The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 22: Jo Joong Sik (Part 2)

Despite being ranked second, Jo Joong-sik knew that he could easily be overwhelmed if enough people attacked him. However, things did not go as planned.

“Hey, watch it, you idiot! You almost hit me with that sword!”

“What? Who do you think you are, talking to me like that, you little punk?”

“Seriously, how do you even know my age? You’re such an old fart, dude.”

“You punk!”

The players who were supposed to face Jo Joong-sik suddenly started bickering with each other.

And then one of them crossed the line.



“Oh no, are you okay, bro? You son of a bitch! Who do you think you are, stabbing him like that? Help! There’s another killer here, please help!”

With weapons in hand, even a minor argument could easily turn into a massacre.


“Kill these murders! Or we will be next!”

“You sons of bitches!”

The debate turned into a battlefield in an instant, and Jo Joong-sik’s dagger reached even the timidest of players.




Jo Joong-sik’s violent attack didn’t stop until there were no more people left to attack.

When he turned around and saw how the others were fighting each other, he he couldn’t help but wonder, “Huh? Why are these guys fighting among themselves?”

Jo Joong-sik was confused, but still stabbed the person next to him.

“Hey, stop fighting!”

But it was too late. The excited crowd was deaf to Jo Joong-sik’s voice.

“I said stop it! You sons of bitches!”

Although Jo Joong-sik was the one who started this massacre, he still had something to say.

“Why are you fighting to the death with each other? Are you enemies?”

His words made everyone hesitate and step back from each other.

Jo Joong-sik’s comment brought the situation under control.

“Don’t kill each other for no reason, just vote for me.”

“Who the hell are you to tell us to vote for you?”

“Is that how you really want it to be?”

When Jo Joong-sik pulled out his dagger again, the person who spoke earlier flinched and backed away.

Blood was splattered all over the place, proving to everyone how crazy Jo Joong-sik was.

“Now, listen to me carefully. You will vote for me. If you don’t, I’ll remember your name and face, and I’ll definitely kill you in the next round. Got it?”


No one answered, but Jo Joong-sik knew that he had intimidated them.

“I guess they’re all scared of me.”

Jo Joong-sik was familiar with the look of fear on people’s faces.

Threatening and intimidating people was his specialty.

“After all, people only listen when you draw your knife.”

It was clear to Jo Joong-sik that he would become the representative of the district.

“If I become the district representative, I’ll wield the powerful authority of leadership. Hehe.”

He had already thought about what he would do once he became the representative.

“Black Scythe. I have to kill that unlucky bastard first.”

Jo Joong-sik decided to order the people to kill Black Scythe, his rival, and the only obstacle in front of him to becoming the first-ranked player.

That was the ending Jo Joong-sik desired.


As Ryu Min’s scythe sliced through the waist of the Gnol, a message flashed on his screen.

“[Gnol has been defeated!]

[3x experience point buff applied.]

[Experience gained: +3.15%]

[Gold gained: +20]

[Current kill count: 265/100]

[All stats increased by 100% due to the Rune of Slaughter.]

[Level up!]

The Gnol didn’t stand a chance against Ryu Min’s doubled weapon damage from the passive skill of the Grim Reaper and doubled stats from the Rune of Slaughter.

“I even marked him with the Seal of Death which doubles the damage. It really didn’t stand a chance.”

Before his job change, hunting monsters had been easy. But now, it was even easier. However, as he leveled up, it became harder to gain experience points. He had caught 200 monsters in two hours but only increased six levels.

“Even with a 3x experience point buff, I’m only gaining 2-4%. No wonder it’s taking so long.”

Despite the slow progress, at level 16, Ryu Min was still ahead of other players. He had yet to reach level 20, but he was still ahead of many players who were oblivious to the existence of sub-quests.

“Alright, it’s time to wrap things up.”

After putting the scythe in the inventory, Ryu Min opened the status window.

Instead of investing in agility like before, Ryu Min invested in Luck.

“I have a random gold pouch, so investing in Luck is a good idea.”

Higher Luck was useful in many ways. It increased the chance of getting extra gold from monsters and also increased the drop rate of items. Critical rate also increases, and for a strong damage dealer like Ryu Min, it was even more effective.

“Critical damage is good because it ignores the opponent’s defense, and the damage is doubled compared to normal attacks.”

Even though the probability of a critical hit was low, Ryu Min knew the potential benefits of raising his luck stat to increase his chances of critical hits.

“My current luck is only 30, so the chances of a critical hit are only 3%.”

But if he could gradually increase it to 300, the chances of critical hits would rise to 30%.

“That would be a huge help.”

Suddenly, a message appeared in front of him, notifying him that it was time to vote.

[Time remaining until vote: 00:00:00]

[It is time to vote.]

[All players in the designated area are being summoned to the starting point.]”

In the blink of an eye, the environment around Ryu Min changed as he was teleported from the forest to a wide-open field.

“What are those people? They just appeared out of nowhere.”

“I think they’re players who were summoned from the forest,”

The players who were at the starting point were surprised to see how many players had been summoned from the forest. But they were also surprised to see the bloodbath at the starting point.

“What the heck is going on? People are dead!”

“What the hell happened here?”

The bloodstains and corpses scattered throughout the area were enough to shock the players who had gone into the forest. Ryu Min, however, was not surprised.

He had expected a big fight to break out. It had happened in the previous round, too.

Of course, he also knew the cause of the fight.

Ryu Min turned his head to follow the gaze of the others. There stood a player named ‘Life Is a Documentary’ with her arms folded.

“As expected, Joong-sik has taken control.”


As the head of the Jungshi Gang, he was a talented fighter who had achieved second rank in the first round.

Ryu Min acknowledged his talent, but because of his reckless personality, there was a risk of taking him to the last round.

“We should take care of the ticking bomb that could go off anytime, but it’s not the right time yet.”

He needed to make use of Joong-sik in the third round first.

At that moment, Joong-sik noticed Ryu Min looking at him and approached him.

“Hey, Black Scythe.”

He came over with a swaggering gait and suddenly smiled.

“Where were you? I’ve been waiting for you.”

“What’s up?”

“It’s nothing special. I just have a proposition for you.”

Joong-sik sniffed and spoke indifferently.

“I’ll say it straight. Come under my wing.”

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