The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMPL Chapter 16: Seo Arin (Part 2)

The bodyguard’s skill was outstanding, to the extent that he caught the goblins really fast

According to rumors, he ranked 153rd in that area.

“But he’s not as good as that guy.”

Seo Arin remembered the scene where a player with the nickname “Black Scythe” massacred the goblins.

“In front of him, the goblins looked pitiful.”

While the bodyguard was good at fighting, compared to Black Scythe, he was nothing more than a child.

However, even Seo Arin, who knew little about these things, could tell that Black Scythe was an overwhelming player, as evidenced by his ranking of first place.

“What kind of person could he be, is he living a normal life in reality…could he be working for a special forces unit?”

If she could team up with such a skilled person, her chances of surviving the second round would improve.

He would be her top choice for a partner, even if she had to pay for it…

“God I was so thirsty, now that I’ve finished, I’ll be on my way.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Bodyguard.”

“Given the current situation, there may not be any scheduled work other than attending funerals for a while. Until then, rest well, and don’t worry about the next round.”

“Okay, I understand.”

The bodyguard put down his wine glass and left the house.

Only Seo Arin remained in the spacious 110-square-meter penthouse.

She felt a chill and couldn’t help but hug herself.

“This time, I was lucky to survive, but can I survive the next round…?”

Feeling uneasy, Seo Arin’s hands trembled.


Time passed and it was now Monday, January 31st.

Ryu Min visited the Nonhyup Bank to collect his fifth consecutive first-place prize.

“Oh, have you come again, lucky customer?” The bank manager’s expression showed surprise, but that was all. With his winnings accumulating from five consecutive lotto wins, Ryu Min had become accustomed to the attention.

“Is it another 100 tickets streak this time?” asked the bank manager.

“Yes,” Ryu Min replied.

“What is your secret?” the bank manager asked.

“I told you last week, I dreamt the numbers,” Ryu Min said.

The bank manager was astonished. “What kind of dream tells you the winning lotto numbers for five consecutive weeks?” he thought.

“Wow, that’s really impressive,” the bank manager said. “I wish I had a dream like that… A-ah! I shouldn’t say that, I’m sorry mister Ryu Min, please follow me from this way.”

The bank manager was embarrassed by his honest admission and quickly led Ryu Min to the lottery team’s office.

“Welcome back, lucky customer,” said the lottery team member, no longer surprised by Ryu Min’s frequent visits.

“The total winnings this time will be less than last time, as the total prize money has decreased by 15% on average.”

With the second round of the game approaching, people were becoming increasingly anxious.

Ryu Min’s VIP account, however, had over 12 billion won.


“Did you collect the prize money?” Ryu Won asked when Ryu Min returned home.

“Yes, it was around 12 billion won this time, not much compared to last time,” Ryu Min replied.

Ryu Won made a disgusted expression.

“Are you going to invest this money in Bitcoin again?” Ryu Won asked.

“Yes, that’s the plan,” Ryu Min said. He had been investing his lotto winnings into Bitcoin, which had resulted in his funds growing to over 150 billion won.

Ryu Won did not try to stop his brother. However, he was worried that he was becoming too complacent and was afraid that something bad might happen if he continued to take risks.

“Let’s go eat lunch,” Ryu Min suggested, trying to change the subject.

The brothers ate lunch and dinner outside before returning home and waiting for midnight.

“The second round is about to begin,” Ryu Min said, lying in bed in his secure bedroom.

“Please come back safely,” Ryu Won said.

“Who do you think I am? I even beat Bang Tae-gyu,” Ryu Min said confidently.

“Still, please be careful,” Ryu Won said.

“Don’t worry, just get some sleep. When you wake up, I’ll be up too,” Ryu Min said, reassuring his brother.

The time had come.

“Let’s go.”

February 1st, just as it struck midnight.


Ryu Min’s body collapsed onto the bed.



When he opened his eyes, Ryu Min found himself in a different location.

He was standing in a clearing surrounded by a forest, a different environment from the meadow of the first round.

“Did I arrive already?”

“It was instantaneous, wasn’t it?”

Survivors from the first round, each with their own nickname floating above their heads, appeared out of nowhere.

“Oh? Isn’t that the guy who ranked first in the previous round?”

“Yeah, Black Scythe, right? He certainly left an impression.”

As rounds progress, a player’s nickname becomes increasingly valuable, whether he liked it or not.

Ryu Min held a steel stiletto in his hand and waited for the others to appear cautiously.

This was Ryu Min’s intention, as he wanted to keep his distance from the others.

Observing his surroundings, Ryu Min recognized several familiar faces.

This was inevitable since the current gathering consisted of the survivors from the previous round who were present in the Ta Jong area.

As expected, Hwang Yongmin and his friends were also present, and their larger builds made them easy to spot.

It wasn’t until approximately five thousand people had gathered in the forest that the angel appeared in the sky, accompanied by a strange voice in everyone’s head.

[Is everyone finally here?]

It wasn’t the angel from the previous round.

“Hey, isn’t that a different angel?”


Of course, it wasn’t the same angel from the first round because Ryu Min had killed her.

Seemingly sensing the unease, the angel spoke.

[The angel who was in charge during the first round had an accident and couldn’t make it. Don’t worry though, humans. I will be the one leading you well from now on. Kikihihi.]

The newly appointed angel’s laughter sounded strange, unlike her beautiful appearance.

[Now that everyone is here, shall we reveal the quest for the second round?]

The angel flapped her wings as everyone stared at her in anticipation.

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