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A.S.S Chapter 7 (part 1): Season 1 Preparation

The magical stone spat out by the fierce dog monster that appeared at the Sunshine Nursery was sold for 2 million won, excluding taxes. This wasn’t because Jong-won sold it; it was the price set by the government. Currently, magical stones, or to be more precise, Whitestones, are managed at the national level. They must be sold to the government, which controls their quantity and distribution. Almost all countries have adopted this system.

Anyway, Hyun-seok was surprised to learn that a mere fist-sized rock could fetch 2 million won.

“I made 2 million won in 30 minutes.”

“Well, that’s because we took our time catching it as safely as possible. If we had gone all out, we could have caught it in 10 minutes.”

Hyun-seok smirked. Although the statement wasn’t exaggerated, he could sense that the guy was trying to highlight the good points of being a Slayer and lure him into becoming one.

“But you’ll only get about 300,000 won per person, right?”

“I get a bonus on top of my fixed salary, so it’s fine. I work for 30 minutes and get an extra 300,000 won. Plus, I’m guaranteed to do activities outside of the guild, so it’s practically the best in terms of freedom.”

“Okay, I get it. I’m just out of work.”

“Hey, how about practicing controlling your strength? It would be a shame if you couldn’t use it in an emergency situation because you couldn’t control it.”

“I’ve been practicing already. It’s not going very well, though.”

He wasn’t obsessed with practicing to the point of risking his life, but he had been practicing controlling his strength. Nevertheless, it seemed like it would take some more time to fully control his immense physical abilities.

“Okay then. If I come across any items that suit you, I’ll bring them to you.”

“Items that suit me?”

“You know, like martial arts or fighting skills.”

“Leave it. If I learned martial arts with my strength and accidentally hit someone or something really hard, how would I handle it?”

“I see…”

When hunting monsters, rare items would occasionally drop. They weren’t anything like a legendary martial arts manual, but they had some effect. However, even if it was the same punch, the destructive power of a person with 100 strength and a person with 10 strength would inevitably be different. In other words, Hyun-seok was someone with 100 strength, and even if he swung his fist carelessly, it was incredibly powerful.

“If that guy Hyun-seok just punched properly, he could easily take down most monsters.”

Jong-won desperately wanted to recruit Hyun-seok into the Slayer world. He had a vague idea that Hyun-seok’s stats would make him a storm in the Slayer world. He was just disappointed that he didn’t have the will to do it himself.

And three more months passed. The seasons had gone past autumn and were now heading towards winter, and Hyun-seok had become more familiar with handling his strength.

It wasn’t that he was particularly hunting monsters, but he was trying to live his daily life by unfolding a combat field inside his house. (Currently, Hyun-seok’s combat field opening skill level is level 7, and a detailed explanation of this will be given later.) After the incident at the Hae-tal Daycare Center, he had been practicing quite hard. He didn’t want to feel unjustified for having strength but not being able to use it properly, as Jong-won had said. The good thing was that he had naturally become distant from women as he focused on this activity.

He had pursued women not because he liked them, but because he felt empty inside, and didn’t like the feeling of waking up with no one beside him. But now, he had naturally distanced himself from those things. Thanks to this, his stamina stat continued to rise, and he had reached 50 points.

“Great. Now even chopstick movements have become natural.”

Even the chopstick movements that required quite meticulous control had become natural. He was inwardly satisfied and smiling happily when the phone rang.

Hyun-seok exclaimed in disbelief, “What nonsense are you talking about!”


 Hyun-seok has a younger sister who is much younger than him. The age difference is a whopping 11 years. So, it’s no exaggeration to say that when they were younger, Hyun-seok practically raised her on his back. Her name is Yoo Min-seo. She’s always been hardworking and diligent since she was young, and she’s also polite and well-behaved, so Min-seo grew up receiving plenty of love from her family and those around her. She’s currently a second-year high school student and will have to start preparing for college entrance exams next year.

Hyun-seok went down to his hometown in Wonju, Gangwon Province, to spend the weekend.

He holds a somewhat unique position in his household. Hyun-seok has become the head of the household since his parents, who have always been innocent and kind, have become even more gentle with age. Since the age of 26, Hyun-seok has made most of the major decisions, and his parents have respected his decisions. Of course, he has never shown an overbearing or arrogant attitude, telling his parents what to do or not to do, but he could be considered the head of the household. Especially when it comes to issues related to Min-seo, Hyun-seok wields much greater influence than his parents.

“No. Even if Mom and Dad keep pestering you…what if you give me permission? I am a senior in high school now.”

Min-seo raised her voice a little.

“But even middle school students often participate in slayer activities!”

Min-seo wanted to scream, “You don’t even know!” but she held back. She was very upset. She thought her brother would be happy for her, but instead, he was just angry. It was more of a feeling of being hurt than anger, and ironically, he was angry because he was hurt.

“That’s what they say. Listen carefully. You can’t do anything that dangerous. Never.”

“Supporting slayers make much more money than regular slayers.”

“You’ll earn much more than regular slayers if you study hard and get into a big company.”

Currently, the average income of a slayer is about 2 million won. In fact, the statistics are not accurate because this statistic is the arithmetic mean of the income of “active” slayers and “inactive” slayers. That alone can be a fatal flaw.

Not only that, but the statistics that have been released only take into account the “fixed salary” received within the guild. It can also be said that there are flaws in the statistics.

Even just looking at the members, they earn a pure fixed salary of over 3 million won per month, excluding performance bonuses. And every time they hunt monsters, they receive quite a bit of performance bonuses. Additionally, the income earned from establishing temporary guilds and slaughtering separately within IUET is separate.

“Even if I hunt the bare minimum, I’ll easily make over 500,000 won per month.”

She may not know it, but she is probably making well over 500,000 won per month. However, regardless of that, externally, the statistics show that it is around 2 million won, so it was not a lie.

“I clearly said no.”

“Mom and Dad approved it too!”

Min-seo, who became upset, eventually had tears in her eyes. She loved being a Slayer after awakening, and she was even in the support branch. She was in a special branch that provided battlefields and recovery fields while having a skill called Restore.

The number of support Slayers is clearly lower than that of regular Slayers. It is known that they have the power to restore broken inanimate objects within the battlefield to their state before the battlefield unfolded, but they must be present in that place from the beginning to the end of the battlefield to perform the restoration.

That’s why Hyun-seok was against it. Once you enter the battlefield, the monsters will prioritize attacking the people within the battlefield. It is still unclear how aggro works, but it is known that sometimes even support Slayers are attacked unexpectedly.

“That’s because Mom and Dad don’t really understand. Do they even know how dangerous it is? The situation is already becoming worse with monsters getting stronger and stronger. Even elite Slayers are hunting and working hard because there is no data on unknown new monsters. You’re just going to jump into that kind of danger just to make a few million won? Study hard and get a stable, comfortable, and good job. That’s my sincere advice as your older brother and a senior in society.”

“I hate it! I hate it! I’m going to do it anyway!”

Min-seo eventually burst into tears and ran to her room. Hyun-seok let out a deep sigh. Their father, Seg-won, who had been dozing off while watching their behavior, also let out a sigh.

“Why do you oppose what our daughter wants to do so much…?” Seg-won asked.

“I’ve seen a monster of the Mastiff family before. It’s completely different from a regular dog, and the strength is incredible.”

Hyun-seok decided to exaggerate a little.

“It’s huge, too. A child like Min-seo could swallow it whole and still have leftovers. You won’t know until you see it in person. It’s really dangerous. There are plenty of good things to do, so why bother risking it? Mom and Dad, at least leave this problem to me. I’ll make sure she can never do it.”

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