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Chapter 214: Bigmom’s party

Chapter 214: Big mom’s party


Roja looked at his adjutant who was extremely nervous and couldn’t help smiling at him as he said: “Is there any news about the Yonko? Not just Whitebeard, The other three too.”
“I need to go to the Intelligence agency to know, if you’d like, I will immediately go there.”
Roja wanted to hear any news about them.
The Yonko aren’t simple pirates.
Although the strongest should be the Whitebeards pirates, the other three should be quite the power as well.
This can be seen from the last fight between the Marine and Kaido, the resulted in Only Jack’s dying from the top cadres.
If Roja wasn’t there in that war, then maybe even if the Marine won, they would have received countless casualties.
In the Adjutant’s view, Roja always loved to deal with everything alone, And as he was an Admiral now, he had the qualification to do that, but the ones he wishes to deal with are… The Yonko, which is a completely different story!
The Yonko, each one of them is a terrifying person, they have at least Garp’s or Sengoku’s strength.
So wanting to go alone is a crazy idea!
Roja became an Admiral, everyone in the world now is concerned about him, after all, now Roja had the most powerful position in the world as a Marine.
No one knows what will Roja actually do as he got his position.
Since the application for the challenge, everyone knew that Roja wasn’t an easy going person SInce Akainu bothered him, he got rid of him. Now his role was a big one in the world.
Most pirates who were after treasures didn’t care about the Change of Admirals. But those who established their forces, such as the DonQuiXote family, couldn’t do things recklessly and had to standby.
This was the effect of a new Admiral, In the short period after the promotion, most pirates will lay low.
At this time, in some windy sea.
Only the Yonko forces ignored the admiral’s new promotion. they acted as if nothing had happened. They were the Yonko, they won’t fear a mere Admiral.
Here is the Bigmom’s domain ‘Totto Land’.
In the island, there is Bigmom’s palace, and at this time Bigmom was having her breakfast.
“Were the invitation to the party sent?” Charlotte Linlin swallowed a cake and looked at the Minister of Candy then asked.
“This one…”
The face of the Minister of Candy was full of embarrassment as he replied to her: “Some underground leaders had received the invitations, but they hope that you can postpone your party.”
Hearing this sentence, Charlotte Linlin face sank, then she said: “Why?”
“The newly appointed Admiral of the Marine, Ghost sword, has just received his position, they are afraid of him as he would very likely do something to prove his powers.”
The Minister of candy said hesitantly.
Hearing such a sentence, Charlotte Linlin expression turned cold as she said: ” When was my party has anything to do with the Marine?”
“Is the Marines now dare to interfere with this Mothers party? What new Admiral? Because of him, they want to delay my party?”
Her party had never been intervened by the MArine before.
She is the strongest here.
“This is just an excuse for from those guys to not come, tell them if they don’t want to come they don’t, and the consequences…”
She said the last sentence in a very cold tone, the chills made the minister of candy start to sweat like there is no tomorrow.
Marine Headquarters, inside Roja’s office.
“No wonder Garp didn’t want to take this position, There is a huge disparity between the thing they do.”
Roja looked at the pile of documents in front of him that needed his approval, he couldn’t help shaking his head, he was too lazy to read them one by one, so he was ready to throw them to someone to do it in his stead.
Unless it’s something important, then he won’t do it himself.
Compared to those document, Roja was more interested in the intelligence he wanted.
The Whitebeard forces are still within their territory, they didn’t act for many years now, and Shanks’ pirates are also staying quietly in their territory.
The third is Kaido who is now expanding his territory.
Because of the war, The beast pirates are weakened, even though someone took Jack’s position, the fact that they were weakened is widely known.
In this case, Kaido couldn’t hold back and started expanding his forces.
“The story has changed… I don’t know if Momonosuke is dead or not.”
Roja looked at the intelligence about Kaido’s attack on that country, he remembered a phrase from his past live ‘ xx can live, Momonosuke must die’ and couldn’t help but chuckle.
(Tl: The xx are in the raw.)
In addition to Kaido’s large movement, The last one’s movement isn’t small either, although the Marine couldn’t know accurately what is Bigmom is doing, they knew some things.
Like the annual party held by Charlotte Linlin should start soon.
“Bigmon’s party? It should be very interesting for me to visit her this time…”
Here it comes, Roja faintly smiled.
“Since I became an Admiral, they say that I should prove my might… Then this party would become more interesting!”