A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 2 (Part 2)



Kaiyan persistently hunted goblins afterward.

It wasn’t because of the strange message that appeared in front of his eyes, but rather because there were no monsters other than goblins that Kaiyan could definitely catch with his skills. It was an unavoidable choice.

“Phew… is this the 9th one?”

[Kill Goblins: 9/10]

When Kaiyan checked the message in front of his eyes, the message had changed from 1/10 to 9/10 without him realizing it.

There must be something wrong with his head.

As the strange message still hadn’t disappeared.

“Kaiyan! Watch your back!”

As Kaiyan was contemplating what to do with the message, he heard Jeff’s urgent voice from a short distance away.

As Kaiyan urgently turned around, a goblin was swinging a weapon toward him.



Kaiyan reflexively turned his body away from the weapon, but his leg still got injured by the goblin’s sword, and hot blood flowed down his leg, and it was extremely painful.

“Kreuh…! Where did that sword come from!”


Looking at the hand of the screaming creature, Kaiyan saw that the creature was holding a well-made iron sword rather than the crude daggers that goblins usually use.

Despite twisting his body, Kaiyan couldn’t avoid being struck by the sword. Its attack range was several times longer than that of a dagger.

“A weapon used by soldiers…”

Judging by the condition of the sword, it was clearly a human weapon.

As evidence, the monster’s weapon was covered in green blood.

“Argh…! Did you kill and steal this from a human? You monster bastard, die!”

How dare a monster use a human’s weapon?

As his anger rose, Kaiyan stomped the ground with his uninjured leg and thrust his spear at the creature, but the monster just sneered and raised its sword.


The wooden spear was easily blocked by the monster’s sword. Due to his injuries, Kaiyan wasn’t able to put enough power into his foot, and…




To his surprise, the goblin’s attack cut through the wooden spear with ease.

“Keek keek!”

The goblin laughed at Kaiyan, mocking him.

“Darn, it! I can’t believe I’m being defeated by a monster with a human-made weapon!”

If only Kaiyan had a better weapon or even another wooden spear.

Unfortunately, all Kaiyan have was a broken wooden stick that couldn’t even be called a spear anymore.


The goblin immediately swung its sword at Kaiyan, intending to finish him off.

Kaiyan hastily raised the half-broken wooden stick to block the sword, but considering what just happened, Kaiyan knew that the stick won’t hold up against the sword.


“Kiyag! Kiyayak!”

“What’s going on?”

The goblin suddenly screamed, not because of the half-broken wooden stick that Kaiyan was swinging down towards it, but because of something else.

Kaiyan was confused about what was happening when…

“What are you doing? Kill that monster right now!”

Jeff, who was empty-handed, ran towards Kaiyan and shouted. What was strange was that Jeff’s sword, which he always carried with him, was missing.

“Where did Uncle Jeff put his weapon? Huh?”

Kaiyan looked down and saw Jeff’s sword deeply embedded in the goblin’s leg. Then, Kaiyan realized what was going on.  Jeff had thrown his only sword at the goblin to save his life.

“Gruuup! Haaaap!”

KAIYAN couldn’t miss this hard-won opportunity, so Kaiyan ignored the pain in his leg and stood up with all his might, stretching the wooden stick towards the monster’s face.



The wooden stick pierced the monster’s eye with a sickening sound.

Even though the spear was cut by the sword, its edge is not blunt.

Using the jagged edge of the wooden spear, Kaiyan forced it into the mouth of the weak goblin with all his strength, thinking that if he didn’t kill it now, it would kill him.

“Die, you bastard!”


[Goblin elimination 10/10] [Completed]

-The reward will be sent to the inventory.

As the agonizing goblin finally spat out blood and collapsed onto the ground, a strange sound was heard again in his ear.

‘Inventory? What…?’

As Kaiyan said “inventory” in his mind, a transparent square box suddenly appeared in front of me.

It was a small box the size of two fists.

As Kaiyan looked at the box, he remembered what happened before and felt an inexplicable emotion in his head.



Jeff called Kaiyan as he ran over.

His vivid expression.

The sound of the earth being pounded on the battlefield.

The pungent smell of goblin blood.

“Ha…! Are you okay?”

And when Kaiyan heard Jeff’s rough voice, which had just sounded in his ear, right beside him, he was sure.

‘…This is real.’

His instincts spoke through his head, telling Kaiyan that everything he had thought was a hallucination so far was a fact.

And his mind became instantly complicated by this realization.

‘…What on earth happened to me?’

One thing was certain.

If everything Kaiyan had thought was hallucinations and delusions until now is true…


A word with a strange pronunciation that Kaiyan had never heard before in his life.

Pieces of memories that Kaiyan didn’t even remember from yesterday.

‘Awakened as a player…?’

Kaiyan awakened as a player.

Kaiyan became something else.

A strange feeling permeated his entire body.


“Hey, Kaiyan! Are you okay? You…seeing your wounds, we should retreat right away!”

As Jeff cautiously touched his wounds, Kaiyan continued to stare blankly at the box in front of me.

There was no evidence, but Kaiyan instinctively knew.

This weird box was something that would make Kaiyan strong.

“Kaiyan! Snap out of it!”

When Kaiyan looked at Jeff shouting, he seemed to think that Kaiyan had been driven mad by the madness of the battlefield.

It was true that Kaiyan felt a little strange, but he was perfectly fine.




Just as Kaiyan was about to call Jeff, he was slapped…

“Look at me! Look over here!”


Before Kaiyan could even scream in pain, a thick hand flew at Kaiyan again and started relentlessly hitting both of his cheeks.


“Are you okay?”

“…Please stop hitting me. I’ll die.”

Desperate to avoid getting hit again and thinking he might die, Kaiyan called out to Jeff, and he lowered the hand that he had just raised and asked with a worried expression.


“Except for the fact that my cheeks hurt so much.”

Kaiyan’s mind, which had been slightly addled by the pain, suddenly became clear. Should he be grateful for this?

“Oh… this is a battlefield. That’s not important right now.”

Thanks to Jeff, Kaiyan remembered where he was. This was a battlefield where fierce battles with monsters were taking place. Realizing this, Kaiyan also realized that he was stupidly lying on the battlefield.

“Get up… ack!”

While Kaiyan had completely regained his senses, at the same time he felt a terrible pain in his legs.

Without realizing it, Kaiyan slumped to the ground in the same motion as when he stood up, spitting out saliva.

“Kaiyan! Are you really okay?”

As Kaiyan fell to the ground again with a pained expression, Jeff hurriedly propped Kaiyan up with one arm.

“…I’m okay. What about you, sir? What will you do if you throw away your sword?”

Kaiyan was curious about the square box swaying in front of him, but right now he had to calm Jeff down, so he turned his gaze to him.

“This guy! He almost died and he’s still talking big!”

“…Thank you. But what will you do with only one sword? You almost died because of me.”

Did he save his life? Of course, his grateful. Kaiyan was so touched that he almost cried.

However, Kaiyan can’t understand why Jeff risked his life to save me. If a monster had attacked us at that moment, what would have happened?

“I could have put you in danger because of me.”

Thankfully, that didn’t happen, but if it did, it would have been a really dangerous situation. Fighting monsters on the battlefield without a weapon is suicide.

“…My life isn’t that important compared to yours.”

“Well, of course, you’re much more important than an old man like me, who has fewer days ahead than you do.!”


“You… are the only member of my unit, so this old man has to take care of you.”

Jeff said it as if it were obvious.

Kaiyan looked at him for a moment, forgetting about the pain in his leg.

“Uncle Jeff …”

Kaiyan, at this time, met the first real responsible adult on the battlefield.

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