A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 21 (Part 2)

“Great! Let’s keep going like this! Pierce Through!”



As his sword pierced through the tough monster’s skin, effortlessly penetrating its vital points, the senior knight swiftly leaped towards the startled creature.

“Well done!”

Whenever Kaiyan attracted the monster’s attention, the knight finished it off. While the knight he had teamed up with yesterday had excellent coordination, the combination of the senior knight and Kaiyan was truly extraordinary.

By dealing with monsters in such a manner, they had already taken down dozens of them. Compared to other knights, they were capturing a significantly higher number of monsters at a much faster pace.

“Hehe, aren’t you getting tired? You’re overflowing with energy, perhaps because of your youth.”

The senior knight, who continuously unleashed Aura, gradually slowed down his speed as he spoke, appearing slightly exhausted.

“…He’s doing his best to survive.”

Those unfamiliar with the concept of leveling up wouldn’t comprehend Kaiyan’s abundant stamina. Even though the knight had limitations on Aura usage, on the battlefield, Kaiyan knew no bounds.

‘However… what kind of experience points would he gain if he were to defeat a knight?’

Observing the powerful knight by his side, Kaiyan suddenly pondered that question. It wasn’t a declaration of intent to kill a knight, but rather curiosity about the varying experience points obtained from a knight stronger than a monster.

‘With this senior knight’s skill, he could easily defeat an ogre.’

In a situation where it was still challenging to handle a medium-sized monster one-on-one, a knight stronger than large monsters. Assuming his power was significantly higher than even large monsters, what level of power had the old knight reached?

‘…But such thoughts are pointless. Let’s focus on defeating monsters.’

Banishing such thoughts from his mind, Kaiyan scanned the area for the next monster to face. However, the senior knight paused with a slightly troubled expression.

“Oh no… I thought it would be easier this time.”

“Why is that?”

“I have a feeling this monster wave won’t be easy. Look over there.”


The senior knight pointed in a direction.


A thunderous roar echoed across the plains, as if mocking minotaurs and ogres. Merely hearing it evoked a deep-rooted sense of fear.

“A basilisk?”

The source of the roar was the spot the senior knight indicated.

There stood an enormous serpent, or more precisely, a serpent with four legs.

‘How can such a massive creature…’

Kaiyan doubted his own eyes as he beheld it.

It was undeniably gigantic, to the point where ogres and minotaurs would appear like infants. Yet, during their journey here, he hadn’t spotted such a creature from a distance, which seemed odd.

“Hmm… that creature primarily dwells underground. It must have emerged from the ground just now.”

“Truly… it’s terrifying.”

To possess such a massive size and dwell underground, only to emerge suddenly in surprise attacks. While Kaiyan and the senior knight engaged in conversation, the emergency troops were already in a state of high alert. Just by swaying its massive tail, the creature was sweeping away hundreds of soldiers.

Although it seemed that the combat mages and knights from the central army were making efforts to defeat the basilisk… it didn’t look easy.

“Shouldn’t we order the soldiers to retreat? At this rate…”

The creature barely felt the impact of the spectacular spells from the mages. What use could ordinary soldiers be against such a creature?

‘No, even if it’s not an issue, is it possible for an ordinary soldier to withstand the basilisk’s roar? Even I, who possesses Aura, can’t help but shudder. What about the soldiers who heard the roar up close?’

‘It’s definitely not a fear that ordinary soldiers can withstand… They need to retreat.’

“That’s a decision for the commander to make. Besides, we already anticipated the presence of a giant-sized monster. We just didn’t predict the basilisk emerging from the ground.”


To think that the vicious creature would appear.

“Hmm… We can watch for a moment. Come over here.”

“Ah, okay.”

The Senior knight stepped on the corpse of the minotaur he had just killed and gestured for Kaiyan to follow him.

As they ascended on top of the corpse, they had a clearer view of the basilisk and the central army.

“Do you know about the Elite Corps?”

“The Elite Corps… I’ve never heard of such a unit.”

“Hehe, it’s hard for someone your age to know. It’s not something that happens frequently. Just wait, and you’ll see the Elite Corps taking down that creature.”

At that moment, the movements of the central army, which had been under one-sided attack, changed. They forcibly broke their formation, creating a path.

“W-What! Why are they doing that? The collapse of the formation will only increase the casualties!”

There was more than just the basilisk on the battlefield. The central army had to face other monsters simultaneously. Yet, they were destroying their formation.

‘…What foolishness!’

Kaiyan wanted to stop the central army’s foolish actions immediately. They were abandoning their advantages and foolishly engaging the monsters one-on-one.

However, the old knight nodded as if it was only natural and clicked his tongue.

“Tsk, it’s an unavoidable sacrifice. They’re breaking formation to create a path for the Elite Corps. It’s an inevitable task to confront giant-sized monsters.”

Anger surged within Kaiyan, clutching the last strand of rationality. He spoke to the senior knight, trying to suppress his anger, and the senior knight widened his eyes in surprise, then smiled and patted Kaiyan’s shoulder.

“Calm down. It’s a reasonably sensible choice. What do you think will happen if that basilisk there starts to move in earnest? The casualties will increase at least several times more than now.”


“The only ones who can defeat that creature right now are the Elite Corps. Opening a path for them, even at the cost of some damage, is the best course of action.”


He couldn’t help but feel frustrated as he couldn’t refute his words.

While that enormous creature was sluggishly moving, hundreds of soldiers were dying. What would happen if it went on a rampage in earnest? Thousands, even millions, would perish.

‘The Elite Corps…’

Kaiyan understood in his head that if there was a way to stop the creature, even if it meant some sacrifice, it had to be done. But emotionally, he couldn’t bear seeing soldiers dying in vain.

“Hehe, quite an interesting friend. I haven’t been this excited in a while.”


“Oh, it’s nothing.”

As Kaiyan stared at the central army, he couldn’t help but feel a creepy sensation when he looked at the senior knight, who, as if finding something amusing, waved his hand as if it meant nothing.

However, his smile and the crescents formed by his eyes resembled the expression of a child who had discovered an interesting toy.

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