The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 29: Driver’s License (Part 1)

[Ryu Min has used the Random Gold Pouch.]

[Congratulations! You have obtained 9,999 gold!]

Ryu Min was taken aback for a reason.

It was because he had never seen such a number before.

“9,999 gold… That’s the maximum, isn’t it?”

The momentary confusion soon gave way to a smile on Ryu Min’s face.

“Isn’t this even more exciting than winning the lottery five times in a row?”

His lips curled up in delight at the unexpected outcome.

“I knew it was worth receiving the Blessing.”

He checked his remaining gold, convinced that luck had truly favored him.

“I have 16,249 gold… With this, I can buy an epic item in two weeks and still have some left.”

With a 50% discount coupon, he would have gold left over.

And with the remaining gold, he could afford other items as well.

Ryu Min smiled happily as he headed home.

As soon as he opened the front door, his younger brother came out to greet him.

“Hyung, did you have a good date?”

Seeing his brother’s cheerful smile, Ryu Min was puzzled.

“A date? What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t you go on a date with your crush?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. What did you have for lunch?”

“I ordered Jajangmyeon.”

“Let’s treat ourselves to something better.”

“What’s wrong with Jajangmyeon? I’ve been wanting to eat it for so long.”

“Okay, fine let’s eat it.”

A mischievous smile escaped Ryu Min’s lips.

It was only a month ago that he was begging for money.

“I used to keep track of every penny in my bank account… But now, I don’t even know the exact amount.”

He no longer had to worry when buying things or ordering food.

He could simply order whatever he desired.

That’s how much money he had.

Moreover, he had 150 billion in Bitcoin, so he no longer had to worry about money.

“It will continue to grow. At least for the next two weeks.”

Ryu Min was confident because he hadn’t taken actions that would affect the future.

He was certain that it would double in value in two weeks.

“During that time, I should take some time off and get a driver’s license. I’m already an adult.”

Having a car was convenient in many ways, so he needed to prepare for it.

Ryu Min decided to apply for a driver’s license while he was at it.

He didn’t need to study. He had more driving experience than anyone else.


[Ryu Min scored 95 on the departmental exam. Congratulations on passing.]

The monitor showed this message in front of Ryu Min.

Quickly checking his answers on the computer, he stood up from his seat.

“Is… Is it already over?”

The supervisor was surprised, first by how quickly he finished and then by the results.

Not only was he the fastest, but he was also qualified with a high score.

“I solved it roughly, but I passed without any problems.”

He didn’t study separately.

He didn’t need to study materials for the written test or enroll in a driving school.

He had enough basic knowledge to pass.

Ryu Min received his pass stamp on the application form and went to the counter.

After receiving his learner’s permit, he left the test center.

Now he only needed to take the skills test and the road test to get his license.

“The practical test is a sure thing.”

Ryu Min confidently signed up for the skills test.


A day passed.

Ryu Min looked at something in his hand with a smile on his face.

It was his driver’s license with his picture on it.

“It was easy, so easy.”

He had obtained his license in just three days.

There was no difficulty in the practical test.

He got a perfect score of 100 on the skills test and the road test.

“I passed the practical test smoothly as well.”

He passed the test without any practice.

He had already surpassed the skills of a veteran driver, even without any practice.

“If I did well on the written test, I would have had a perfect score.”

The faces of the examiners who stared at him with surprise when he scored perfectly were still fresh in his memory.

“Now that I have my license, should I go buy a car right away?”

Without hesitation, Ryu Min headed to a luxury car dealership.

Supercars, especially imported ones, were easier to drive than domestic cars.

People automatically maintained a safe distance and gave way when driving them.

“Buying from a showroom would take too long.”

Buying directly from the source was cheaper and faster.


As soon as the automatic doors of the showroom opened, the dealer looked at Ryu Min.

“Huh? A young customer?”

Dealer Choi Tae-guk quickly scanned Ryu Min.

“Judging from the way he dressed, he must have just become an adult and come to buy his first car…”

Customers who came to the dealership to buy their first car were usually one of two types.

“They either want to show off or they are the sons of conglomerate families.”

Choi Tae-guk smiled widely.

He preferred the latter, the sons of conglomerates.

“Welcome. Have you come to see the cars?”

“Yes. I’d like to see the most expensive Lamborghini model, please.”

“The most expensive one?”

Capuaer, a term used to describe a poor person riding in a luxury car.

If he was looking for an expensive car, he wasn’t a Capuaer.

“Is he the son of a conglomerate? Maybe even the second generation?”

Choi Tae-guk’s smile grew wider.

“Ah, you’ve come to the right place, sir. As luck would have it, we just received the same model in stock. Shall we take a look? Please follow me.”

Choi Tae-guk, slyly changing his address to “sir,” led Ryu Min to the parking lot where the supercars were displayed.

The place was filled with cars making roaring sounds.

“This is the Lamborghini Aventador, which is currently waiting for delivery. It’s a lower trim level that another customer ordered, but the design is the same, so you won’t have any problem looking at it.”

“Is it possible to receive it as a direct import?”

“If you sign the contract today and place an order, you can receive it within a month. Oh, the price is over 900 million won for the highest trim level, but if that’s too much of a burden…”

“I like it. Let’s proceed with the contract without further ado.”

Money was no longer a concern.

“Indeed, sir! Your vision is exceptional! Hahaha!”

Dealer Choi Tae-guk’s face bloomed with laughter.

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