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Chapter 155: The War Broke Out

Chapter 155: The war broke out

After the Vice-admirals entrance, Aokiji, Kisaru, and Akainu came out, countless Marines looked at them with admiration.
Since this war wasn’t in their headquarter the most powerful force wasn’t standing behind, but instead the three admirals were in the front after that comes the Vice-admirals and then you can find other officers and soldiers.
After the three entered, the formation was completed.
Finally, Sengoku comes out, he didn’t go to the front lines but stood at the highest place while looking at the sea.
With the three admirals present, the chaos and arguments in between the Marines gradually ceased. The atmosphere seemed to freeze and once again nervousness swept the battlefield.
Far away, at the boundless sea, there was no trace of the beast pirates.
Time passed gradually.
Ten minutes…
Half an hour…
The atmosphere turned tenser and tenser, and the soldiers began to sweat, there were many who questioned if they will come or not in their heart until now the shadow of the beast pirates’ ship didn’t appear.
Will Kaido really come?
They didn’t know the location of the beast pirates, on the other hand, Kaido should’ve known that they were preparing at the G6 for the war, If he was to bypass the G6 and head directly toward the G5 then continue, wouldn’t they be hanging here?
Such a though gradually flashed through the minds of many Marines, However, the Admirals and even the Vice admirals had calm looks on their faces, their expressions didn’t seem to change.
“Don’t relax!”
Seeing that many Marines started relaxing, Sengoku who stood at the highest place shouted at them and woke them up, once again the Marines gripped their weapons in their arms.
And almost as Sengoku’s voice disappeared.
A dark mass of shadows appeared in the sea that connected the sea to the sky. It was astonishing large numbers of ships!
The Beast pirates… Arrived!
Despite avoiding the G6 base will cause more damage to the Marine, But can Kaido avoid them?
Without a doubt, the answer is No!
Even when he knew that the Marine arranged a huge army in the G6 base, Kaido will still come here, because he is one of the Yonko.
Even if it was the headquarters, Kaido will never have an idea of retreat, and he even attacked the headquarters alone more than once, Can A G6 base be mentioned?
“They’re coming!”
In the moment when Kaido’s ships appeared, Aokiji, Kisaru etc eyes suddenly flashed while they stood in front of the camp.
“Sure enough, Kaido won’t be afraid even if all the Marine came together, Worthy of his Emperor title.”
Roja looked at the fleet in the distance and took a deep breath, If he changed places with Kaido, he won’t back out either.
This wasn’t madness or craziness, this what you can call never back down (Tl: Lol same meaning just used it cause of the Movie :p ) in front of any danger or enemy.
After all this world isn’t a world of strategic planning or things like this, it’s a world of power. There is no point in strategies. If you want to climb to the top of the world you need absolute power.
Kaido won’t retreat and the Marine won’t tolerate anymore.
Even though there are many evil people inside the Marine, it still represented Justice in this world, There is the pillar of innumerable people who yearn for peace.
If the Marine is defeated, then the world will be in turmoil, Everything will be plunged into the darkness without any ray of light.
The pressure coming from the beast pirates approached gradually if it weren’t for the Admiral at the front, as well as those vice admirals, then most ordinary Marine will flee from this war!
The air was getting heavier and heavier.
“Everyone, ready your weapons!”
Sengoku looked at the beast pirates in the sea, He saw some fear in the faces of the Marines so he spoke.
“Don’t think of retreating, Don’t think that there are other Marine bases behind us. Now countless people are standing behind us wanting peace. We are the righteous ones, we represent Justice, we can retreat, will never let them step up any further.”
Hearing his word, many Marine turned to look at him, seeing him and hearing his resolute words, one by one they regained their confidence, their blood ignited as they held their weapon tightly.
If they retreat, they will just prove that evil can overcome justice and that it will replace justice.
The Marine represent the Justice, they are the force of justice, they were unwilling to see such a future, so now even the weakest person was standing tall in front of the beast pirates.
And standing in front of all the Vice admirals, Roja and the Admirals’ backs were like towering peaks.
The momentum of countless people together collided the momentum coming from the beast pirates which produce the same effect of shanks and whitebeard Haoshoku collision!
(Tl: I said momentum cause I can’t call that Haoshoku Because that will be messed up.)
The world turned silent.
And at last, the beast pirates’ fleet come closer and closer and entered the range of the Marines cannons, a sword rose in the sky.
The sword was like a stone falling in a calm pool.
“Start firing!”
“Destroy their ships!”
With those people shouting, numerous Roars sounded as smoke started rising.
The sound of cannons finally ignited the war.
Marine VS Beast Pirates.
The war shall begin.
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