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BNW Chapter 15 Vision

Reio, one of the names that were given to the only existence that witnessed the creation of the chaotic, primordial world. He was born with an innate ability to give and take life. First, when he looked, there was nothing but him; he was the world, and it solely existed as energy. However, when he sensed, he could see through some inexplicable translucent walls, a future.

When he first saw the future, it held endless possibilities; various creatures living in a single vast land; it was beautiful. But no matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t see himself there. These creatures seemed to be alive; it was so exciting that he didn’t even want to blink! But when he looked again, there was nothing but darkness.

He hated the darkness.

Darkness to him was the present, where there was no light, no life, no possibilities. He wanted to live in that future, he wanted to see the light again. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break through the darkness that inexplicably shrouded what could be.

Once again, he was trapped within his bitter reality. But now, Reio was different. Perhaps it lasted only a few seconds, but he saw all of those possibilities. His consciousness was the only thing that darkness couldn’t take from him, and maybe if he tried hard enough, he might be able to bring that vision to life!

With that, Sky and Earth came into existence. What Reio wanted to create was the green vast land that he once saw, and a sometimes blue, sometimes starry sky that could bring hope to this world. However, what actually came to be was a deserted dark land and an overcasted starless sky.

“I can sense it. Darkness is here, but nothing else.”

No matter how hard he tried, Reio couldn’t get what he saw in that vision to exist. He wondered why? But there was no answer. So he had no choice but to continue what he started. In the future that he saw, there were creatures wandering under that starry sky, filled with life and hope!

… What he got was some hollowed hideous monsters that fed on darkness, and sought to bring death, even upon the life that he has given them.

Reio hated his early creations, and wanted to destroy them, but they were now part of the darkness. Once again, it was black that stopped the life he wanted to bring from existing.

Reio came to a halt, pondered and observed for millions of years. To a being such as he, it was mere seconds. These creatures wandered this primordial land killing each other, they only brought chaos and unbalance to this world. In these millions of years, he came to understand that these creatures he created were always part of the darkness. Yes, the same darkness that was part of him. If life as he saw was ever going to come into existence, he had to stop the darkness, he had to contain it, and bring balance to this world–– But how?

Darkness was stronger than anything, darkness was in control, darkness was part of this world, and darkness was also part of him, right alongside light!

The stall was followed by a realization… If anything is to have a life, it has to come to an end. If anything is to come to light, one day, it would have to go back to where it came… Darkness!

Reio decided to get rid of the darkness that was within him. If anything had to exist before all else, it had to be darkness itself! With that in mind, Reio stripped off all the darkness within him, and set it free!.

This process only took an instant. When he let go of it, it didn’t fight back. For a moment, he felt that it had always wanted to be free. The process felt natural… This is how things were always supposed to be. Yet, in spite of this, and in spite of all the hatred he held for the darkness, he couldn’t help but feel something akin to sorrow; akin to yearning…

Darkness came to the world.

When Reio freed it, he also felt free for the first time in his life. Yes, it was the first time he felt alive as well. He finally grasped the thing that he was so eager to have, but at what cost?

Once it got free, the darkness that was initially stronger than anything, closed on itself and grew even stronger while madly devouring everything in the world. Even the hollowed monsters that once were nurturing on it became its prey.

This was maddening; all the hatred that Reio had for the darkness grew back faster and stronger. But then, he noticed something: He could see the future again! He could see the light again; he could finally create the life he has always wished for. Surely, every now and then, darkness would still try to destroy some of his creations, but he could finally bring that life from the future!

Reio, who was also slowly getting stronger, forgot about everything, even his own wishes to live, and focused only on giving life. Darkness, of course, was sometimes irrational and denied the existence of a few creatures. But Reio, who was unmindful of that, focused only on the endless possibilities he had, and never stopped.

This of course had once again changed the world and brought more chaos, but also slowly changed the darkness.

After millions of years, within the darkness grew a consciousness that took a form, a form that Reio, for millions of years, through trial and error was attempting to create. It was the most interesting creature that he saw in that vision. In fact, it was the translucent walls that allowed him to see but never managed to bring into life, which led him to call the form that the darkness took, Ichibe, the first to be.