The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 30: Start Of Round 3 (Part 1)

[★Today’s Item★]

[Skeleton Bone Necklace]

Category: Necklace

Grade: Epic

Effect: Intelligence +3, Attack Speed +1% per enemy killed (up to +25%, lasts until the end of the round)

Durability: 500/500

Usage Restriction: Apprentice grade and above

Description: A mysterious necklace made by stringing together bones of an unknown skull.

<Purchase Price: 4,600 gold>

<Remaining Sale Time: 23:59:59>

The Skeletal Bone Necklace, a remarkable piece of jewelry. Not only does it enhance intelligence, but it also grants a significant boost to attack speed.

“And at the price of only 4,600 gold, it offers incredible value.”

For players who have diligently collected gold, it’s an item that screams cost-effectiveness. However…

“Due to the presence of the intelligence stat, not many people will choose to purchase it.”

Examining the status window reveals detailed explanations for each stat. Intelligence is a valuable attribute that enhances magical damage, mental prowess, and mental speed.

“But it appears to be of little use to physical-based jobs. After all, it primarily boosts magical damage.”

That’s why those pursuing physical-oriented jobs hesitate to invest in items with intelligence.

While the increase in attack speed is enticing, it’s not enough to sway their decision.

“On the flip side, the same applies to magic-based professions. This item fails to capture their interest.”

After all, it features an attack speed effect, which holds little relevance for skill-centric hunting.

Consequently, this Skeletal Bone Necklace remains neglected by both sides.

“However for me, it’s an exceptionally beneficial item.”

As a hybrid class like the Reaper, Ryu Min greatly values both intelligence and attack speed.

Thus, the item proves to be a perfect fit for him.

Not only did he anticipate its release today, but he also encountered an unforeseen predicament.

“What should I do? I have more gold left than expected.”

Initially, his plan was to purchase the epic necklace and then allocate the remaining gold to acquire other equipment—helmet, gloves, boots, and a ring—all in normal grades, totaling 5,000 gold.

“Though they are normal items, it’s better than nothing, so that was the plan.”

Yet, upon calculating, he found himself with plenty of gold.

“Even after acquiring all the remaining equipment in normal grades, I’ll still have 9,000 gold. In the previous round, I only had 2,000 to 5,000 gold left…”

Due to an unexpected stroke of luck in his opening of the random gold pouch, his calculations went awry, catching Ryu Min off guard.

“Wait, what if I don’t buy the normal equipment and solely purchase the epic necklace…?”

By utilizing the 50% discount coupon, he could acquire it for a mere 2,300 gold.

“That means I’ll be left with 14,000 gold?”

He found himself left with a lot of gold, more than he had anticipated.

“If I gather an additional 6,000 gold, I’ll have a total of 20,000 gold. That would allow me to purchase another skill.”

Rather than investing in normal equipment, he decided to gather more gold, enabling him to acquire another skill earlier than expected.

“This will expedite my future plans.”

With this newfound realization, Ryu Min proceeded to utilize the discount coupon and purchased the Skeletal Bone Necklace.

[Today’s Item 50% discount coupon has been redeemed.]

[You have purchased the Skeletal Bone Necklace for 2,300 gold.]

A surplus of 13,949 gold remained.

For now, he put the purchase of normal equipment on hold.

His plan was to gather an additional 6,000 gold by the third round to acquire a new skill.

“Gathering approximately 6,000 gold shouldn’t pose a challenge.”

Luckily, the third round would bring forth a lot of monsters, presenting great opportunities to earn gold.

“Furthermore, I can quickly accumulate attack speed stacks now with the Skeletal Bone Necklace which will help me hunt.”

That’s precisely why he acquired an epic item.

A satisfied smirk crept upon Ryu Min’s face.

He eagerly awaited the arrival of the third round.

And time passed…


As expected, that day arrived.

March 1st.

The passage of time remained unwavering.

“The third round has started.”

Jo Joong-sik surveyed his surroundings.

The scenery that unfolded before him resembled a village on the brink of collapse—almost like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

“What kind of mission awaits us this round to begin in such a desolate place?”

Curiosity gleamed in his eyes as he observed the village’s bleak interior, while players emerged accompanied by a dazzling light one after another.

Once again, they found themselves being drawn back into this otherworldly realm, a fact that failed to uplift their spirits.

However, Jo Joong-sik stood apart from the rest.

In fact, his lips curved into a subtle smile.

After all, he had become the representative of this region.

He wielded immense power, allowing him to exert control over these individuals as if they were mere pawns.

“If I so desire, I can manipulate these people like obedient slaves.”

But the smile on Jo Joong-sik’s face quickly faded.

A memory from the previous round resurfaced—an action performed by an angel—and his expression contorted in displeasure.

“That damn angel. Trying to toy with me!”

The restrictions imposed on the Authority Title had only brought trouble upon himself.

“If only they hadn’t mentioned the limit of ten rounds. Then I could have treated these people like puppets at my beck and call!”

Concern etched Jo Joong-sik’s face.

He worried that the revelation of the Power of the Authority’s limitations would cause the players to view him with disdain or worse, rebel against him.

And as if on cue…

“Is that person our region’s representative? Life is a Documentary.”

“What was his real name again? Wasn’t he some kind of gang boss?”

“Remember when he threatened us while brandishing a knife, demanding our votes?”

“He was swinging it around and killed people without a second thought.”

“And now he shamelessly appears, boasting that he will survive.”

“Instead of that murderer, the representative should have been Black Scythe.”

“Shh, he might hear you! He still has the Power of the Authority, you know.”

“What difference does it make? Since it has limitations, there’s no need to be afraid.”

“You’re right. With the limitation, he can’t use it recklessly, can he?”

Whispers filled the air as people conversed among themselves.

Jo Joong-sik glared at them, his eyes brimming with suspicion, before bellowing.

“I can hear every word, you bastards!”

“Why is this idiot swearing and acting like that?”

“What? Who said that? Who spoke just now?”

Muffled murmurs echoed, but amidst the crowd, it was impossible to pinpoint the exact source.

Jo Joong-sik’s face twisted with anger.

The authority of a regional representative was weakened by the revelation of the restrictions.

“Damn it, I knew it would turn out like this. These damn idiots, and those damn angels!”

Having forcefully taken the position of regional representative, Jo Joong-sik didn’t enjoy a favorable reputation.

Except for one individual.

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