R.P Chapter 199: Law-abiding citizen?

The people in the waiting room were gradually diffused, Su Xiao, and the strong men confronted each other. ”‘Cleaning the unstable factors planning bureau’? I haven’t heard of it.” Su Xiao felt that these people had no bad intentions, if they come to kill him, it will be impossible for him not to perceive it.

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R.P Chapter 198: Exposed?

Two days later. The arena, in a stone forest. Su Xiao squatted on a stone pillar and looked like an eagle glance around. “East side? You’re good at running.” Jumping from the stone pillars, Su Xiao walked through the stone forest with complex terrain, he escaped stone pillars from time to time. The figure, who

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R.P Chapter 197: Horrifying

Su Xiao had never been here, but he had some understanding of the equipment strengthened hall. In this case, the equipment could be strengthened, but the cost of enhancement was high. In addition to the equipment used by the contractor, the other equipment would not be sold after strengthening. Entering the equipment strengthened hall, it

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R.P Chapter 196: The person that black merchant feared.

Three hours later, Su Xiao left the booth, he had sold the equipment on the booth. Selling the Knight king was completely unexpected, Su Xiao had prepared to accept that the thing could not be sold in several derivative worlds. After selling the equipment, Su Xiao had a huge amount of 65,357 paradise coins. These

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R.P Chapter 195: Um, is it?

Su Xiao had some doubts and immediately thought of who challenged him. He looked at the rankings of the challenged, which was a lot better than him. “Accept the challenge.” The arena was still the original scene, his opponent was still the robot, this time the audience did not scream. “I don’t believe I can’t

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R.P Chapter 194: I don’t accept it, you cheat.

Su Xiao just rushed to the front of the fighting nurse, the blade in his hand had a cold light on it. The fighting nurse just raised the staff in her hand. Snigger. An arm with a staff flew out, there was no blood splashed out under the protection mechanism of the reincarnation paradise. “Ah?”

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R.P Chapter 193: Sport

[The hunter had chosen to participate in the athletic mode: personal fight, you would be transferred into the rest room after three seconds,] Su Xiao appeared in a rest room after his sight became blurred. There were seats, beds and so on in the rest room. The wall in front was a large display screen

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R.P Chapter 192: Mikasa’s ….mind.

The blue light gradually receded, the effect of the lucky flame disappeared, there was an extra pendant in Su Xiao’s hand. [Mikasa’s mind] (highest grade) Origin: Attack on Titan Quality: blue Category: Pendant (jewelry equipment is a rare item) Durability: None. (Jewelry equipment has no durability and no need to repair) Requirement: strength 15 points,

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R.P Chapter 191: Chief’s rebel assault.

Contractor No. 13013. (To protect the hunter, this is a false number, and no means can lock the hunter.) Name: Su Xiao (hunter) Level: LV.7. (level one). Every 10th level is a stage, the level promotion has no attribute bonus. It is the hunter’s authority in the reincarnation paradise, which corresponds to the world difficulty

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R.P Chapter 190: Physical and mental relaxation.

Carl left a tarot card and some information from the ‘Phantom adventurous group’ left. Su Xiao did not touch the tarot card, just picked up the information of the Adventurous Phantom group. There were no such rules for the Adventurous Phantom group. Basically, he could enjoy the adventurous group skills and numbers after joining the

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