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Chapter 10 : The Sword of Flames

Chapter 10: The Sword of Flames


At this time in the forest.

With the sudden appearance of the level 5 Monster – The brown back ape – Roja could only confront it .

It comes out after he beheaded the level 3 monster giant wild boar and put his sword away.

The level 5 monster was about 3 times higher than Roja. it was standing like a hill in front of him.

The ape got sturdy arms. It looked very powerful to the extent that it could tear apart the wild boar.

This brown back ape is obviously many times more powerful than the giant wild boar.

After looking at this monster Roja had a solemn expression.

“Really now!! this island had such monster. Even 10 recruits won’t be able to take it down”

Roar !!!

The ape appeared to be chasing the wild boar to eat it. But it didn’t expect that Roja this tiny little creature to kill it.

The prey was taken away so the ape is apparently very angry. it felt offended because its prey was stolen. so it looked at Roja patted its chest and exposed its killing intent

In the next instant, the ape rushed at Roja.

It was very fast that you just couldn’t compare it to the giant wild boar. The ape waved it’s fist at Roja and smashed it down.

Seeing this Roja took out his Honoo no Tsuki and directly waved it at the first coming at him . he wanted to cut its hand.


Blood splashed in an instant and a blood stains appear.

Against such a sharp weapon even the brown back ape couldn’t resist. Even so, it’s defense is stronger than the giant wild boar as the sword could only cut the flesh and couldn’t cut its tough bones.


The ape thought that one punch could solve this small insect in front of it. It simply couldn’t think that Roja had the power to hurt it. And it was finally enraged.

in this forest except for a small number of monsters this ape is the strongest and even those exception wouldn’t dare to offend it.

And now even this little insect could injure it, it was completely angered and ready to tear this insect apart.

“I can cut the skin and muscle but the bones are tough …. no, it should be that my strength is too small.”

Roja after finishing his attack backed out about 10 meters and stopped.

“Just after coming here I get to fight a strong monster ….”

Roja raised his head.There wasn’t even a shred of fear on his face. Rather he showed a slight smile.

“So is this fortunate ? or is it unfortunate ?”

Smiled Roja and slowly raised his sword above his chest.

Roja pointed his sword at the ape.

The brown back ape understood that Roja wanted to fight. So it roared and rushed at him again.

Roja just raised his sword and brought it down again.

The ape directly used to finger to pinch the sword.

a huge force pressed into the sword.

the ape revealed a look of contempt and was ready to pull the sword out of Roja’s hands then it could take good care of this little insect that dared to injure it.


The ape didn’t notice the flames in Roja’s eyes.


Almost as the ape punched the sword before it could pull, a really hot golden flame erupted suddenly and from the body of Honoo no Tsuki flames burst out.

Seeing the flame the brown back ape instantly froze for a moment.


The moment the ape was in a daze the hot golden flames burst out directly in the face of the ape.

The ape came back to its sense and its pair of huge eyes showing terror and wanted to escape.

But it was too late.

Although the ape is fast, the flames were faster almost instantly the flame covered his entire body.

Surging flames rose to the sky like a mass of red clouds and the ape being in the center of it turned into a huge fire ape.

In the next instant from that direction come out a bursting sound and the smell of bbq.


The brown back ape roared this time the scream was earthshaking.

suddenly it got out of the flames. the ape’s eyes were burned to a crisp while the flame still burning it up and down.

With such pain, the ape rolled around to put down the fire while crushing into thick trees and screaming loudly.

Rolling like crazy all the bushes lit up and that ape that tried to put down the flame got into them again.

and it continued to wail.


“This is impossible!”

As the flames suddenly erupted almost all of the people in the warships monitoring room exclaimed.

“A sword of flames?”

“You gotta be kidding me!”

All the people here were wide-eyed. watching Roja all of them had incredible looks.

Because Roja was the first to encounter a level 1 monster all the Marines in the room had their attention on the screen that showed him.

when they saw Roja forced back by the ape and then the ape pinched Roja’s sword they all thought he will be torn apart.


The ape suddenly caught up flames that were shot from a sword.

In particular, the former admiral Z while looking at the scene of Roja beheading the boar, he was surprised at the result of one month of practice.

But now Roja sword shot out flames after the swing This made their eyes almost fall out.

What a joke !!

Roja wasn’t a devil fruit user or Garp should’ve said so not to mention the previous performance of Roja wasn’t like someone who had any devil fruit.

Moreover, the flames were projected from the body of the sword, not from Roja’s body. so there was only two possibility. First Roja swung his sword extremily fast that made friction with the air which generated those flames or …

A sword of flames . !