A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 27 (Part 1)

As Kaiyan stopped in his tracks and opened the Shop, searching for items that could be helpful in the current situation, the old knight who had been observing him silently stepped forward, wielding his sword to fend off the monsters approaching.

“A specific item that can locate someone…”

Kaiyan quickly scrolled through the list on the Shop window. Time was pressing, and he needed to find what he was looking for carefully.

There were many intriguing items on the list, such as martial arts techniques, sword manuals, archery manuals, spear techniques, and more, but that wasn’t his current objective.

An item that could detect hidden monsters.


…/Cooking utensils/Plants/Toys

“It’s not here… No, it might be here, but I have no idea where to look.”

Contrary to his expectations, after searching through the list for a long time, he ended up feeling disappointed with what he found.

Finding the necessary items within a short period of time turned out to be more challenging than he thought, especially for someone who didn’t understand the game like him.

“Are you done yet? You should start moving soon.”

“Ah, yes. I’m done now. Just a moment…”

The old knight readily agreed to Kaiyan’s unreasonable request.

In hindsight, what Kaiyan did was truly reckless. If it had been any other knight, they would have disregarded him and struck him down without a word.

It was only possible because the old knight saw him in a favorable light.

“The Shop… Sigh. What a joke to find toys.”


In his mind, Kaiyan casually mentioned “toys,” and the detailed toy list appeared.

He couldn’t help but feel perplexed when he saw that list.

“…Toys have different grades too?”

Toys were items children played with. But even among toys, there were different grades.

“Well, since time is running out, it doesn’t matter… Show him the low-grade toys. Just in case.”

With a mindset of “whatever happens, happens,” he opened the list of low-grade toys, not expecting much.

Though truth be told, he had already given up when he opened the toy list.

[Low Grade: Who’s telling a lie?, Throw it far away! Wanna fly high?…]


Indeed, the names were as playful as toys.

The names were so interesting that if he had more time, he would have liked to press each one and see their effects.


That’s as far as it goes. It was foolish of him to expect the functionality he was looking for from a toy.

Just as he was about to close the window, feeling disappointed…

[Low Grade: Where are you?!]

The name itself gave a sense of desperately searching for someone.

“Where are you? Show yourself.”

Just like when the old knight looked at him with an indescribable sense of unease, this time too, Kaiyan had a gut feeling that this item, not a toy, would be helpful.

Although he had no evidence, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out based on instinct.

[Where are you?!: Command the toy to (Use) and state the characteristics of the person you want to find. Operating within a range of 1 km, when the toy locates the target, the spotlight function activates to its maximum extent.] [30G]

“I found it?”

The description of the toy had a functionality similar to what he desired.

“I… I did it.”

A sense of relief washed over Kaiyan as he realized he had found the item he wanted.

Of course, he never thought he would find such functionality in a toy.

“What’s the spotlight function anyway? Well, that doesn’t matter.”

The important thing now was that the toy would help him locate the target.

“Now, what’s left… Please be enough! Available G!”

[Available G: 36G]

Perhaps his earnest wish had been answered. The available G barely exceeded 30G.

From having 0G due to the purchase of the sword manuals, his G had changed to 36G through monster hunting today. If he hadn’t been diligent in early hunting, he wouldn’t have been able to buy the item even after finding it.

” Purchase the item ‘Where are you?’.”

He opened the storage and took out the newly purchased “Where are you?” toy.

The toy was small, about the size of half a palm, and had a round shape. It was so perfectly round that he wondered how it was made.


“I’m done. Thank you, Sir Knight. Let’s go now.”

“Hmm. Yes, we should.”

“We need to go deeper.”

Unfortunately, he couldn’t use the toy right away. A range of 1 km was quite wide, but the battlefield was much larger than that.

If he had more G, he could buy multiple toys and use them, but he only had 6G left.

“I have to get closer in one go!”


He fiercely struck down with his sword, cutting through the monster’s flesh.

In the past, he would have carefully dealt with the monsters to manage his stamina, but now he faced a crucial crossroad: whether the allied forces would retreat to the 2nd checkpoint or not.

“I don’t have time to spare on stamina!”

Managing stamina on the battlefield is truly important. He needs stamina to kill the enemy and survive. But even more crucial than that is saving his allies.

“Hehe, looks like someone isn’t taking good care of their stamina. Suddenly, bursting with energy!”

“I’ll be satisfied as long as I can help the central forces, even a little, I have to capture the Orc Lord.”

He knew he couldn’t do it alone, so he sought the assistance of the seasoned knight.

The knight had made it clear that the Orc Lord’s combat power was pathetic, so locating him wouldn’t be a problem if they tried.



The knight led the charge, relentlessly carving a path forward. With support from allied knights and soldiers on both sides, they pressed on without pause.

When they finally closed the distance to the Orc Legion, they came to a halt.

“…About 100 meters. Just right!”

The Orc Legion was a mere 100 meters away—not too close, yet not too far.

It was the perfect distance to utilize the item with a range limit of 1 km.

“Sir Knight.”

“Hmm? What’s on your mind?”

“If… I manage to locate the Orc Lord, can you handle him?”

Before using the item, he needed confirmation. Changing his word later would render all his efforts in vain.

“Well, I’m not sure why you’re asking, but if Tarien approves, I can lead the knights and take care of it. Once we break through and slay the Orc Lord, the rest of the orcs will scatter.”

That was the answer he had hoped for. Given Tarien’s obsession with his succession, he would surely accept the proposal.

Capturing and dealing with the Orc Lord was a task beyond the capabilities of the Central Knights and even the mages. If they managed to capture him, it would be a significant accomplishment.

“Ahem… Sir Knight.”

“Why so serious?”

Now, he had to explain how the toy worked.

“I have an item, it’s a family heirloom of sorts… Although it’s a one-time use item, I believe it can help us locate the Orc Lord.”

In an instant, the toy transformed into an heirloom from his family.

He couldn’t reveal that it was a toy he had bought from the player’s Shop, so he resorted to a lie.

It was an unavoidable situation. Even if he mentioned it was a toy, no one would believe it, regardless of its guaranteed functionality.

“Is that true? Well… it’s truly astonishing to think such an item exists. Moreover, if it’s one-time use, it means it can only be utilized once… Are you sure you want to use such an item?”

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