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BNW Chapter 9 The Hot Springs!

Tenjiro Kirinji’s city, Kirinden.

“Listen to me you dogshit, when I say you need to go into the hot springs, YOU GO INTO THE HOT SPRINGS!” Tenjiro threatened Yamada.

“B-But I’m not even that injured…”


Tenjiro punched Yamada in the face, throwing him to the ground.

“If you can’t block or evade my punches then you follow my rules, and my rules say: Go into the damn hot springs! You should be grateful just for being here, scumbags!”

“We don’t want to be here.” Isane said coldly, “All that we asked you was to tell us where we could find Jan.”

Tenjiro turned to her with a cold stare, and said, “You too must go into the hot springs, unless you want me to punch you too, scumbag!”

Isane got instantly furious, “Who are you calling a scumbag? I’m a third seated lieutenant!”

“Oh really?” Tenjrio spat the stick out of his mouth, “Who’s your captain?”

“Captain Retsu Unohana; someone who could actually heal people without needing a Hot Spring!”

“Unohana? Who do you think taught her those healing techniques?! I was her senior back in the day! I guess that makes me your senpai, doesn’t it? Isn’t that how it works in the Gotei 13?! So, get your butt into that Hot Spring!”

“No…” Isane got frustrated looking at his arrogant face, “I refuse to follow orders coming from a man with a Regent Hairstyle!”

“Are you making fun of my manly hairdo you ignorant little kid?!” Tenjiro charged at her with a scary look in his eyes!


“That hurt, old hag!” Tenjiro said without looking back.

“She’s right!” Kirio, who appeared out of nowhere, struck Tenjiro down, and then turned around to Isane with a lovely smile and said, “Jan is okay; you can rest assured.”

“How can I trust your words?”

Kirio was taken aback for a moment, then sighed sadly, “We’re Shinigami like you…”

“We’re not Shinigami like her,” Tenjiro, who was still lying on the ground, interrupted Kirio, “Listen you little scu…”


Kirio stomped his back, and then looked again at Isane…

“Listen, little girl, we mean no harm. We just want to treat you, so you could escort Jan back to Soul Society when he gets out.”

The look in Tenjiro’s eyes changed for just a moment, while a smile instantly bloomed on Yamada’s face when he heard those words, “So you’re letting him go?”

“Happy now?!” Tenjiro appeared behind him with a scary look on his face, “Then get your butt into the Hot Springs!”

With a kick to the butt, Tenjiro sent Yamada face down into the hot water.

“HOT! Get me out of here!” Yamada screamed in agony, as his body showed traces of burns.

“Oh dear…” Kirio covered her face.

“What did you do to him?!” Isane grabbed Tenjiro by his clothes.

“I did nothing.” Tenjiro gave her a cold stare, “You scumbags are such losers! The prideful, third-seated lieutenant got injured by a crash and lost consciousness, while the other one can’t even stay in my hot springs. I’m not surprised, this is Gotei 13 we’re talking about after all… Weak ignorant kids!”

Isane’s hand loosened, and let go of Tenjiro’s clothes as she bowed her head. Yamada, who was in pain inside the hot springs, also became strangely quiet. However, his red face clearly showed what pain he was in.

“Humph, what?! Did you lose your voice? Or maybe I’m just right!” Tenjiro snorted coldly.


“Enough already!” Kirio struck him down one again, and then turned to Isane with a lovely smile, “Don’t be so hard on yourself, little girl. Come with me; I’ll make sure you feel better.”

“Hey! Where are you taking her?!”

“To the other side of the spring, you don’t expect her to join you here; or do you?!” Kirio shouted.

“Tsk!” Tenjiro got a bit annoyed and took out another stick then put it in his mouth.

When he turned around, he found that Yamada was still there in the Hot Spring with blood veins throbbing all over his face.

“Give up! It’s impossible for the likes of you!” Tenjiro said.

“I- ù*$^ù…” Yamada was about to say something, but foam started coming out of his mouth, and he lost consciousness.

“You idiot!” Tenjiro rushed into the hot springs and got him out.

The scene was horrifying, Yamada’s body was burnt so badly that his skin got ripped asunder.

“How annoying…” Tenjiro sighed upon seeing this.

A few minutes later.

Yamada opened his eyes to find Tenjiro sitting cross-legged next to him.

“What happened?” Yamada asked weakly.

“You got burnt, scumbag. Why didn’t you get out when I told you to?” Tenjiro said while barely controlling his anger.

“You made fun of me and Isane-San… S-She actually protected me in the crash, and that’s the only reason why she got injured.”

“You got protected by a girl, huh? You must be feeling like…”

“Shit… I know!” Yamada said with tearing but firm eyes, “This is why I wanted to prove to you that I can stay in the hot spring, so you would take back those words!”

“Oh, is that so?!” Tenjiro sneered.

“Yes!” Yamada said firmly, and then immediately stood up, heading to the hot spring, but Tenjiro immediately stopped him by the back of his collar.

“If you’re going to do it, at least do it properly,” Tenjiro said.

“What do you mean?”

“Take these,” Tenjiro threw some clothes at him.

“What are these?” Yamada asked in surprise.

“My special garments are made from super spirit thread; they will help you stay in the hot springs.” Tenjiro snorted.

“Awesome! With this, I will be able to stay in the hot springs for the whole night!” Yamada rejoiced.

“Week…” Tenjiro said calmly.

“Say what again?!” Yamada said with a helpless smile.

“If you want me to take back my words, then you have to stay in the hot springs for seven days. Of course, you can go out to eat every once 8 hours, either that or get lost,” Tenjiro said.

“How about 2 nights, and you don’t really have to take back all your words, just the ones about…” Yamada tried to persuade him.

“Man up and get your butt into the hot springs!” Tenjiro shouted and kicked him in the back.