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Chapter 110: Hoashoku Haki Agian

Chapter 110: Hoashoku Haki Again


Diamante’s sword energy split the flames in two.
The other pirates were still shocked by the flames. They tried to resist the flames that scattered, but their strength was far less than Diamante’s, So they couldn’t do a thing.
Even though Diamante’s sword split the flames, the flames still fell down on the pirate’s ship. When the pirates awoke from their shock they looked at Roja in horror.
“Logia … It’s the flames devil fruit!”
Logia devil fruits are the strongest, Even Smoker with the smoke devil fruit became very powerful just after eating it. If their opponent can’t use Haki then they will easily defeat them.
On the Warships.
The Marines saw Roja’s sword emitting those terrifying flames, crushing the pirate’s ship, they were shocked.
This scene was a first in the West blue, this scene was like a fantasy, their minds were already blank and they couldn’t think anymore.
Diamante looked at the burning flames on his ship and cold sweat overflowed from his forehead. His heart didn’t hold Roja in contempt anymore, he was feeling tense.
“This isn’t logia, it doesn’t feel like Logia.”
At this time, Diamante knew that Roja wasn’t some ordinary Marine.
After taking a deep breath, Diamante’s mind flashed, He looked at those pirates in his ship and said: “Don’t fire, Go grab their warship, I will take care of this guy!”
Although the pirate’s ship was burning they still could direct it toward the warships. The distance was getting closer.
This is the west blue, not the Grandline, So it is impossible for every Marine there to be strong, probably other then Roja, the other Marines are weak. And if they could kill them all, then Roja will lose.
The nervous pirates shouted, then they turned around and were ready to slaughter every Marine they face.
Standing in the sky, Roja knew what Diamante was trying to do so he lightly said.
“Excuse me, but no one will leave the ship …”
Roja’s words were light without any anger in them. But when the voice comes down, Roja who was in the sky suddenly used his Hoashoku Haki.
When the Haki come down, all the pirates were suppressed.
Roja retracted his Haki.
Everything was silent, you could only hear the sound of waves as well as the sound of the burning flames.
After that, below Roja, the first pirate fell to the ground, then the second, third …
The crowd of pirates suddenly collapsed one after the other. Even those Marine on the warships fell down.
This is the power Roja awakened. This is Hoashoku Haki.
“This power is really hard to control … even when my soul is stronger than normal people.”
Roja glanced at the warship behind him and saw the unconscious Marines, then he murmured.
Even when the Hoashoku Haki was fully controlled, one could only select a few people that won’t be affected by it, but most people will be affected.
This is why white beard didn’t use it in the war because he will affect his people as well as his enemies.
The remaining Marines looked at this scene and couldn’t believe what had happened.
And on the DonQuixote family pirate’s ship, only a few people didn’t fall to the ground, those people were horrified when they looked at their comrades’ fainting.
Even Diamante was terrified as cold sweat poured down from his forehead.
“This … This is …”
Diamante’s eyes were opened wide, as he turned pale from fright.
This is Hoashoku Haki!
This is The Haki of the kings.
If not for Roja wearing the uniform of a Rear admiral, Diamante would think that Roja was a strong pirate from the new world.
“Hoashoku … Haki!”
“This is impossible!”
The people who didn’t faint suddenly exclaimed.
Doflamingo, the captain of the DonQuixote pirates, also awakened his Hoashoku when he was a child. Diamante and the other thought that Doflamingo was destined to become a king, and they will be by his side.
Diamante didn’t have any confidence now, let alone the pirates that didn’t faint.
Diamante is one of the strongest officers in the DonQuixote family, he always looked down on people, and many feared him in the new world.
“Don’t bother with the other Marines, help me kill that Monster Marine first…”
Diamante’s eyes were full of fear, looking at Roja on the sky, he didn’t dare to try and face him alone, so he ordered the pirates to help him.
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