The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 5: Getting Her Attention (Part 1)

As the group watched Ryu Min, mouths agape, they soon turned their gaze with tense eyes. “Wow, he’s amazing in battle… Who is he?”

“Dude! He’s so strong!

“Black Scythe, his nickname is pretty badass too!”

Everyone was amazed by Ryu Min, but their admiration was cut short as goblins began approaching them too. They couldn’t just stand there in awe.

“We can do this. Goblins are just fodder in the game, right?”

“This isn’t real life, it’s a well-crafted virtual reality game.”

“If he can slay hundreds of them alone, they can’t be that tough to beat.”

Was it Ryu Min’s brutal slaughter that gave them this newfound confidence? Suddenly, the fear in their eyes disappeared, replaced with hope.

But it was short-lived.

Thwack, thwack, thwack!


“Ouch, that hurts!”

As the goblins swarmed them, piercing them with daggers, fresh screams echoed throughout the battlefield.

Those who had underestimated them, claiming that it was child play, now cried out like little babies, begging for their lives.

“Please stop! It hurts so much!”

“You monsters!”

“Aaah, my arm! My arm!”

Some were hit with clubs and collapsed unconscious. Others were stabbed with daggers and drowned in their blood. Some tried to run away but stumbled and fell underfoot. Others crouched down helplessly, suffering from anxiety attacks.

But the goblins didn’t stop and kept coming, thrusting their swords into those they had picked out.

No one thought it was a game anymore. There was no room for such a delusion.

The only thought in people’s minds was survival.

Their survival instincts took over and ruled their minds.

And so, even though many were trying to escape, some people stood their ground and fought back when the goblins came too close.

Whack! Whack!

“Die, you monster bastards!”

They swung their fists for dear life and managed to knock out a few goblins.

But that was all.

Killing was a different matter altogether.

Modern-day people who had never even killed a small animal before were in no position to break the neck of a goblin.


Instead, they were the ones who collapsed, powerless, onto the ground after being stabbed with a sword.

What can they do?

Thump, thump, thump, thump…

Surrounded by goblins running at them like hyenas, they were trapped and helpless.

[Kekeke, this is amusing. Goblins are eating the humans alive.]

The angel watching from above giggled.

To the angel, this fight was no different from watching a fight between a dog and a cat. It was just simple entertainment.

[Even if the opponent is a child, there’s no chance of survival when dozens of them come charging at you. Especially if they’re pointing at you a dagger.]

However, for some reason, there was one person who could withstand dozens of attackers.

It was the human who had been slaughtering goblins since the beginning.

“Who is that human? And what’s up with his name, Black Scythe?” the angel Briel asked, intrigued.

She didn’t know his true human name, and even as an angel, she couldn’t see the players’ status windows due to system regulations. Naturally, she also couldn’t tell what kind of rune the human had.

“Such a dog-like system. They let us see the progress of quests, but block us from seeing players’ information,” Briel muttered with a frown.

She didn’t like being assigned as a guide. It didn’t suit her nature.

But that has changed now.

Her lips curled up watching the human bloodbath.

“As a noble being, being in charge of a bunch of inferior humans is a humiliating task, but…”

The fierce and brutal scene fit Briel’s tastes.

To be honest, she didn’t expect much from watching a fight between humans and goblins.

“Kekeke. But it’s more fun to watch than I thought, isn’t it?”

The desperate faces of the humans struggling to fight back, the agonizing screams, and the blood-stained battlefield all amused her.

“Kill them! Kill them all, you worthless vermin! Fight each other like the insects you are! Kekeke.”

As Briel watched the scene, her eyes suddenly moved to a different area.

What caught her attention was, unlike the rest of the field which is mostly red blood-soaked, this one area she was looking at now was filled with green blood.

In the middle of it all, was the player with the nickname “Black Scythe.”

“That human again? He is still alive?”

When she watched him emerge victorious from his first battle with the goblins, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement.

She thought, perhaps he had stumbled upon a powerful rune that gave him a great advantage.

But that was all it was – just a fleeting thought. She quickly shifted her gaze away from that human, knowing that his stamina would eventually deplete, and he too would meet the same fate as any other human.

Yet, to her surprise, that human was still alive and fighting with ferocity. He was tearing through the goblins like a pack of mad dogs, having already slain seventy of them. Even Briel, who was keeping track of the quest’s progress, couldn’t help but be impressed by the feat. “It is his first time in battle, but he fights like he has done this before,” she marveled.

His movements were swift and precise, and his weapons danced with deadly accuracy. Even the goblins were momentarily taken aback by his intensity. She couldn’t help but wonder, could a human on Earth have a profession as a killer?

As she watched Ryu Min, her mood lifted. She didn’t know what lay ahead, but the situation was turning out to be more interesting than she had anticipated.

Briel’s mouth curved up into a satisfied smile.


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