The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 4: Start Of Round One (Part 1)

[Random Rune Fragment]

Classification: Consumable

Grade: Unique

Effect: Acquire a random rune skill

Usage Limit: Level 1 or below

Description: This is a special event item created for players. Don’t save it, use it, because you can’t use it after leveling up.

[As you can see, the Random Rune Fragment is a one-time-use item. It can only be used when you are at level 1, and it’s the only unique item that is given to you at the beginning.]

People looked at the angel with curious eyes as she explained the item.

Only Ryu Min, who heard this explanation multiple times, maintained his composure.

“I don’t know what this is all about yet. I don’t even know how to use this item or what a rune is.” Someone said.

Rune is a consumable item that can sometimes be obtained when you defeat monsters or complete quests.

If we think about it in terms of video games, it’s like a kind of passive skill.

When you use a rune, it will be inscribed on your body and you gain the corresponding ability.

Of course, the more runes you have, the better.

There is no limit to the number of runes you can obtain.

“That’s assuming you can get a lot of them.” Ryu Min thought.

Since the drop rate of runes is comparable to that of unique items, it’s not easy to obtain them.

“In reality, it’s difficult to even get 10 of them in 20 rounds.”

But that’s just for ordinary people.

“When I last regressed, I had 30 runes.”

As a rare class, and with many runes, Ryu Min became overwhelmingly strong.

Although he had to suffer being wiped out before entering the boss room and without even showing his true abilities.

“This time it has to be different. It’s the last chance, so I have to grow overwhelmingly more than any other regression.”

Not just 30 runes, but 50, 100, and more.

He had to acquire them frantically and become unbeatably strong.

“When you hold it in your hand, say ‘use’ in your mind to activate the item.”

As the angel explained the usage, the runes in people’s hands disappeared one by one.


Ryu Min also used it, and the rune fragment shattered with a crack sound.

[You have used a random rune piece.]

[Congratulations! The ‘Rune of Time Reversal’ has been obtained!]

[The acquired rune is automatically engraved on the player’s body!]

Despite the rune being engraved, Ryu Min’s face showed no sign of excitement or anticipation.

He knew what message would appear in a moment.

[The remnant of the rune’s power is left in the player’s soul.]

[The engraving has failed due to the nature of the rune.]

Engraving failed.

It was the expected result.

If it had been successful, Ryu Min would have been able to infinitely regress.

“I knew it wouldn’t work, but it’s still disappointing. I think this would truly be my last regression…”

When he first regressed and used again the rune piece, Ryu Min thought to himself that he might get a different passive skill.

But it didn’t happen.

“I also tried using it at different times, like with time intervals or just before leveling up, but the result was always the same.”

It was always the Rune of Time Reversal that came out as if it had already been predetermined.

“That’s why I kept failing to engrave it.”

However, his situation was diff others, he didn’t think of it as a loss because he still had the experience and knowledge from his 99 regressions.

But then something unexpected happened.

[Confirmation of being the 100th Time Reversal user through the remnant of the rune’s power engraved in the soul.]

[Acquisition of the title ‘Last Time Reverser’.]

“What? A title?”

Although the engraving had failed, he obtained a title.

This was the first time it had happened, so Ryu Min’s face showed a brief moment of confusion.

“Is this a title given only to those who reach 100 regressions?”

It seemed that the system had realized that it was his last regression from the remnants of the accumulated runes.

A new title had been registered under the ‘none’ section.

When Ryumin lightly touched the title, an information window appeared.

[Title – Last Time Reverser]

Acquisition Condition: Use the Rune of Time Reversal for the 100th time.

Effect: When you die, you can stay in a ghost state for one minute in the same spot. You can revive with full health at any desired time within that one minute. The title disappears after one-time use.


At first, Ryu Min didn’t understand the difference between titles and runes.

After all, both gave passive effects.

But now, he knew better.

Titles were a higher concept than runes.

“They’re even more effective than runes and harder to obtain.”

It was a clear advantage. After all, he had acquired such a title instead of a rune.

Moreover, unlike runes, titles could be shown off by simply thinking about them, causing them to appear under your nickname.

“However, it’s better to keep the title of the ‘Last Time Reverser’ hidden.”

Of course, his ability would still work even if he didn’t reveal his title.

“Resurrection, huh… I’ve obtained an incredible ability, haven’t I?”

Even Ryu Min, who had gone back in time a hundred times, had never heard of a title with a resurrection ability.

“While the Priest job can use resurrection skills…I’ve never seen it used with runes or items.”

In fact, it was a higher-level ability than the resurrection skill that only restores 30% of one’s health.

“Although the title disappears once you use it, so what?”

In a situation where there’s no way to go back any further, the ability to resurrect was a godsend.

“Have you all engraved your runes?”

The angel asked, and people nodded their heads.

Some had pleased expressions on their face, possibly because they had obtained good runes, while others were frowning.

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