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A.S.S Chapter 11 (part 2): Season 1 Preparation

<Skill Window>

1. Open Battle Field (active) – lv. 7

– Opens the battlefield. Unleashes the slayer’s latent abilities and expands the field.

– Duration: 20 minutes and 28 seconds

– Activation requirement: None (requires intelligence stat of 100 or higher)

– ?

Iron Fist (passive) – lv. 1

A skilled punch based on strong power and stamina. Increases attack power by 5% and reduces stamina consumption.

Open Battle Field was the first skill Hyun-seok acquired when he entered the easy mode. At that time, it was level 1, but now it’s level 7. Hyun-seok doesn’t know how he was able to slowly level up, but his intelligence stat exceeded 100, and he quickly rose to level 7, with a new sentence appearing next to a question mark.

It read, “Activation requirement: None (requires intelligence stat of 100 or higher),” which meant that once his intelligence stat exceeded 100, he could unleash the battlefield whenever he wanted, even without monsters. Only Min-seo and Jong-won knew about this fact.

“Of course, I’m not sure if this applies to all Slayers equally…”

There’s no guarantee that the same rules apply to all Slayers, but there’s still a chance.

“Since there are still question marks next to some skills… I think they might only appear when you enter Normal Mode…”

Regardless, Hyun-seok had acquired a new passive skill. He wasn’t sure if it was a good thing, but he decided to take pride in the fact that it was the first skill he had acquired through repeated practice.

As he walked, Hyun-seok asked, “Min-seo, have you leveled up your skills a lot too?”

“Yeah. My Restore is at level 3 now, and Battlefield Opening is at level 4.”

Min-seo was able to use Restore three times a day and Battlefield Opening about seven times a day. Min-seo and Jong-won had come up with a plausible explanation for this.

The stat screen explains that every point in Strength increases H/P by 10 points.

However, no one knows the exact number for H/P. They can only guess that H/P will increase as Strength increases. The same goes for M/P. This was probably a characteristic of Easy Mode. If they eventually progressed to Normal Mode or higher, they expected that specific numbers would appear somewhere.

Hyun-seok expected that the part of his skill screen marked with “-?” probably indicated the amount of MP required. In the game world, as one becomes more skilled, they maintain control through tiny differences in reach and subtle energy (or resource) management.

Slaying is expected to show specific numerical values in the future, just like everything else in the game world. Hyun-seok thought that through these numbers, he could engage in even more sophisticated slaying, and not just him, but others thought so too. It was a mere assumption, but still.

“Why did you suddenly get a skill?”

“I got one too. It’s called Iron Fist… doesn’t look that great though.”

“Congratulations, oppa.”

Min-seo giggled. Hyun-seok ruffled her hair a couple of times, finding his younger sister, who was over 10 years younger, adorable. At that moment, Jong-won shouted.


Reflexively, Hyun-seok and Min-seo stopped walking. Jong-won looked puzzled.

“What’s that?”

The space was warping. It was a phenomenon that occurred when monsters appeared, but this time the size was too big.

“It’s not even a monster spawning area… I’ve never seen space ripple like this before.”

They had already confirmed on the internet that a large elephant monster was regenerating. Even then, it wasn’t this big. At least a radius of 5 meters. The space was warping vertically more than 10 meters. It felt like a small building was writhing in front of their eyes.

Hyun-seok spoke.

“Let’s retreat for now.”

Jong-won nodded his head. They had never seen such a huge warp before. To create such a huge warp, it felt like a whale monster was needed at the very least.

Before the monsters appeared, Hyun-seok and his team decided that avoiding the area would be the safest option, so they cautiously moved away.


In terms of short-term results, Hyun-seok’s decision was correct.

*Shock! Over 120 domestic Slayers missing at the same time!

“I’m currently here. In front of the entrance of this place, which is called a dungeon among people. Slayers who entered to explore this suddenly appearing place have gone missing…”

The flickering phenomenon that Hyun-seok and his team had discovered was not the regenerating phenomenon of monsters. It was a phenomenon where a certain building appeared, which was called a dungeon among people. The place where Hyun-seok and his team were at that time at a small mountain called Baekryeonsan in Seoul, and a dungeon appeared at the entrance of the mountain.

Not only there but also about 10 dungeons were discovered nationwide, and it became a social issue as all the Slayers who entered to explore them disappeared. Among them, the I’UET guild was also included. About six people, including the deputy commander Park Sung-hyung, went to explore the dungeon. Among them, a Slayer named Lee Myung-hoon, who was close to Jong-won, was included, so Jong-won’s expression was not bright.

Hyun-seok breathed a sigh of relief. Although he had tremendous power that was not suitable for Easy Mode, no one knew what was happening in the dungeon or what had happened.

About 30 people formed a rescue team and went in to rescue, but they also went missing. At this point, it was impossible to enter the dungeon recklessly and attempt to rescue.

“It’s really fortunate that I didn’t take you to such a place.”

Hyun-seok stroked Min-seo’s hair a few times.

“Do you understand now? How dangerous slaying is?”


Min-seo seemed a little tense. It had been almost 7 days since the Slayers went missing. Maybe everyone had died. The sound of weeping from the families of the missing had been on TV every day.

“But I still want to do it, oppa.”

Hyun-seok thought it would be difficult to break Min-seo’s stubbornness, so he sighed and stood up. At that moment, breaking news came on the TV.

I’UET miraculously survived!

Three members were under the command of I’UET’s deputy director, Park Seonghyeong. They miraculously returned!

Miracle survival! I’UET!

Meanwhile, good news came in. The guild members of I’UET who had gone on a dungeon exploration had escaped from the dungeon. Their faces on TV looked tired and they seemed like they could collapse at any moment. Lee Myung-hoon, who was close to Jong-won, collapsed on the spot and was taken away in an ambulance. It was a moment before everyone was about to collapse, but no one opened their mouths about what had happened. They just left quickly, saying they would refuse interviews for a while to recover.

Two days later, through Hanjae Foundation, the details of what happened in the dungeon, how they escaped, and what else happened were officially announced. It was not only a great help to Hanjae Foundation’s status and image, but also made I’UET even more famous. The survival was a survival, but the achievement was great.

The most noticeable achievement was the massive acquisition of Green Stone.

“Did you hear? Those I’UET guys earned over 3 billion won in no time.”


“They got as many as 30 Green Stones at once. It’s no joke.”

“Wow… then that’s 30 billion…?”

30 billion won is a huge amount of money for ordinary civilians. Considering that the price of Green Stone was set relatively low, it could be valued at a huge amount, even up to 60 billion won. However, due to the unfortunate news of two deaths – and strangely enough, the issue of Green Stone’s price was not widely covered in major media outlets – the issue did not receive much attention.

“Still, three people died?”

“Actually, two people died. It seems that six people went in and four came out alive.”

“I guess I’UET is really amazing. But other people should come back too…”

With the miraculous news of I’UET’s survival, people held onto hope that other Slayers could return as well. However, the news of survival was just the beginning.

Jong-won spoke up.

“The important thing is that it’s not over yet.”


“This is I’UET’s secret, but I’m telling you because you’re you. Min-seo, come and listen too.”

Jong-won lowered his voice and began to tell the story.

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