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Chapter 11: Natural swordsman

Chapter 11: Natural swordsman


With the speed that let him produce fire. there is no need for any flame with just that speed he could split 10 brown back apes in half.

And when Roja just chopped his speed wasn’t so fast and the power is obviously not strong, but it can burst out flames. so there is only one possibility. The sword produces the flame.

There are many who can produce things when they use the sword. Like the flower sword Vista of the white beard pirates who can produce petals.

Roja’s swordplay is very rough. He wasn’t a swordmaster So this wasn’t the power of Roja. This is obviously the power from the sword.

Garp who was ready to rush to where Roja was to save him stopped with his mouth wide open that his fist could fit in.

He was clear about Roja’s strength but this smelly brat when did he achieve such level in his swordsmanship ?.

Garp stared foolishly.

Even the former admiral Z couldn’t hide his shock. He only recovered after a while.

“A sword that produces flames. This can’t be wrong, this is the only possibility … but his swordsmanship is so rough. It’s obvious that his just a beginner.”

“This old man has heard of such talent but never saw it myself. To think the world really had such a genius. Born with the power to produce flames when wielding a sword. This is more than just a genius .”

Born for the sword.

Such a talent even for Z it was the first time he saw it.

“Garp this is Roja right? This is truly your nephew right ?”Z turned to look at Garp with a touch of doubt in his tone.

Garp was also shocked for a while . when he recovered he heard Z  Flower Sword Vistand grinned “Ha ha ha, Z you are unwilling to admit it .”

“That’s not it. It’s just hard to believe.”

Z grunted while saying in his heart, who can believe such a talent . who can believe that someone was born with sword master’skill.

Moreover, there is no doubt that this is the power to produce flames with his swordplay like how Vista produce petals (Tl: I don’t remember if Oda named this power in one piece or not )

The dialogue between Garp and Z reverberated in in the control room which made all the people there to recover from the shock.

This type of talent only appeared in legend but it was in front of them today.

“Monkey.D.Roja … vice admiral Garp is really an abnormal guy. I think the sea will know another legend with that boy’s power.”

Many other Marines there couldn’t help but think about this idea.

In the forest.

The brown back ape continued to roll all around the bushes which were ignited in the process and turned into a sea of flames.

And the fire still spread.

Gradually the brown ape screams begin to stop and the struggling actions slowed down and finally stopped.

After this Roja looked at the sea of flame and swept his sword.


Just like how the flames burst out burning everything.

all the flames extinguished with a thought from Roja.

sword of fire, sword fire off.

This scene made Z and Garp and all the other in the control room more certain that the flames were produced by his swordsmanship.

The thing produced by the swordplay is special. they were real but also not. they were between reality and illusion. So those thing produced by the sword could be retracted at will by the user.

At this time Roja didn’t know that the power he displayed was misunderstood as a power of his swordsmanship. Of course, there is no big difference between that and Roja’s power.

But for ordinary swordsman this power is from their comprehension of the sword as for him it’s a power from his soul.

After extinguishing the flames.

Roja directly went to the ape’s body.

When he reached it. He found out that the ape still has some vitality.

“It wasn’t dead yet? This Thing sure is stubborn.”

This world not only has human with tenacious vitality but also monster are the same, this is really not scientific. (Tl : Oh really -_- your f**king power is scientific then !!)

However, he wasn’t a scientist. His not Vega punk the master leading the world for five hundred years in the path of technologies .

Watching the dying ape Roja. whispered while beheading it

“Come to think of it my ability to wield flames should’ve been seen.”

After beheading the ape Roja put the Honoo no Tsuki back into its scabbard and started walking.

Roja didn’t care even if they knew.

Sooner or later he will need to display his ability. And this time it was a dangerous situation. He couldn’t conceal his ability or he would’ve just died there.

The thing Roja is concerned about is that fighting increases his energy.

So with a thought from Roja, the property bar appeared.

The second stage: The ancient sword of the soul +6

Attribute: Attack power +75, power +20

Special attributes: All thing in the world , turn To ashes … sword attack has additional fire damage (the evolutionary conditions is not met)

Energy: 22/70

Before the start of the battle Roja energy value was 18 and now 22.

in other words in this fight, Roja energy increased by 4.

If he wanted to increase those 4 points Roja had to practice desperately for half a day. But he just got them after this short fight.

Why would fighting increase the energy so much while training doesn’t. Roja had a guess. The practice is to bring out the potential of the body but fighting will bring the potential of the soul.

the more dangerous a fight is the more energy will increase. The more life and death battles the more his soul will transform.

Of course, This is only his guess and he couldn’t test it. He didn’t want to get into a life and death battle just to test this.