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BNW Chapter 18 Asking For a Favor

“I’m Reio, people call me the Soul K-…” Before he could finish his sentence, blood suddenly spurted out of his mouth, smearing Jan’s face.

Jan’s eyes suddenly widened, and he looked at the man’s chest to find that a Zanpakuto’s blade had pierced it. The latter looked lost for a few moments, as the blood had already tainted his white haori. His body finally slammed the ground, revealing the smirking face of Hollow Jan, who stood tall behind him, “Sorry, did that kill you? I wanted to say that this room is already occupied!”

“EEEEEEEEH!” Jan freaked out and jumped out of his place, “R-R-Reio?!! The S-Soul K- What?! The Soul King?!!!”

“Kehehehehehe!” White Jan snickered as he watched Jan checking Reio’s body that was drowning in his blood.

“Don’t Kehehehe me, you idiot! Do you know who this is?! Do you know what you did?! You’ve just killed the Soul King!!!” Jan, who was freaking out, forgot about everything and started shouting and yelling at White Jan while shoving him stiffly on the chest.

“Stop it!” White Jan pushed Jan back, then smirked, “It’s his fault, being weak!”

“I almost forgot how your kinds sometimes have these irrational feelings of hostility.”

Suddenly a voice as cold as ice came out of nowhere, along with the sound of footsteps; the guy with the white haori and black Shihakusho once again walked out from one of the corners of the inner room.

“Tsk.” White Jan seemed a bit irritated.

“I don’t understand your frustration.” The guy in white and black said in a calm tone, “Did you think that a mere soul like you can kill the Soul King?!”

The moment he said those words the white colors in the inner room were stained with the sudden appearance of the black color, and a strong release of Reiatsu far beyond anything that Jan had ever felt burst out of the corner targeting White Jan.

The moment he was hit by that strong pressure of the Soul King’s Reiatsu, White Jan’s movement seemed to have stagnated for a moment, before he found himself forced to kneel down, facing the Soul King who was walking steadily toward him.

Jan looked at the two in shock; he was trying to figure out what’s going on?! ‘Is this really the Soul King? Or is he an enemy? What does he want from me? Should I go out and ask for help?’ Many, far too many questions rushed through his mind, too fast for him to even think of an answer.

On the other hand, White Jan, who was forced to bend a knee to the Soul King, went insane, and with a strong burst of Reiatsu, he roared while struggling to stand back up.

This somehow brought a slight trace of a surprise to the face of the Soul King.

This mere soul seems to be stronger than what he thought, but he was still too arrogant!
After finally standing back up on his feet, White Jan smirked wickedly, then extended one hand, and a Zanpakuto appeared in it, “I don’t care if you’re the Soul King!” White Jan looked back at Jan for a second, then said, “You’re not allowed here, BE GONE!”

“I’m… not… allowed?!” The Soul King repeated that sentence, still with his calm voice, and seemed as if he was pondering for a moment, then a cold gaze appeared on his face, and said with a deep tone, “Let’s see who’s going to disappear!”

The moment these words were uttered, the Soul King’s hand waved, and hundreds, nay, thousands, nay millions, of Zanpakuto with different shapes and types appeared out of nowhere, filling the ceiling and the sides of the enormous room, all pointing at White Jan.


In his shock, White Jan sobbed in a low tone, looking with widened eyes at the endless array of weapons pointing at him, and before he could even think about anything, the Soul King waved down his hand, and all the blades moved at once.

Whoosh!! Cling!! Clang!! Boom!!!

Only White Jan’s wails of agony could be heard along with the endless noises of iron and gold clanging. They seemed to last forever before they finally came to an end.

The inner room looked completely fine, it seems like nothing can destroy it, and since no one had come after all of this, it appears that no one outside could sense what happens inside it. This only added to Jan’s disturbance, who was now alone in there with the frightening king.
His eyes were still widened, looking at the enormous dust that rose up, completely covering his view. At that moment, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for White Jan, yet he was also glad that it wasn’t him, for he would certainly be dead.

As if nothing had happened, the Soul King moved on and walked forward step by step, until he reached Jan whose eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

“My name is Reio, people call me the Soul K-…” The Soul King was about to finish his sentence when he was once again interrupted, this time by Jan.

“Oh Soul King-Sama, I’m truly sorry for my stupid Hollo- Zanpakuto’s… In fact, I really don’t know what he is! I know we look alike, but we’re not related! Please spare my life, I’ve never seen that guy before today… Also is he alive?!”

“He’s fine, you can see for yourself.” The Soul King said with a calm tone, then stepped aside so Jan could look at him.

The dust had dissipated by that time, and the scene that was unveiled was horrifying; numerous weapons had pierced White Jan’s body to the point that Jan couldn’t even see him clearly. In fact, there were even weapons that pierced him from the bottom; there were also some weapons that emerged from the ground that Jan never noticed. However, White Hollow was as energetic as ever, and he screamed saying, “Who are you calling an idiot! I was just…”

“You’re loud,” The Soul King said, then waved his hand and two black hands suddenly appeared out of nowhere, locking White Jan’s neck and covering his mouth.

“Now, we can talk in peace.” The Soul King seemed to have gotten a bit annoyed; therefore, Jan didn’t dare to interrupt him this time.

“I’m the Soul King, back in the days people used to call me Reio, and I came here to ask you for a favor.”

“F-Favor!” Jan was startled.