The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 21: The Debate (Part 2)

‘I can’t just give up my seat to anyone.’

‘Then who should I recommend?’

‘I don’t want anyone else but me to become the representative…’

‘If not me, then who else?’

Silence fell upon the crowd of 5,000 people.

There was no obvious candidate in sight.

No one wanted to recommend someone else.

“As expected, everyone’s quiet. But I guess I wouldn’t want to recommend someone else either. Hehe.”

Minchul Youth was pleased with the situation unfolding as expected.

“If it continues like this, the list of candidates can only narrow down to those who stand out.”

“Without any suitable candidates, the chances of him, who currently received the most attention, being mentioned as a candidate were high.”

“I’ll just need to wait a little longer,”

And as expected…

“I recommend Minchul Youth as a candidate!”

Thankfully, someone raised their hand and recommended him.

‘Bingo! Haha.’

Minchul barely held back his laughter.

“Thank you for recommending me… I never expected it. Can you tell me why you recommended me?”

“Well, I think the representative should be someone with leadership and integrity.”

“Is that so? Do you think I have those qualities?”

“Yes, in my opinion. You are currently handling the situation well, aren’t you?”

“Hehe, one more naive person added.”

Minchul laughed, but it was only a laugh in response to praise.

No one knew that inside, he was sneering.

“Thank you for evaluating me so highly… It’s a little burdensome, but since you recommended me, I will run as a candidate. Does anyone else have any other candidates to recommend?”

“I recommend Black Scythe.”

Another candidate appeared, but Minchul still had a smile on his face.

This was also expected.

“The previous round’s top ranker can’t be left out as a candidate.”

Since he had caught so much attention early on and had overwhelming results in the ranking, it was expected that Black Scythe would be mentioned as a candidate.

Moreover, wasn’t he the one who caught the attention of that angel?

“At least there should be votes for the top three ranked players in the area where their nicknames are known.”

As expected, someone raised their hand and recommended the 2nd and 3rd place rankers as well.

“[Life is a Documentary] in 2nd place and [Black Flame Dragon] in 3rd place.”

They may have lower recognition than Black Scythe, but they were still the top players.

It would be even weirder if they weren’t mentioned.

“Now we have four candidates. Who’s the last one? Is there anyone left?”

The youth smiled and quickly proceeded, knowing that fewer candidates were better.

“Alright. Let’s narrow down to these four candidates… Before we vote, should we have each of them come up and speak? They can make promises or resolutions. Okay, let me start.”

Clearing his throat, Minchul Youth scanned the audience.

Thousands of eyes were fixed on him.

“It’s a piece of cake to convince these suckers here.”

If he could speak in front of the people, he was confident that he could win even against Black Scythe.

“Ahem, speaking in front of so many people is making me extremely nervous. But, I will say a few words, thinking of the effort put in by the person who nominated me. If I become the representative of this district, I won’t disappoint….”

“Man, you’re full of bullshit!.”

Minchul turned his gaze to look in the direction of the voice.

“Who’s that?”

A man with a rough appearance walked out from the crowd.

His nickname was “Life is a Documentary.”

“That guy is ranked second in this district’s ranking.”

His lanky and wobbly gait, coupled with his spitting like a thug, made Minchul furrow his brow involuntarily.

“Hey, everyone…” Minchul was about to say but he got interrupted again.

“Can’t you just shut up! It’s annoying to even look at you.”


“Hey, Minchul, you think the world is that easy, huh?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just a few words can make people stumble like chewing gum. It’s funny, isn’t it? Right?”

The Minchul didn’t show it, but he was surprised inwardly.

It was a vibe that the man knew his own abilities from the way he spoke.

“What, how? How come he figured it out so easily? Wait, is it just a coincidence?”

In the moment of confusion, the man shook his head disapprovingly, displaying his discomfort.

“Who do you think you are, trying to tell us how to choose a district representative? You’re just a propagandist. Do you everyone will fall for your bullshit, you son of a bitch?”

“Huh! That’s too much for a first impression! Words are a person’s face and personality. Why do you think you can use such harsh words?”

Minchul said seriously, but he was secretly amused.

‘He’ll probably apologize and say he’s sorry.’

The power of persuasion is strong.

But it didn’t seem to work as well on the other person.

“You’re trying to teach me how to talk, you asshole? Do you want to get killed?”

“Uh, uh…”

“Uh, Uh… Stuttering like a bitch! You’re such a disgusting little piece of shit.”

“Hey! Isn’t this too much?!”

“What’s so much? This is what a gentleman like me says to a piece of shit like you.”

Minchul was at a loss.

“Why isn’t my persuasion working?”

He tried again, but Life is a Documentary still kept spewing curses.

He didn’t seem to have any intention of apologizing, he even threatened him that he will cut his throat if he talked again.

‘What happened? Is this really happening?’

In the moment of confusion, Life is a Documentary spoke to the people.

“Hey, you sons of bitches! If you don’t vote for me, I’ll make sure you end up like what I’m going to do to this bastard. Got it?”

At that absurd remark, Minchul snickered.

“Wow, this guy is completely clueless. Does he think can win people like that? I can’t believe it.”

Without a persuasion rune or something like that, there was no way an authoritarian method would work.

But that thought lasted only for a moment.

“Laughing, are you?”

Out of nowhere, Life is a Documentary was next to him, he drew a short sword and stabbed Minchul in the stomach.


“I told you, if you fuss, you’ll die.”

Thud! Thud!

Life is a Documentary repeatedly sliced Minchul’s body with his short sword, standing up with a face covered in blood.

For a moment, people froze at the gruesome murder scene.

“If you don’t vote for me, everyone will end up like this son of a bitch.”

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