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DB: CxD Chapter 50: You Have Surpassed Champa

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“What if I become Super Saiyan?” Renkon asked, then his body bloomed with golden flames and turned into a Super Saiyan.

Vados: “…”

I have almost forgotten about this…

“This will leave no doubt, I can say for use that you have surpassed Lord Champa.” Vados wiped her sweat.

It has only been 10 years, and this kid has already made such progress.

If he continues to cultivate like this, I’m afraid that he will surpass me sooner or later.

“Forget it, since you said that I’ve surpassed him, I will just wait for a chance to challenge him.” Renkon smiled.

“How strong are you going to become to feel satisfied?” Vados asked.

“I want my strength to reach 100th power of 100.” Renkon smiled.

Vados: “…”

She was simply speechless.

The 18th power of 100 is already enough to crush Lord Champa.

If you reach the 100th power of 100, no one would be able to stand against you.

“Isn’t this Renkon, the Seventh Universe’s God of Destruction? How could you have time to come to the Sixth Universe?” Champa greeted with a smile.

“I have retired.” Renkon smiled and said, “By the way, Beerus is back.”

“What? You retired?” Champa’s eyes widened, “Why?”

As for the resurrection of Beerus, it was no surprise.

Originally, he felt that last time wasn’t the last to see his stupid face.

Whis was going to resurrect him sooner or later.

“Being a God of Destruction is boring, so I retired. It’s nothing strange.” Renkon smiled.

Champa: “…”

How can you say something like that to my face…?

You’re really something!

“Beerus is okay now?” Champa asked.

“He’s good.” Renkon nodded, “From today on I will live here and be with Vados all the time. Is that okay with you?”

“As long as you make me a Milk tea, you can live as long as you want.” Champa snorted, “I haven’t drunk it for a long time, you’re cruel, kid… you made so much for Vados and didn’t even make one for me.”

“I’ll take care of you in the future.” Renkon grinned.

“That’s good.” Champa nodded in satisfaction.

In this way, Renkon settled down on Planet Champa and began to follow Vados to practice his Ultra Instinct.

At the same time, his clone stayed on earth and continued to suppress it’s energy when it was idle.

Time passed day by day.

The Seventh Universe.


Living on Earth, Renkon witnessed the growth of Son Goku just like living in a movie.

From the World’s first martial art tournament to the Red Ribbon Amy, to Great Demon King Piccolo…

Along the way, Renkon didn’t make a move.

There is no need to.

Because Renkon knew for sure that Goku could solve everything.

And after Goku and the newborn Piccolo had a last desperate contest, another five years passed.

Kame House.

An airship landed on the small island, then Renkon and Bulma got off the plane together.

“Everyone, it has been a long time.” Bulma waved to Master Roshi and Krillin in the house.

“Yes… Bulma?” Krillin exclaimed.

“And Renkon! You’re all here?!” Master Roshi greeted enthusiastically, “It’s been a long time since I saw you. You’re so cruel. I always invited you, but you never came.”

“We were…” Bulma looked at Renkon, then chuckled, “Busy.”

“Are you married?” Krillin asked.

“Not yet…” Bulma stared

“No? Goku got married. Renkon and Bulma have known each other for so long, how come you two didn’t get married yet?” Krillin asked.

Bulma looked at Renkon immediately.

Why do I have to answer that?

“This… how to put it… My existence is just a cloud of energy? I’m not in this universe… So I’m afraid that marriage will have to be delayed.” Renkon sighed.

I simply don’t want to control this group of energy and Bulma into the bridal chamber!

“What do you mean?” Krillin looked confused.

“I don’t get it either.” Master Roshi scratched his head.

“Huh, Renkon is like this. He always says some inexplicable things that I don’t understand.” Bulma pouted, feeling a bit unsatisfied.

“Bulma, I will give you a better explanation, but not now.” Renkon said solemnly,” When I become an angel, I can marry you.”

“What angel? Angels with wings on the back?” Krillin asked curiously.

“Although I don’t understand, I know that you’re telling the truth, Renkon.” Bulma nodded gently.

“Such a smart girl, but at critical moments, she always seems stupid.” Master Roshi whispered to Krillin.

Krillin nodded vigorously.

Master Roshi is so right.

Over the years, Renkon has been practicing hard with Vados.

During this period, Renkon learned the truth behind what is called to walk slowly and wisely.

Forget about being an angel, becoming an intern angel is already difficult.

Although Renkon has become to understand what Ultra-Instinct is, Vados said, that the opportunity will come to fully understand Ultra-Instinct.

As for what that opportunity is, Vados didn’t say.

Renkon had to let the clone continue to look for opportunities on Earth

Maybe it will get lucky.

“By the way, why isn’t Yamcha here?” Bulma asked.

“He joined Tien-Shin Doji five years ago,” Killin said.

Master Roshi wanted to cry.

He went there because of Yurin.

In the end that bastard Shen’s apprentice, took that beauty.

He took my woman

I feel angry… Uh, although she can’t be counted as my woman.

But it would have been good to have her at home to keep an eye open.

Roshi looked at Renkon again.

This kid is really good!

Bulma is such a good-looking girl and she let him have it all to himself.

“Hey, hello!”

At this moment, a voice emitted from outside.

“Huh? It’s Son Goku’s voice.” Bulma was taken aback for a moment and turned to look outside the window.

“It’s Goku! It’s really Goku!” Krillin said excitedly.

The group came outside the house together.

It was Goku, holding a child in his hand.

With a fluffy tail stick to his butt…

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