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R.P Chapter 99: Silence Before The storm [EDITED]

In the temporary division in the 24th district.

Su Xiao went into the bathroom to take a shower, sweaty from exercise.

He had wanted to test the changes in his body. In the past, the intensity of his exercises always left him exhausted, but now, he could bear with it more easily.

His Vitality had been raised from 6 to 10 points. This did more than ‘just’ increase his endurance by two-thirds, it was not a linear improvement, but an exponential one.

Su Xiao towel dried his hair and left the bathroom, when someone rushedly knocked at the door.

After opening the door, he was greeted by an anxious member of the staff.

“Byakuya-sama, something happened. Yuna-sama just asked for help, she said that there’s an abnormal change in the underground.”

“Abnormal change? What happened.”

Su Xiao became serious, as this concerned the 24th district. After all, he got quite the deep impression when he had entered it.

“There are a lot of ghouls active in the underground passage. Right now, they are attacking the security gate. It would be better for you to see it in person.”

Su Xiao took a shirt from his bed and rushed to the entrance of the 24th district.

Ten minutes later, Su Xiao arrived, and had to frown at the scene.

The entrance was a mess, there were scattered tents everywhere, and there were large patches of blood on the ground.

He inspected it, noticing the blood still was warm, indicating that this happened recently.

“Byakuya, you’re [E/N: finally awake] here.”

Yuna’s weak voice came from one of the collapsed tents, and Su Xiao quickly jogged over to her.

“Has the door been broken?”

The situation was obvious. The ghouls broke through the gate and escaped from the 24th district, and Yuna had to fight for her life.

Yuna’s chest was pierced through.

“I suppose I’m going to die soon.”

Yuna had become pale, the blood loss was life-threatening at this point.

“You won’t die, I brought medics with me.”

Su Xiao carried Yuna out of the semi-collapsed tent and she was immediately taken by medical staff, who started to treat her wound.

“Byakuya, those new recruits…”

“Yeah, I got it.”

Those newcomers had probably all died.

After those medics who had come with Su Xiao dealt with Yuna’s urgent wounds, they immediately took Yuna back to the temporary branch. Yuna’s lung was pierced and needed surgery.

Before Su Xiao came to the underground entrance, he could see some bloody footprints near the door. This was where the battle had been fought.

Yuna could have fled, but she did not choose to do so. The young girl knew that being an Investigator wasn’t just a job, but a responsibility.

Su Xiao walked into the underground entrance. The huge metal door had been broken open and laid obliquely on the ground, the metal twisted and with large footprints on it. It seemed to have withstood a ton of powerful attacks.

Slight footsteps echoed from slightly deeper into the tunnels. Su Xiao, always on alert, immediately unsheathed Dragon Flash.

As a small figure walked into his view, Su Xiao didn’t hesitate to rush forward.

The person screamed, shocked by Su Xiao, raised a pistol and indiscriminately fired a few shots.

Bang, bang…

The bullet struck the wall of the tunnels and Dragon Flash rested on the neck of the person.

“A human?”

Su Xiao looked at the gun in his hand, which was one of CCG’s unique firearms.

“You, are you Byakuya-sama?”

The person holding the gun was a young man with a slightly fat body, and a very plump face. His clothes were full of dust and blood, but at a closer look, Su Xiao recognized it as a CCG uniform.

“Tell me what happened.”

Su Xiao did not need to guess the man’s identity, he knew that this was a surviving recruit.

On the way, the staff of the temporary branch had already explained what happened to Su Xiao.

Yuna took the newcomers to experience on the out layer of the 24th district, but they were attacked by a large number of ghouls. Yuna managed to lead them out of the underground passageways and immediately asked for backup.

The small, fat man was now sitting on the ground, the pistol had fallen from his hand as he cried.

“We, we were attacked. Yuna-sama, she told us to flee …”

The recruit was somewhat unstable, he must have been be seriously frightened.

Su Xiao understood everything, even though the man spoke intermittently.

