The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 19: Checking The Shop (Part 1)

[It has been confirmed that the player is the first job changer.]

[As a reward for obtaining the title first job changer, you have received a ‘random gold pouch’.]

[As a reward for the first job change, you have learned the common skill ‘Track’!]

Ryu Min grinned as he received his rewards for his first job change – a gold pouch and a new skill. The common skill ‘Track’ was particularly exciting for him.

“This skill is impossible to obtain in the early stages,” he thought to himself.

There were two types of skills in the game: job-specific skills and common skills. Job-specific skills were exclusive to certain professions, like the Death’s seal skill he had learned before. On the other hand, common skills were available to anyone and could be purchased from the store at level 10.

“Although they can be quite costly,” Ryu Min murmured, thinking of the gold needed to just buy one skill.

Thinking about this made him want to check out the new store feature he had just unlocked by selecting “Shop Window” on his menu.

The window that opened up displayed various items, including weapons, helmets, armor, gloves, shoes, necklaces, rings, and skills, all neatly categorized.

“Unfortunately, they’re all normal-grade items,” Ryu Min muttered to himself.

Nevertheless, with enough gold, he could buy any item he desires. However, the problem was that the store only sold normal-grade items.

“Of course, they sometimes sell rare or epic items too,” he mused. “But it’s quite rare.”

In the “Today’s Item” corner, they sold random items every day. Ryu Min’s eyes flickered to the upper right corner of the shop window.

★ Today’s Item ★

[Experienced Hunter’s Leather Armor]

Category: Armor

Grade: Rare

Defense: 22

Effect: Agility +2

Durability: 225/225

Usage Restriction: Trainee rank or higher

Description: Armor that experienced hunters enjoy wearing.

<Purchase Price: 2,000 gold>

<Remaining Sales Time: 23:18:21>

The sales time was based on a 24-hour cycle starting at midnight, which meant he could tell the current time by counting back from the end of the sale.

“Tomorrow, there will be a different item for sale,” Ryu Min thought to himself.

Since the items on sale were random, it was challenging to obtain a particular item. However, Ryu Min was pleased to see that a rare item was displayed on the first day.

“At least it’s possible to buy something better than normal-grade items from the store,” he muttered.

Currently, the purchase price of normal armor Ryu Min could wear was 1,000 gold. He could buy a rare armor for 2,000 gold that was 50% better, which seemed like a reasonable price.

“That epic item is what I need,” he murmured.

While rare items were usually sold, they occasionally sold epic items as well. They were sold once a week, so it might be difficult to get the item he wanted. However, Ryu Min had figured out when the epic item he needed would appear based on his previous experience.

“After this round ends, the epic item I need will appear in two weeks. I just need to use the 50% discount coupon at that time.”

As the rounds progressed, more expensive items appeared in the “Today’s Item” corner.

“So it would be better to wait as long as possible and use the discount coupon on more expensive items, but…” Ryu Min trailed off.

Unfortunately, the 50% discount coupon expired when the next round began, which meant it could only be used within a month.

“Random gold pouches are the same. They have an expiration date, so you have to use them before the next round.”

The gold pouches received as a reward are consumable items that randomly give gold when used.

Since luck is necessary, Ryu Min decided to increase his luck stat before using it, just like in the previous round.

Ryu Min’s gaze turned to the skill list at the top.

Erase traces, explore surroundings, sense danger, emergency treatment, and more.

Various common skills were being sold in the shop window.

Ryu Min examined the skill he received as a reward among them.

[Common Skill – Tracking]

-Effect: You can track the location of the desired target.

<Purchase price: 20,000 gold>

The price was a whopping 20,000 gold skill.

An outrageous price that most players couldn’t afford.

The prices of other common skills were similar.

It wasn’t just something that was impossible to get early on.

“Most players will probably learn it by mid-game.”

They were called common skills because anyone could buy them in the shop.

Ryu Min looked around the shop window and then closed it.

“There aren’t any items worth buying.”

He had 3,000 gold, but there was nothing to buy right now.

He needed to save money if he wanted to buy an epic item in two weeks.

Ryu Min opened his inventory and checked out the weapon he received as a commemoration of his job change.

[Reaper’s Scythe]

-Category: Weapon

-Grade: Rare

-Attack power: 25

-Effect: Additional attack power +1 every time you swing it at an enemy (up to 5 stacks)

-Durability: 225/225

-Usage restriction: Trainee or higher

-Description: A giant scythe that the Grim Reaper uses. It’s hard for beginners to handle.

Ryu Min took out the scythe from his inventory.

A giant scythe that exceeded his height was in his hand.

Swish, swish!

Ryu Min smiled as he swung it a few times, recalling the sensation.

“The grade is rare, and the effect is great enough not to change weapons until level 20.”

Lastly, he checked the rune he received from the job change celebration.

[Rune of the Reaper]

Effect: When using the scythe, the weapon’s attack power doubles, and when night falls, attack speed increases by 50%.

If you stay still at night, the chance of enemies detecting you decreases significantly.

“Basically, the attack power doubles, and the attack speed increases by 1.5 times at night, with decreased detection chances.”

It was the perfect rune for using the scythe.

“That’s why the Reaper is strong at night.”

Even though it was daytime now, the attack power was strong enough at 2x.

Finally, when he opened the skill list, he found another skill besides Track.

[Exclusive Skill – Death’ Seal]

Effect: Place an invisible seal on the target that only the caster can see.

You will be able to see the remaining health of the target under the seal, and when the caster attacks, 100% additional damage is dealt.

Can only be cast on one target at a time.

“It can be considered as a debuff that doubles the damage dealt.”

Since it didn’t consume mana like in a game, it was better to cast the seal and fight.

However, the fact that it could only be used on a single target was its only drawback.

“Everything I expected from the rewards came through.”

There were 2 hours and 20 minutes left until the vote.

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