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BNW Chapter 7 Captured

“In this world, things that have no name can hold no power, no existence, only darkness. Things that were given names, they came to light and became part of it. It was only then that they belonged.”

“Ic… Icch… Ichibe… Hyo- Hyosube.”

Using almost all of the energy remaining in him, and while still fighting back the wicked black Reiatsu that was trying to take over his body, Jan looked straight into Ichibe’s eyes and called his name.

The silence that followed wasn’t too long; it was quickly interrupted by the sound of Jan’s body hitting the ground. He kept staring at Ichibe in the eyes for a few seconds, before finally passing out.

Nevertheless, Jan’s sudden and strange act left the Royal Guards who were behind in shock. Even Senjumaru Shutara, who’s known for her absolute focus on the mission, couldn’t help but shift her sight to the others beside her. Everyone seemed to have the same look in their eyes.

This was no time to be stunned; they had to act, but no one knew what to do…

Tenjiro, who was next to Ichibe, was taken aback the moment he heard these words coming out of Jan’s mouth. But since Ichibe asked him to stop, he didn’t dare to act recklessly, and he waited until Jan’s body finally hit the ground.

“Is he dead?!” Tenjiro finally spoke up.

“Of course,” Shutara said after Flash-Stepping right beside him.

“Well, he had it coming. You know the consequences of calling Ichibe-San’s name recklessly.” Nimaiya said while looking at Jan’s sword.

“Are you saying that the curse was strong enough to kill him instantly?” Tenjiro couldn’t help but feel shocked.

“How cruel of you! You know these kids came here just by accident! They didn’t mean any harm!” Kirio Hikifune said then gently grabbed Jan and flipped him around, and the sympathy on her face was replaced by awe!

“Wait, he’s just asleep!”

Tenjiro and the other members couldn’t help themselves, and they turned around to look at their chief…

The firm and solemn look in Ichibe’s eyes had instantly faded, and a big grin appeared on his face as he looked at Jan who was, meanwhile, snorting in Kirio’s lap.

It didn’t take Ichibe long to step forward, “How is he alive, Ichibe-San?” Tenjiro asked in confusion as the latter passed by his side.

“Well, that isn’t the right question to ask here, don’t you think?” Shutara said to Tenjiro.

“Uh…?!” Tenjiro was taken aback, “Yeah! How did he know your name in the first place?”

The look in everyone’s eyes changed the moment Tenjiro said these words, except for Ichibe, who kept walking forward with a big grin on his face until he reached Jan’s body.

“That I don’t know yet.” he said, then took out Ichimonji and used it to write large calligraphy on Jan’s body, “SEAL.”

While the other members watched in silence, some leather-like wraps suddenly appeared out of nowhere and wrapped Jan’s body tightly, followed by a black box that closed its door with Jan inside it, leaving behind only his broken sword, which fell on the ground during the first sealing.

Immediately after that, Ichibe wrote the word “Conceal” on the box, and it disappeared.

With that being done, Ichibe turned around with a smirk, “But I will know soon.”

“What about us?” Tenjiro asked.

“How about you take care of that little girl as I told you earlier?” Kirio said while the blood veins on her forehead were throbbing.

“Okay, okay, calm down…” Tenjiro said and hurriedly turned around, but as everyone seemed to boss him around today, especially Kirio, he could no longer hold his irritation, and a whisper slipped out of him, “Old hag.”


A strike to the head knocked those thoughts out of him and the sense back in. Kirio quickly Flash-Stepped back and forth, brought Isane, carried Tenjiro from the back of his clothes with his face rubbing the ground, and then walked forward to where Ichibe was standing, staring at Yamada, “This one looks fine. He’s just unconscious, but I’m going to take him as well; is that alright?”

“Yes.” Ichibe said.

“Alright then.” Kirio then disappeared carrying the three.

“My work here is done, I’m going to stay by the Palace to guard it against any other intruders and wait for any further orders,” Shutara said.

Ichibe nodded, then with a big grin on his face looked at Nimaiya.

Nimaiya hesitated twice, then walked forward and knelt down to grab Jan’s sword, “Then I will take this one.” However, when Nimaiya turned to look at Ichibe again, the latter was already gone.


Ichibe Hyosube’s City.

On the top of ridiculously long stairs and in front of his unique-looking Palace, Ichibe stood looking at the King Palace hanging in the sky for a moment, and then said, “Let’s see if you’re truly worthy.”

The moment he said these words, Ichibe turned around and stepped inside the Palace with one flick.

He called it a palace but there was no such thing as a throne, for an empty city doesn’t need a king. All there was inside was a vast dark hall with only a single room at the end of it.

In the middle of that hall layed down a black box on the ground. Ichibe suddenly appeared next to it, and with a swift move of his Ichimonji, he wrote the word “Release” on the black box. In a matter of seconds, it was Jan who was lying on the ground in place of the box, sleeping in silence.

Ichibe stared at him for a while, and then a smug grin appeared on his face, “Let’s see how long it will take you to wake up!”