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A.S.S Chapter 2 (part 2): Season 1: Preparation

<Recover Stamina>

Currently, Yoo Hyun-seok has the lowest stamina among the slayers. As his highest stat, Intelligence is below 12, which is 50% of 24, significant penalties are being applied. Stamina is not a direct combat ability, but it is an incredibly important stat that affects all other abilities, so the continuous investment is necessary.

Minimum required stamina: 12

“How do I recover stamina?”

But the problem is, he doesn’t know how to recover stamina. Looking at the stat window, there is something called residual stat points, and it seems like he can gain stat points by leveling up and defeating monsters like in a game. But this is reality. There are no monsters here!

At least for about a month, he thought that way.

One month later.

As he became familiar with the tutorial mode, the world changed. Creatures that had not existed on Earth before began to appear, and it was revealed that these creatures harbored significant animosity toward humans. Unlike typical animals, these creatures had their names displayed in white above their heads, and things like the h/p bar in the game were also present. Even when seen with the naked eye or captured in a photo or video, it was the same.

Damage was being inflicted all over the world. While giant creatures like Godzilla or King Kong did not appear, monsters in the form of mosquitoes, dogs, cats, etc. began to flap their wings, and people began to lose their lives. For creatures like mosquitoes or insects, regular people were able to deal with them adequately. Even if they had a name like “mosquito” displayed above them and an h/p bar, they were not tremendously strong. They were just mosquitoes. They could be killed with one hit by a regular person.

However, when it came to dogs, the story was different. Even small breeds had the power to kill a young child. In fact, a large dog in South America killed seven adult men and was put down by the police.

These were not ordinary creatures. People called them “monsters.” Countries around the world made every effort to prevent damage caused by monsters. Personally, people sought ways to prepare for the worst. In Korea, where gun ownership is prohibited, stun guns are sold like hotcakes. No one knew when a crazed dog might suddenly appear and attack.

Fortunately, the immediate danger posed by monsters was not very high. According to statistical data, one monster appeared for every one person in the population, and the proportion of threatening monsters was only about 0.001 percent.

In particular, in South Korea, small monsters such as mosquitoes, flies, and midges were prevalent. These monsters did not have much attack power, even children could kill them.

Statistically speaking, it meant that one in 100,000 people would encounter a threatening monster. Although it was only 0.001 percent, it was not such a small number. Roughly speaking, in Korea, which has a population of 50 million, it meant that about 500 people would encounter a threatening monster by probability.

Therefore, news of monster sightings was not uncommon.

“A Jindo dog monster appeared in Muan County, South Jeolla Province, injuring two people. The injured were Lee Won-gyun, 62, and Kim Dong-gyun, 56, who were attacked by a Jindo dog that suddenly appeared on their way home. Fortunately, 26-year-old Park Yu-seok, who had a stun gun, bravely saved them…”

Monster response teams began to emerge. While Korea had not yet seen any real dangerous monster sightings, large monsters like bears had appeared in the United States and Canada. The country established response organizations at the national level and declared restricted access zones.

“Korea is always behind.”

Hyun-seok furrowed his brow slightly and turned off the news. Although he personally made preparations and there were no powerful monsters yet, no one knew when they might appear. Other advanced countries had already established national-level preparations…

In any case, Korea had not established any new equipment because no powerful monsters had appeared yet.

“But stronger ones will definitely show up.”

Hyun-seok was certain. It wasn’t a guess, it was a conviction. He swung his electric fly swatter fiercely.

Tap! Tap!

It seemed like something had been caught. Judging by the way his body was itching, it was probably a mosquito. He looked at the fly swatter and saw that it had indeed caught a mosquito. But it wasn’t just any mosquito.

“Lucky me.”

[You have defeated the lowest-ranked monster, mosquito. 3/100]

He caught mosquito after mosquito. In addition to mosquitoes, he also caught a mayfly. He heard a notification sound.

[You have defeated the lowest-ranked monster, mayfly. 100/100]

[You have completed the quest to defeat 100 monsters. You will receive 1 stat point as a quest reward.]

[Your agility has increased by 1 due to the current application of the mosquito slayer title.]

[The current application of the Mayfly slayer title and the mosquito slayer title does not occur simultaneously. The stat increase effect from the mayfly slayer title is nullified.]

He was currently in the middle of a quest. It was a tutorial mode quest that gave 1 stat point for every 100 monsters defeated. Currently, according to the recommendation of the tutorial system, he was investing all of his stamina points, and he had caught exactly 399 mosquitoes so far. So Hyun-seok had cleared this quest twice and was starting it again. It hadn’t even been a day. To be precise, it took about 2 hours. If he just went up the mountain behind him, there were swarms of gnats waiting for him.

Among them, the hunting itself took less than 10 minutes. The rest of the time was spent getting to the back of the mountain and buying the electric fly swatter. Fortunately, he discovered a swarm of mayflies and easily hunted them with the electric fly swatter. After a little more hunting, it was too hot to continue, so he went back home to hunt in the evening and luckily caught one more.

[It is recommended to invest stat points in stamina.]

[Stamina points are a point that must be raised.]

[Current stamina is 9 points.]

“Since the minimum required stamina was 12…”

It wasn’t certain, but when he filled the required 12 stamina, he felt like the tutorial mode might be over and the real game might start.

At that moment, a thought occurred to him.

“But…wait a minute?”

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