The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 3: Character Creation (Part 1)

“Black Scythe.”

Without any delays, the system responded to Ryu Min’s chosen username.

[Would you like to register your avatar’s nickname as ‘Black Scythe’?]


[This username is not already in use. It has been registered.]

There was a reason why Ryu Min had chosen the username ‘Black Scythe.’

“It sounds strong.”

Usually, when people are asked to come up with a username, they tend to pick one without much thought or waste a good thirty seconds pondering only to have their real name selected for them.

However, Ryu Min had come to realize that choosing a username was surprisingly important through his experiences with regression.

“Your username determines the impression others will have on you.”

The place he was moving to through soul transference was a new world, one that could be considered another dimension.

In such a place, people wouldn’t want to use real names, instead referring to each other only by the usernames they had set previously.

After a few rounds, everyone will try to hide their identities, some will even wear a mask.

“It’s foolish to use your real name during the avatar creation process.”

It’s the same reason why people don’t use their real names in games, especially in survival games where you have to compete and trample over others to stay alive.

“That’s why usernames are so important. It’s one of the determining factors for making a first impression.”

Though he wasn’t sure if the angel was purposely hiding it, it’s a fact that the angel didn’t mention anything about this.

Above every avatar’s head was their username, always visible to everyone.

“Just like a game.”

That’s why the username was a crucial element for making a first impression.

“Based on my experience so far, it’s never good to appear weak. The stronger and more memorable your username, the better.”

At first, Ryu Min had registered his real name or online username as his avatar’s username without much thought.

But the easy-to-dismiss usernames ended up attracting a swarm of annoying flies, and he ended up wasting his time dealing with them.

“In this place, you always have to appear strong. It’s good to give off a strong impression.”

That’s why he ended up thinking of ‘Black Scythe’ as a username.

“It’s also the name of my main weapon, which suits the class that I’ll eventually specialize in, the Grim Reaper.”

In this new world, there were about thirty different classes.

As for the Grim Reaper, it was a unique class that only one person could possess.

“I must specialize as a Grim Reaper again this time. There’s no other class that’s as strong as this one.”

Still too early to choose a class, but there’s no harm in choosing a path.

[Please set your physical appearance within 3 minutes.]

[It will be reflected if you strongly imagine it in your mind.]

[Please say ‘Imagining completed’ when you’re done.]

[If you do not decide within the time limit, your original appearance will be automatically reflected.]

“Time for customizing appearance.”

Appearance is as important as a nickname in determining the first impression.

“Usually, everyone tries to make themselves look cool and pretty here.”

They will treat it like getting plastic surgery, fixing what they hate about their appearance.

It’s obvious without even looking.

“However, you should never do that. Especially for women.”

Having a pretty and beautiful appearance certainly has the effect of attracting attention.

It’s also good for leaving a good first impression.

However, what you’re here for is survival.

If you have an outstanding appearance, you’re bound to become a target.

Especially for women, it’s more dangerous.

“Everyone is mistaken. We’re definitely not creating a game character here. The otherworld is also strictly reality.”

If you die in the otherworld, you die in real life.

Those who forget that and make wrong judgments due to a game-like system are fools.

“Appearance needs to stand out, but it shouldn’t be too good-looking or too bad-looking.”

Although his real-life appearance was like that, he changed his appearance to hide his true identity as much as possible.

“What is needed is to create an impression that looks different from reality, but not too easygoing.”

Once again, Ryu Min quickly imagined his appearance.

He created a cool and cold face with sharp cheekbones, jawlines, and a strong gaze.

He changed his physique to a moderate muscular build, unlike his usual petite build.

It was an impression that looked strong and fitting for his nickname, “Black Scythe.”

[Imagining completed.]

[You have completed customizing your appearance.]

[Creating the avatar now.]




[The avatar creation is completed.]

[We will immediately transfer your soul to the first level. Good luck.]

In an instant, a bright light hit Ryu Min’s eyes.

And when he reflexively opened his eyes, a new world unfolded before him.

“That was fast.”

The place that served as the field for the first level was a vast meadow.

It looked like a place where cows and sheep would leisurely graze on the grass.

However, there were no cows or sheep here.

“Monsters are present, though.”

Ryu Min looked down at his body.

He was 180 cm tall now, his body was solid and muscular, and it moved exactly as he intended. It was a body he had customized just a short while ago, yet it felt like his own.

“I’ve created it so many times that now it feels like my real body,” he thought.

Since his 12th avatar, he had maintained this appearance, so it was familiar to him. He didn’t react like other people who would be shocked or surprised. Nor like others who were even stumbling while walking around. He had already experienced soul transfers multiple times before.

“Where are we? In a meadow?” Someone asked.

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter…It feels peaceful here,” replied another avatar.

One by one, the avatars who created their own unique bodies appeared in the meadow.

“Wait, did my body change?” one avatar exclaimed.

“Did we come in with the body we set before coming here?” asked another.

“I made myself muscular like this? What about my face…?” another avatar wondered.

As more people arrived, the chatter grew louder. Some people marveled at the nicknames hovering above other people’s heads, while others felt satisfied with the way their bodies turned out. Some were frustrated that they couldn’t change their appearance due to the time limit, while others were captivated by the scenery of the vast meadow.

Ryu Min, however, wore a bland expression. He had experienced all of this before and was already bored with it. Instead, his gaze was fixed on one spot.

“It’s about time,” he thought.

A moment later, a person appeared where his gaze was fixed.

“You’re finally here. Hwang Yongmin,” he muttered to himself.

Hwang Yongmin, who had a more erratic body than usual, wandered around nervously.

“As expected, he made his body muscular again,” Ryu Min noted.

Since Hwang Yongmin hadn’t changed his face, Ryu Min recognized him easily. His nickname, [Hwang Yongmin], was the same as his real name, suggesting that he had been too flustered to choose a new nickname in the 30-second time limit.

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