whole body was soaking in warm water.

His blood flow rate increased, and the muscles around his body began to twitch slightly.

Su Xiao clearly felt that the body was getting stronger, his heartbeats were more powerful, his breathing was getting smoother and smoother, and his mind seemed to be clearer.

The injuries he got during the battle in the 11th district were healing at a speed which was visible to the naked eye.

It was no wonder that the [Human gene strengthen liquid] was a blue-quality medical item with obvious enhancement effect and a peaceful process.