The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 29: Driver’s License (Part 2)

After signing the car contract, two weeks passed.

Ryu Min was looking at his Bitcoin account on his cellphone.

“It has reached 300 billion.”

Finally, the time had come.

It was time to cash out on Bitcoin.

Ryu Min sold his Bitcoin holdings.

He had amassed a cash amount of 300 billion won.

As soon as he had the money, his brother entered the room.

“Hyung, let’s have lunch together.”


“But why are you smiling like that? Did something good happen?”

“Oh, I just sold all my Bitcoin a while ago.”

“Really? How much did it rise?”

“300 billion won.”

Ryu Min’s words caused his brother’s eyes to widen.

It was a word that he couldn’t comprehend.

“What… 300… 300 billion?!”

It took Ryu Won a moment to react, thinking back to the jackpot Ryu Min had won.

“Hyung, even if you sum up all the money from winning the lotteries, it would only be around 70 billion.”

“That’s right.”

“And you’re saying it became 300 billion? Are you sure it’s 300 billion?”

“Yes, I am.”

Ryu Won marveled at his brother with a doubtful expression.

“Wow… Hyung, I’ve always wanted to stop you from investing in Bitcoin, but now you’ve struck it big…”

“Don’t worry. This time, I’ve invested in stocks.”

“Haha, okay. Stocks would be safer and better… What? Stocks?”

Seeing Ryu Min taking out his phone to open a stock trading account, Ryu Won jumped up.

“What are you doing, Hyung? Isn’t this enough? Do you really have to touch stocks?”

“If I don’t strike while the iron is hot, what’s the point?”

“You don’t know anything about stocks, how will you invest in something you don’t understand?”

“True, but I had a dream that is guiding me.”

“A dream?”

Ryu Won closed his mouth, unable to say anything.

It was a dream that led his brother to win the lottery five times in a row.

If it had been someone else saying such things, he would have snickered and stopped them.

But he couldn’t doubt his brother anymore.

“So, did the dream tell you to buy specific stocks?”

“Yes. It said that if I buy them now, it will be a huge success.”

With that assurance, Ryu Won couldn’t stop him anymore.

“Go ahead and do as you wish. It’s your money, and I won’t interfere…”

“Don’t worry. It will work out this time too.”

With those words, Ryu Min checked the stock market.

He saw a company ranked 85th on the KOSDAQ with a market capitalization of 900 billion won.

Cheonma Consulting, a company owned by Ma Kyung-rok.

“It’s currently a decent company involved in various consulting fields, but…”

After the fourth round, they would start a rapid growth phase by implementing a special system.

This was a future he had come to know through his countless regressions.

“I know it will strike big, so there’s no reason not to invest.”

Of course, it wasn’t just because of the money.

If he could acquire Ma Kyung-rok’s stake in the company and gain control…

“As a major shareholder, I can exert a significant influence and profit.”

This was the reason Ryu Min had secured funds through the lottery and Bitcoin.

To seize control over Ma Kyung-rok’s company.

“First, I’ll invest 280 billion to acquire a 31% stake.”

Ryu Min decisively pressed the buy button.

His 280 billion was poured into Cheonma Consulting.

He left 20 billion for his living expenses.

“I’m done. Let’s go have lunch.”

Ryu Min smiled with a relaxed expression, but Ryu Won couldn’t shake off his worries.

“Once again, the dream that Hyung mentioned has to come true…”

He had no reason to worry about losing the money because it wasn’t his in the first place.

He was worried that his brother would be devastated if the outcome didn’t meet his expectations.

“I should pray every night for Hyung’s success.”

Ryu Won had made up his mind, but there was no need.

The fact that Cheonma Consulting would hit the daily limit was already a predetermined outcome.


Tick-tock, tick-tock.

The sound of the wall clock’s second hand seemed unusually loud.

“Five minutes left.”

Ryu Min sat in his room, waiting for midnight.

It was because tomorrow was the day when the epic item he wanted would appear.

“I’ve been saving gold for this day.”

He had enough gold after hitting the jackpot with the random gold pouch.

But that was not it.

Ryu Min reached out to his inventory.

A piece of paper fluttered into his hand.

[Today’s Item 50% Discount Coupon]

Category: Consumable

Grade: Rare

Effect: Purchase today’s item at 50% off the price.

Usage Restriction: Until the next round, Beginner rank or higher

Description: A limited-time item given to those who finished the sub-quest in the second round. The item will be automatically consumed when the next round begins.

“Since I have a discount coupon, I can save a considerable amount of gold.”

Ryu Min smiled as he waited for midnight.

A few moments later.

Tick-tock, tick-tock… Tock!

As soon as midnight struck, Ryu Min opened the shop window.

As planned, there was an epic item displayed in the Today’s Item section.


“Oh… What should I do?”

There was an unexpected problem.

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