The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 15: Who Is She (Part 1)

[Galleria Forest in Seoul Forest]


Ryu Won was in awe as he gazed up at the 45-story high-rise luxury apartment complex.

“This place looks amazing.”

“It’s so much better than our old house.”

“I had no idea it was this impressive, even after seeing pictures of it.”

Ignoring his younger brother, who was unable to stop talking, Ryu Min informed the security guard of their move-in status.

“What about our luggage? Did you bring it with you?”

“No, we left everything behind and came here.”

After verifying their identification, they were granted access.

A security officer, who worked inside, checked their identity again in front of the elevator.

Ryu Won was impressed by the high-level security, which was reminiscent of a spy movie.

“Wow… there’s even a separate security team?”

“The security here is better than anywhere else.”

They finally arrived at their new home on the 43rd floor and went inside.


As soon as Ryu Won stepped into the house, he was in awe.

“Hyung, how many square meters is this place?”

“100 square meters.”

“Oh, my god…”

It was a significant upgrade from their 10-square-meter multi-family house to a luxurious 100-square-meter apartment.

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Ryu Won couldn’t believe this wasn’t just a dream.

“But, hyung, is it okay for just the two of us to live in such a big place?”

“It’s fine. We need to live in a place like this since we have the money.”

Although they were moving, the two brothers had almost no luggage.

“Although it may seem a bit empty, all the necessary appliances are built-in. For everyday items, you can go downstairs and buy them. We have already ordered the furniture, and it will arrive today. In the meantime, feel free to explore the house.”


Ryu Won wandered around the house, admiring every room.

“Wow… how many rooms are there?”

“There are four bedrooms, and each one has its own bathroom.”

“Wow! Each room has its own bathroom!”

Amazed, Ryu Won looked out the window.

He could see the nearby Seoul Forest and even the Han River in his sight.

The view was undoubtedly fantastic since they were on the 43rd floor, close to the top.

“Hyung… isn’t this place too big for just the two of us to live in?”

“It’s necessary to spend this much. The security here is top-notch.”

On the first day of each month, players experienced jet lag.

Players were most vulnerable when they fell asleep.

“No matter how much we flew and crawled in the other world, it’s all over if we die in reality.”

There was no guarantee that accidents such as fires, earthquakes, or natural disasters would not occur while sleeping.

Therefore, players had to prepare to cross over to the other world from the safest place.

That was the reason why Ryu Min had moved into an expensive apartment.

“Later on, players will start targeting each other.”

Of course, players could not target each other directly since they slept and woke up at the same time, but…

“It’s possible for them to hire non-players to commit murder.”

There had been a player who hired an assassin to eliminate their competition in the previous regressions.

That was why Ryu Min decided to hide his name.

“How is it? Do you like the new house?”

“Are you kidding? It’s amazing!”

Ryu Won exclaimed excitedly, and Ryu Min’s mouth naturally curved upward.

“I’m glad you like it.”

Ryu Min had luckily hit the jackpot in his dream and bought an expensive house. However, his younger brother had no idea that he had obtained this wealth by paying a very expensive price of 99 deaths and that he was preparing to pay the last.

Ryu Min couldn’t help but think of what he has suffered so far, and Ryu Won read that bitter gaze behind his brother’s smile.

Ryu Won wiped his smile off his face and said apologetically, “I shouldn’t be happy like this… I’m sorry, hyung.”

“What for?”

“In a month, you’ll have to come back to that world and fight again. But I’ve been acting so happy about everything… Sorry, I’m being thoughtless.”

“It’s okay.”

Ryu Min understood his innocent nature. Ryu Won was still just a middle school student, and Ryu Min himself had matured too early for his age.

No, maybe it’s not that he matured early, but rather he just lived as much as his age allowed?

Ryu Min laughed and lightly tapped his brother’s back to cheer him up.

“Why are you thinking like it’s the end of the world? Worried that I won’t come back from the next round?”

“…I’m just being cautious.”

Ryu Min snickered.

It was impossible for him to be eliminated in the second round. He was the only one who had made it to the 20th round, after all.

“Let’s not worry about unnecessary things and go eat while touring the shopping center. There’s a Korean restaurant on the second floor that has great food.”


Ryu Min took his brother around the store to lighten his mood.


Ring- ring- ring

Hwang Yongmin called, but Ryu Min blocked the call without a second thought.

“He probably knows by now that I’ve moved.”

Ryu Min had known that Hwang would come after him to retaliate, based on past experiences. However, he would not encounter him in real life.

“Well, unless it’s in the other world.”

Ryu Min laughed and put his phone in his pocket.

Ryu Won was wandering around the shopping center, but he couldn’t shake off his uneasiness.

“I forgot all about the fact that we sold our souls to the lottery. And Hyung is going to be pulled back into this world next month…”

It wasn’t as if he found it fascinating that his brother had become a player or that he had moved into a nice house.

Players will be pulled into the other world every month to finish a mission.

Next month, and the month after that.

It was like having a life with an unknown expiration date.

Ryu Min was acting calm, but it was like the calm before a storm.

“He’s not showing it, but he should be really worried and struggling. He must feel like he’s standing at the edge of a cliff, even though he doesn’t say anything.”

Ryu Min didn’t worry at all, but Ryu Won scolded himself again.

“You idiot! Your brother is in danger, and you’re laughing and being happy about the move!”

What could he do to help his brother?

Ryu Won pondered while reflecting on his actions.

“I should at least help with housework. That’s the only thing I can do right now.”

Ryu Won decided to take charge of the household chores so that his brother could rest comfortably with the remaining time he had left.

“Hyung, if there’s any laundry, give it all to me. I’ll do it all!”

“Hyung, I’ll be cleaning, so you can rest in your room where it’s quiet!”

“Hyung, I’m thinking of going grocery shopping. Can I you give me some money…?”


Ryu Min smiled at his younger brother.

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