After Yuna withdrew to the ground, she had gathered the new recruits.

Yuna knew that even though the metal door at the entrance was sturdy, it would not withstand the uninterrupted attacks by ghouls. Because of that, she had the newcomers withdraw, while she stayed at the entrance to keep the enemy at bay. At that time, Yuna had prepared herself to die here.

A large number of ghouls breaking out onto the surface would be devastating for all humans that lived near the 24th district.

As an Investigator, Yuna’s actions were correct. But the newcomers suddenly turned passionate and insisted on dying together with Yuna. This was instigated by the newcomer who wanted to help Yuna tend to her wounds before.

The speech of the handsome youth made other new recruits’ emotional, they believed that if they worked together, they could resist the ghouls.

These newcomers were top students in the academy, and they were all confident about themselves.

But the actions of these new recruits just made Yuna angry.

It would be better if they didn’t just add to the chaos, Yuna was sure that they would die as soon as the battle started.

Just as Yuna prepared to teach the newcomers a lesson and send them away, the metal door at the entrance burst open.

What happened next was simple. Because of the large number of stupid teammates, Yuna almost died. The new recruits had not waited for the battle to start, they just turned and fled.

As for the handsome, passionate boy, well, after seeing the rushing ghouls, he was the first person to run. It was precisely because of him fleeing, that the others were overwhelmed by fear and fled too.

Look, I’m not the first one to escape. With this kind of mentality, those recruits had turned tail and ran without putting up a fight.

The handsome boy was a little slow though, so he was eaten by a ghoul, there were only bones left behind by now, of which the skull was taken by a psychopathic ghoul, who claimed he would turn in into an accessory.

Yuna was defeated while covering the escape of the stupid teammates against the overwhelming number of ghouls.

“Bastard, Ito asked us to stay, but we only dragged Yuna-sama down.”

After that, the little fat man cried even louder.

“How many recruits have survived? A rough estimate is enough.”

Su Xiao’s question was not answered, in fact, the little fat man’s crying only got worse.

Su Xiao clenched the handle of Dragon Flash, he had the urge to kill this annoyance.

Weakness wasn’t a sin, but just laying down crying wouldn’t help.

“Byakuya-sama, what should I do now?”

The little fat man looked up at Su Xiao, only to see that Su Xiao was on the phone.

The call was quickly connected, and the voice on the other side of the phone was very loud.

“Arima Kisho, do you know about what happened in the 24th district?”

“Bzzzt, aware, bzzz…”

The signal from Arima Kisho was very bad. After a while, Arima Kisho finally got better signal, but it was still intermittent.

“I am… not going now, hold the entrance…will be better, I will handle it soon…”

Su Xiao understood Arima Kisho’s main meaning, he wanted him to hold the entrance of the 24th district, to stop the ghouls from breaking out into the surface.

“You aren’t… in the underground, right? “

In Tokyo, there were not many places with bad signal. Arima Kisho was a Special Class Investigator in the 24th district. It was impossible for him to leave Tokyo.

Thinking this way, there is only one place that Arima Kisho could be in now.

“Yes, I am underground…, you are here…, the source … I… solution.”

The phone signal was still intermittent, which made Su Xiao speechless.

If he didn’t guess wrong, Arima Kisho probably was in the deeper layers of the 24th district.

“Understood, there is something I want to tell you, Yuna was also underground, she is seriously injured now, but we reached her in time, she has been sent to receive treatment.”

Arima Kisho was silent.

“That’s it.”

After that, Su Xiao hung up the phone.

the little fat man looked at Su Xiao with tears on his face, his eyes full of worship.


Just as the little man wanted to speak, Su Xiao raised his hand to signal him to not make a sound, then he pressed his finger on the ground.

He could feel subtle vibrations, a large group of unknown enemies ran along the underground passages, approaching them quickly.

“I will give you a task. Return to the surface and contact the CCG General Administration,  have them send additional personnel to the 24th district.”