The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 116: Where Is He?

Sitting at the bow of the boat and looking ahead at sea, Ace was stunned when he heard Buggy. Then he turned into a fire and rushed to him.

“Let me see!” Ace glanced at the newspaper.

After a while, he looked up and laughed loudly.

“Ha-ha-ha, your Majesty is mighty. Defeat the Marines and unify the whole grand Line!”

Enel came silently, glanced quietly, and his eyes flashed.

Robin was also curious and came over to read the information in the newspaper.

“Ace, you always laugh! Your Majesty has put the Marines in a pot, and no one will raise your bounty in the future.”

“How can you be the king of pirates!” Buggy shouted.

Everyone on board was stunned. Yes, that’s the truth. The pirates depend on the World Government and the Marines to raise their Bounties and enhance their prestige; you can call it a tradition. Now, the Marine headquarters have become under the rule of their King. How can they be more famous in the future?

“Buggy, it doesn’t really matter if I can’t be the pirate king.”

“well, if His Majesty makes the world better place the place, no problem if I won’t reach my dream.”

With a smile, Ace looked ahead at the vast sea and said.

“Enel set sail, let’s go to Big Mom and wait for your majesty to come!”

“Big Mom?”

Buggy and others were stunned and surprised.

“What do you want to do? That’s one of the Yonko!”

“Your Majesty treated us well; we should give him a gift.”

“and as you said just now that your majesty is so fast if we don’t speed up, I’m afraid we won’t find a decent opponent!” Ace laughed.

“But why is she? That fellow, who is known as Big Mom, is not easy to deal with!”

“Why? Because she’s close!” Ace smiled.

Five days later, news came out of the world.

“The Spades Pirate started a war with Big Mom Pirates and has killed several cadres from all over her fleet!”

“It’s so exciting that King Qin sailed to Kaido’sKaido’s territory. The Spade Pirate, new pirates who have never been known, dared to start a war with the Big Mom, one of the Yonko at this moment!”

“What’s more shocking is that the Spades Pirates still have an advantage at the moment. What a surprise!”

In the new world, whether it is pirates or other people, there is a lot of tales and talks.

The spade pirates who have just entered the new world have unexpected strength, which has frustrated the Big Mom pirates.

“I heard that there are two Logia users and two paramecia users in the Spade Pirate. They are very powerful!”

“And the crew under their command are also elites. Otherwise, it will not be able to cause such tremendous damage to the Big Mom Pirates.”

People talked to each other that the Spade Pirates was on fire in a short time.

Three days later, great news exploded in the new world.

“King Qin’s has arrived at Kaido territory!”

“It’s so exciting; it’s going to be a shocking battle!”

“Who will win, the kingdom that has wreaked havoc on the Marine, or Kaidu the Strongest Creature in the World?”

The new world was boiling, and countless pirates were looking forward to the outcome of this war.

Kaido was sitting, and his commanders stood in front of him!

Kaido looked up and drank a bottle of Sake, then looked to the sky, and suddenly stood up.

“Come on? ‘You’re finally here!”

“I’ve been looking forward to this battle for a long time!”

“No matter what you are looking for, King Qin, I will fight with you!”

“Maybe you’re the one who could kill me!”

“‘let’s go!” Kaido roared and threw the bottle; he was walking out.

The desire for war and fighting were flashing from his eyes.

When he was striding forward, the pirates and beasts along the island were frightened.

“The arrival of King Qin made the captain excited!”

“They’re going to do it!”

People shouted in surprise.

Suddenly, the whole island was in chaos, and everyone was running towards the port.

After a quarter of an hour, the Qin flagship was away 100 meters to the port.

With the arrival of this steel behemoth ship, Beasts Pirates were all nervous.

“Just looking at this ship, you can feel the enormous power of this country!”

“The Qin Kingdom!”

Above the dark steel, there is a unique metallic glow; the missiles around the ship make people frightened.

Just the Generals, officers, and the strong men standing at the bow of the ship made Kaido’s pirates trembling.

“look, that’s the World Destroyer Byrnndi World!”

“And the Giant Sanjuan Wolf”

“Avalo Pizarro!”

“That, that, God, that’s Patrick Redfield!”

“All of them were once the most fierce and vicious, terrible pirates, and criminals; they all surrendered to the Qin Kingdom!”

“What the hell is this going on? Is the world turned crazy?

“this madman who dared to let these furious pirates out.”

The Beasts Pirates were trembling.

“look, this is Magellan, is the warden of Impel Down, he joined them!”

“his Doku Doku no Mi made him as powerful as an admiral!”

“God, how strong is the Qin kingdom?”

They were stunned.

At that moment, a young man in a black dragon robe, was separated from the crowd, came to the front.

With a faint smile on his face, he glanced around and said softly.

“There are four Yonko in the new world. Last time I already saw Shanks.”

After a pause, Qin Yi smiled.


“This time, I came to see Kaido the Beast.”

“where is him?”

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