The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RLMP Chapter 8: Angel Slayer (Part 1)

[You have slain an angel.]

[It has been confirmed that you are the first player to have killed an angel.]

[You have earned the title “The First Angel Slayer.”]

[You have obtained “Angel’s Blood” as the reward for slaying the first angel.]

[You have received the “Rune of Slaughter” as the reward for being the first to slay an angel.]

[The acquired rune will automatically be engraved on the player’s body!]

The cascading messages were enough to make an ordinary person lose their mind, but Ryu Min remained calm as this was a situation he had experienced and received rewards from many times before.

[Angel’s Blood]

•             Classification: Consumable

•             Grade: Unique

•             Effect: Enables Reaper job advancement

•             Usage Restrictions: Level 10 or higher

Description: An item given to the first player who slays an angel. Only those who kill an angel are qualified to advance to the Reaper job, which is the angel’s nemesis.

Players could have a job starting from level 10. There were over 30 different jobs available, and the advancement method was simple: obtaining the job advancement item.

“Looks like I just got what I needed,” Ryu Min said calmly as he examined the golden liquid item in his inventory – Angel’s Blood, given only to the first person to slay an angel. It was also an item that allowed for unique job advancement.

“As expected, I was the first to slay an angel,” Ryu Min thought, knowing that no one at this point would dare to challenge an angel.

Unless they were insane and wanted to die, of course.

“I also got a title,” Ryu Min said, touching the title he had earned.

[Title – The First Angel Slayer]

Acquisition condition: Obtained by being the first to kill an anger

Effect: All stats are doubled when facing holy monsters.

Upon checking, it was undoubtedly the right title he had obtained in his previous regressions. It was an excellent title when facing angels or Holy attributed monsters.

Ryu Min’s gaze turned to the last reward he obtained.

[Rune of Slaughter]

•             Effect: All stats increase by 1% (up to 100%) each time a target is killed. It lasts until the end of the round.

The rune was engraved on Ryu Min’s body.

It was the reward he got for being the first to kill an angel.

“If the other angels find out that I’ve already obtained one rune, they’ll be shocked,” Ryu Min thought to himself.

Indeed, obtaining runes was not an easy task.

Even obtaining one per round was a challenge.

In fact, it was comparable to the difficulty of acquiring a unique item.

“But, that’s just the standard for an inexperienced player in the game,” Ryu Min reminded himself.

He had already figured out how to get past each level with ease.

“I need to obtain more runes this time around, so I can become even stronger,” he thought.

Since it was the last level, Ryu Min had nothing to lose and had to use every possible means to become more powerful.

“Unfortunately, I won’t get any rewards for killing an angel now,” Ryu Min sighed.

The rewards for killing an angel were only given to the first player who achieved this feat.

That meant nobody else could get anything from killing an angel, which was why there was only one player in the game who had the ‘Archangel Death’ class.

“The angels probably never even knew about these rewards,” Ryu Min thought.

Until the 12th regression, Ryu Min was unaware of this fact as well.

Like everyone else, he was afraid of the angel’s abilities and considered them to be unbeatable.

But from the 13th regression onwards, he began to learn about the hidden rewards that came with killing an angel.

“When you kill an angel, you can get materials necessary for a hidden job,” Ryu Min realized.

From then on, he made sure to kill the angels every time he encountered them, as he saw no reason not to, especially when they offered a hidden reward.

“That’s when I really started to focus on ‘Death’ class,” Ryu Min said.

Until that point, he had survived in the game as a ‘Hunter.’

But once he switched to the ‘Death’ class, he realized it was a much better job.

“It has bonus stats, transfer runes, and an excellent skill set,” Ryu Min pondered.

It was far from a mediocre class like a Hunter.

As far as he was concerned, it was a powerful and desirable class, one that anyone would envy.

“But even then, I couldn’t clear the final round.”

Nevertheless, since there was no job as good as Death, Ryu Min aimed for it once again.

He deliberately provoked the angel and lured him to a different location.

Instead of getting stabbed, he struck first with a blow to the back of the head.

By killing the angel, he obtained a huge reward starting from the first round.

“From then on, I abandoned the hunter job and switched to Death.”

Ryu Min repeated the same method of killing the angel with each regression.

There had no mercy for someone who was trying to backstab him.

In the process, Ryu Min learned many things.

He learned just how weak the angels were, and that his ability to smash their heads wasn’t just a one-time fluke.

“I also gained other information.”

Not only did he gain rewards, but he also tortured the angel to extract information.

He learned about their race, ecology, role, purpose of the game, and system privileges.

However, even the angels themselves did not know the key information.

“They are just long-term horses that follow orders from above.”

It was suspected that there was someone behind the scenes who was equivalent to a god, but…

“I’ll have to go all the way to the final boss stage and make a wish to find out the details.”

After confirming his rewards, Ryu Min reached into his inventory.

It was time to use the special reward selection box he received as the first-place reward for the entire area.

“Use it.”

[You can choose one of the following special rewards.]

[Please touch the reward you want.]

└ 1. Experience points tripled buff (limited to the 2nd round)

└ 2. 2,000 gold

└ 3. Information about the 2nd round

Although there were three options to choose from, Ryu Min did not hesitate.

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