The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 42: Finally We Are Saved

 In 20 minutes, the whole street was cleaned up. The bodies were placed on the main street.

Whatever their numbers or strength they are too far from the 6,000-soldier army.


Fang Lan and the army killed all the enemies who had shown disobedience at the moment.


” Your Majesty, General Fang Lan is a man who has been on the battlefield for many years. We only need to wait here for news.” Qin Lin smiled.


“Well.” Qin Yi nodded slightly, but his heart was still disturbed.


At this moment, the children on both sides of the street huddled together, watching them curiously.


“Uncle, uncle, are you here to stop those bad guys?” a little girl about five or six years old asked with a trembling voice.


” Muji, shut up.” But as soon she finished speaking an older about-ten-year-old boy stopped her.


After that, he raised his head and looked at Qin Yi and others fearfully then he kneeled trembling and bring his head close to the ground.


“Sorry Masters, Muji is a child, please let her go.” The boy was trembling and he was obviously afraid of something.


Compared with the powerful ninjas and the noblemen these people lives are worthless like the ants.


Muji was a child she didn’t know the difference between both sides, she dared to ask.


“What’s your name?” The boy lifted up his head and looked at Qin Yi.


He found a man, a little bit older than him he seemed nice and he has a gentle smile on his face.


At this moment, Qin Yi gave him the feeling that he was like a big brother.


“My name is Tomo.” the boy said.


“Tomo?” Qin Yi was a little surprised.


“Do you have a family? a country?”


Tomo shook his head: “No, my parents died in the war.”


“country… no country will accept people like us.”


“is that right?”


Qin Yi suddenly bent down and patted on Tomo’s head.


“I’m sure this is really hard for you.”


When he heard that, Tomo suddenly burst into tears, These refugees are the hardest situation in the world, especially children like him,  they are people who have been rejected by everyone.


In his entire life, no one ever said a good word to him.


“Thank you, my Lord!”


He said with his eyes filled up with tears.


“I want to build a country here and build a home for everyone.”


“Can you join us? Tomo.” Tomo was shocked again when he heard those words.


He can feel the sincerity of the words of the people in front of him.


Tomo was been suffering from childhood he was able to distinguish between what is false and what is true.


“is what Master said true?” this time Muji said.


Tomo still quiets waiting for the answer from Qin Yi.


These people need faith and country to belong to it!


“Of course, it was true. When I give you my word I’d never lie.” Qin Yi smiled and made Muji happy.


“You don’t need to be afraid. All the soldiers that fight in the front are my soldiers. They’re killing the bad ninjas in this village.”


“I need you to join me in building a good country for all of us.” Qin Yi shouted loudly this time so villagers could hear him.


The poor villagers heard these words and after a while, they were responding and they seemed excited.


They all looked at Qin Yi, but they didn’t speak.


“Tomo greeting the lord!” This time Tomo has really believed him and he was very excited.


“you will soon be able to live a good life.” Qin Yi whispered with a smile.


Although Tomo and Muji were covered in dust and looked terrible they were relieved hearing Qin Yi’s words.


“Qin Lin, Do you have food on you?” Qin Yi said to Qin Lin behind him.


The latter strides forward without hesitation, she took the food form her waist and gave it to Qin Yi.


Qin Yi then gave it to Muji.


“Eat! you haven’t eaten anything for a long time!”


Also, Muji was looking at Qin Yi and didn’t eat it and didn’t thank him and Tomo’s face next was red. Then, Muji was crying.


Qin Yi was stunned for a few seconds but then he held Muji with his arms.


He understood her, she never experienced this kind of touch, this happiness … then that suddenly happened.


“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”


“From now, I promise you, everyone will have a good life.” Qin Yi said slowly.


This is the responsibility of the king he must devote his life to the fulfillment of his promises!


When he saw these two children, it was like when he saw the people in his own city, who were suffering from hunger, this panic, and unsafe…


From now on, these children and all the villagers will be his citizens.


Yang Yi, Gandalf, and Xi Yao also took their foods and had brought it to the children affront them.


After that, Qin Yi and the others continued to move forward.


Tomo and Muji and the children were running excitedly on the streets and shouted.


“King Qin Yi came to save us.”


“from now on, we will be saved.”


“Don’t be afraid, these people are here to save us. They will kill the demons and avenge us.”


The child’s voice spread through the streets, and the villagers felt comfortable when they saw the soldiers everywhere doing patrols.


“are we finally saved?!”