The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 1: The Midnight Bell (Part 1)

Humans all possess the innate desire to survive, and Ryu Min is no exception.

“If not for that, I wouldn’t have made it this far,” he thought to himself.

From level one to level twenty, Ryu Min fought tooth and nail through the perilous survival game, shedding 98 lives along the way. Now, in the 99th life, he stands before the ultimate challenge: the final boss room. And he stands alone.

Yet, fate was not on his side.

[To enter the boss room, a minimum of five players are required.]


Ryu Min could hardly contain his disbelief at the audaciousness of the game’s demands.

“At least five players are needed?!”

He had fought his way through 20 levels alone, but now he was expected to find four more comrades to join him?

He had already conquered a quest that was deemed impossible for a solo player, and now this. The weight of defeat burdened Ryu Min’s shoulders as he pondered the daunting task ahead.

“If we needed at least five players, they should have made it clear from the start!”

There were no hints in the quest message or any indication prior to entering the boss room that such a requirement existed.

Overwhelmed by the turn of events, Ryu Min almost missed the next message.

[A player has been identified in the boss room. The condition was not met, and the player will disappear.]


Before he could even react, Ryu Min began to disintegrate on a molecular level. With his last breath, he cursed under his breath.

[You have died.]

[Congratulations. You have met the condition for the Rune of Time Reversal.]

[Rewind time to the first round.]

[You have used 100/100 lives.]

[All remaining lives have been used.]

[The skill Rune of Time Reversal has automatically disappeared.]

As the shadow of death loomed over him, Ryu Min was reborn once again, this time as a lowly level 1 novice player.

“Starting the 100th regression.”


December 31st, 2021.

In front of Seoul’s Bosingak Pavilion, citizens and reporters alike had gathered to await the toll of the bell marking the end of the year.

“Many citizens are eagerly waiting for the bell-ringing ceremony to welcome the hopeful new year.”

“This year’s ceremony will feature various figures from Seoul’s mayor, to those from all walks of society.”

As the cameras from the broadcasting station turned towards the crowd, Ryu Min came to his senses.

“I’m back. To where I was before being sucked into this damn game.”

Looking around, he saw countless faces filled with excitement, eagerly waiting for the stroke of midnight.

Unaware that their anticipation would soon be overturned by despair.

“If only I could stop time.”

But time marches on, whether in happiness, tedium, pain, or hardship, it moves relentlessly forward, never ceasing.

“Even though I can return to the past before, that’s not an option now.”

There’s no going backward anymore.

“All my extra lives have been used up in death.”

“This is my final chance. I will kill the boss on the twentieth round and survive this insane game, no matter what.”

It may be his last chance, but he still has hope.

Knowing that the entrance condition to the boss room is five players, he can plan accordingly.

“I’ll have to revise my previous plans completely.”

Before, he only cared about his own survival, paying no heed to his fellow players.

After all, it’s a survival game where those who fall behind will perish.

Despite reaching the twentieth round with unparalleled strength, he was shocked to find that he needs to be in a party of 5 players for the final round.

“If I didn’t have any extra lives, everything would have ended there without a doubt.”

It turned out to be a game that he could not win alone.

To Ryu Min, it seemed like a trap intentionally set by the gods.

“I have to do it this time.”

Before, he never had time to look around and see who was there, but now he can’t afford to ignore anyone.

He must lead four other players to the final round, besides himself.

“Of course, I won’t give them a free ride. It’s already hard enough for me to become stronger again.”

The plan is to only use them to get through the last round.

“Who would be the best to join me? Since it’s a boss battle, it’s better to fill the team with capable allies, right?”

The memories of some of the named characters who died in round 18 came to mind.

Various plans were drawn up in his head.

As it was the last battle, there was a need to plan more carefully and thoroughly.

While mentally reviewing the plan and making a commitment, the moment arrived.

“Finally, it’s time. Let’s count down together!”

The host’s voice rang out and the countdown to death began.

“20! 19! 18!”

People eagerly joined in, counting down from 20 with hopeful expressions.

“…3, 2, 1!”

The Seoul mayor and several other celebrities stood before the bell, ready to ring in the new year with a loud clang.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

“Happy New Year 2022! May you all have a blessed year ahead!”

“Yayyy!” Cheers erupted, and the faces of the celebrants were aglow with happiness.

But their joy was short-lived.

[Kik, kik, kik. Humans are amusing, aren’t they? Celebrating the new year without realizing their predicament.]

A voice suddenly boomed in their minds, causing the laughter to fade from their faces.

“What was that? Did you hear something just now?”

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything!”

People looked around in confusion, unsure of what was happening. They turned to each other, trying to figure out who had spoken.

Only one person remained calm amid the chaos: Ryu Min.

He had experienced similar situations 99 times before and knew exactly what was happening.

“I can’t panic. Everything is proceeding as it should be.”

After a tense silence, unpleasant laughter echoed in their minds again.

[Hehe, Hehe, Hehehe… You look like monkeys trapped in a cage when you all act this startled. But don’t worry, you will get used to it, humans are adaptable creatures, after all.]

“What? Where is that voice coming from?”

“Are they playing a prank at the broadcasting station?”

“How can they film a hidden camera at a bell-ringing ceremony?”

The confusion was overwhelming. Just the sound of a voice was enough to send people into a panic. Even celebrities forgot to ring the bell.

“They’re trying to mess with us. A beautiful angel cosplayer will appear at any moment.”

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