The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 6: Weapon Selection (Part 2)

When the number of quest achievers exceeded 400, and the number of goblins, which was originally 50,000, decreased to 10,000, the angel who had been watching from the sidelines finally intervened with a wicked smile.

“Kehehe, this is fun, they’re hunting them down, should I add more goblins?”


Fluttering her wings seemed to be the signal, as the corpses that had been scattered across the meadow vanished in an instant.

It was only natural for the people to be perplexed.

“What, what’s going on?”

“The goblin corpses disappeared?”

“It’s not just goblins. Other corpses are gone too!”

Although the people were taken aback, it was only temporary.

As goblins began to appear here and there, they all wore expressions of disgust.

“Kyo-ho-ho-ho, I’ve replenished 50,000 of them. There won’t be a shortage of them, so stay assured. Kick-kick-kick!”


Even if she didn’t know, the people were probably cursing the angel right now.

“Kill them!”


The people had to swing their weapons again to live or die.

They were too young to scream for their lives like this in a bloodstained place like this.

└ Achiever: 1,021/5,143

└ Achiever: 2,129/5,143

└ Achiever: 3,533/5,143

As the number of quest achievers increased, the goblins decreased exponentially.

Each time, the angel cleared away the corpses and added more goblins.

Has it been about five hours like this?

Ryu Min, who had been sitting on the ground looking at the progress window, suddenly stood up as if it was time.

“It will end up soon.”

It’s time to wrap this up and go home.

But there’s something he must do before that.

└ Achiever: 5,143/5,143

Finally, the moment came when the number of quest achievers filled up.


“What’s going on?”

The goblins that had filled the meadow suddenly disappeared without a trace.

It seemed as if it were a dream.

[Half of the challengers have passed.]

The angel spoke as if she were regretful.

[Unfortunately, the rest must be annihilated.]

“What? Annihilation?”

“Wait a minute! Please, Angel! I just need to catch one more! Please…!”

That’s when it happened.

Those who failed to finish the quest were scattered like dust.

It was about 3,000 people… 3,000 people disappeared without leaving a trace.

The remaining 2,000 were killed by the goblins.


People couldn’t even scream at the sudden arrival of death.

The achievers who had been watching from the pillar swallowed their dry saliva.

If they hadn’t achieved the quest early, they might have been annihilated like that too.

“If you can’t make it to half, you’ll be gone without a trace.”

The group that once numbered 10,000 has now dwindled down to a mere 5,000.

Sadly, there was no way for Ryu Min to save them, as it was a rule of this cursed game, just as the angel had pointed out.

“Why the long faces? You survived, so shouldn’t you be happy?” The angel quirked its head, only to shrug its shoulders a moment later. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter. You all made it, so congratulations. You can go home now.”

At the mention of going ‘home,’ the tension in the air dissipated, replaced by a collective sigh of relief and laughter.

However, the angel still wore a smirk on her lips; They weren’t out of the woods yet.

“I should remind you though, that Round 2 will be much harder. So, you better do better next time. Teehee.”


They had just cleared Round 1, and yet they had to face Round 2 in a month, and no one can escape this reality.

After all, they had suffered, they had only bought themselves a month of time.

As this realization hit them, their faces turned ashen.

The angel barely managed to hide her devilish grin.

“Well, before you go home, shall we take a look at the rankings first?” The angel spread its wings in a courteous manner, and a message box appeared before Ryu Min’s eyes.

★ Round 1 Results ★


└1st place: Black Scythe (Lv5, no job) 00:10:21

└2nd place: Stupid Fools (Lv5, no job) 00:16:15

└3rd place: Heavenly Demon (Lv5, no job) 00:17:07

[Area ESKS45-5]

└1st place: Black Scythe (Lv5, no job) 00:10:21

└2nd place: Life is a Documentary (Lv5, no job) 00:23:55

└3rd place: Black Flame Dragon in the Right Hand (Lv5, no job) 00:24:43

[Black Scythe is currently ranked 1st in both overall and Area ESKS45-5.]

[Rank Reward:

Lowest-tier rare weapon selection ticket (already distributed)

Special reward selection box (already distributed)]

[Clear Reward: 1,000 gold (undistributed)]

[Clear Reward: You have earned 1,000 gold as a clear reward! Congratulations!]

[You can purchase items from the shop with the gold you’ve earned.]

[The shop function will be unlocked when you reach level 10.]

Everyone, not just Ryu Min, is staring at the empty air.

They are all looking at the results together.

“The others probably only received 1,000 gold.”

Ryu Min achieved the top score, which came with a reward, but the others only received gold.

“Now there’s no one who doesn’t know that I’m ranked first place, right?”

Sure enough, people looked at Ryu Min with envy and jealousy.

However, most of them sent looks of reverence for his achievement.

The gap between Ryu Min’s achievement time and second place was overwhelming, so it was even more impressive.

It wasn’t just humans who were surprised.

“To think that the first place in the entire area came from my zone… It’s amazing.”

The angel’s attention was focused on Ryu Min.

“Black Scythe? Answer me.”


“How can you be so strong? Did you get some special runes…?”

The angel stopped talking in the middle of the sentence.

“What a foolish question… I almost revealed something unnecessary.”

It was clearly a mistake.

It was like advertising that she couldn’t see the player’s status window.

Of course, Ryu Min knew that fact through repeated lives.

The angel was secretly flustered.

That’s why Ryu Min decided to tease her a little.

“If you look at my status window, you’ll know what rune I have, right?”

It was a natural question, but the angel was not flustered.

“Then you already know. Did you think I, an angel, wouldn’t know your information? I just asked even though I knew.”

“She’s lying.”

Ryu Min knew that the angel had no right to see the player’s status window.

“She only has the authority to guide and proceed with the game, she can’t know the player’s personal information.”

As he progressed with regression, he surprisingly learned a lot about the angel.

Was that why?


“What, human?”

“Can I make one request?”

“A request?”

Ryu Min was able to make a bold statement.

“I feel like the reward for ranking first is too cheap.”

“What did you say?”

“I wish you had given a better reward.”

Trying to negotiate with an angel, how bold.

People who were watching were surprised by Ryu Min’s daring words.

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