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Chapter 225: Space-Type Devil Fruit

G.O.S.S Chapter 225: Space-Type Devil Fruit

Alone he annihilated a Yonko, This was like a dream for many people.
A Yonko was one at the peak of the sea, even if Big mom herself may be the weakest Yonko, But it’s too much to just be annihilated by a single person.
Some people thought that Aokiji and Kisaru were together with Roja, But when they looked for more pieces of information, They found out that Kisaru wasn’t in the new world and Kisaru was in the Headquarters.
No matter what source of information, all of them say the same thing.
Even If they couldn’t believe it, when all the information they gathered was the same, they didn’t have a choice.
Roja was strong, This fact was recognized when he defeated Akainu, he was the strongest Admiral currently, and that’s what the people thought.
But now, All the people were thinking that he is the strongest Admiral… In the entire Marine’s History.
He can be compared to the world’s strongest person, Edward Newgate!
Aokiji was standing beside the Cake island after it’s destruction, While Kisaru has already retreated.
When they arrived, the fight had already ended, so Kisaru returned to the Headquarters as he felt like he was playing around.
But even if he felt so, he could only keep it in his heart. On one hand Sengoku and on the other This awful Guy, Roja, which Kisaru couldn’t come close to touching one of them, He could only complain about his bad luck.
Simultaneously, he was so shocked that his heart still couldn’t completely believe it, he didn’t expect Roja to attack Big mom alone.
Although Big mom was the weakest out of the Yonko,  he still won’t be able to do what Roja did even if there were two more of him.
At this time, Among the worships, there were many underground forces leaders coming and going.
Many of those leaders had some relationship with the World Government, so they weren’t people that should be caught as they were working with the world government.
Roja was lazy so totally ignored them, even if caught them it won’t matter.
Of course, those who were caught up in the battle between Roja and Big mom are unlucky.
And now if they were to come find trouble or him they know that they won’t survive it.
And since their leaders are dead, the world government won’t bother to take care of the ones that didn’t work with them.
The was in complete chaos as Roja attacked the tea party and destroyed the Big mom’s pirates.
On the warship, Stussy was standing on the deck, she was one of the world government agents.
“I really didn’t expect you to be an Admiral…”
Roja was wearing his Marine uniform as he stood on the deck, he smiled casually, he seemed like a gentle angel, anyone looking at him will feel like he was a harmless person.
But she personally witnessed Roja’s powers, Stussy knew that under this kind smile, there is a strong and proud person, maybe prouder than a Yonko.
Roja was merciless, But she was not so sure.
Stussy gently smiled, her eyes flashed with light: “I think you are more like… A Yonko.”
After saying this, Stussy directly left the warship into her own ship and moved away.
Roja glanced at her back while shaking his head.
A Yonko?
No, It should be Sanko now. (Tl: san = 3.)
“The Yonko are powerful if it wasn’t for the devour ability I may not have won against the Big mom.”
After thinking to himself, Roja returned to his cabin.
When he came here, he didn’t give it much thought, He was a Shinigami, So the soul fruit won’t work on him, so if he couldn’t defeat her than he was too weak.
In this battle Roja realized the limit of his abilities, he now knows his current strength.
Without exaggerating, he should be at the peak of the sea beside Whitebeard.
If Charlotte had another fruit and it wasn’t restrained by Roja, he could defeat her in a one vs one.
“Although I can be described as invincible, I need to work harder to surpass the entire world on my own.”
In addition to the Yonko, there are ancient weapons that could destroy the world, The World government should be looking for them as well.
After destroying Big mom’s pirates, Roja wasn’t proud of it.
He returned to his cabin and took the delicate box out of his coat pocket and gently opened it.
In the box, there was a strange and exquisite devil fruit.
This is a paramecia devil fruit that he found when he went to the nearby islands. Because he didn’t memorize the devil fruit book, he wasn’t clear about what fruit this was.
However, according to its appearance, This devil fruit should have a space type Ability.
It is exactly because of this that Roja kept it, only a few fruits can make Roja interested in them, with space being one of them.
“Space-type devil fruit…”
looking at the devil fruit, Roja couldn’t help remember the cadres in Big mom’s pirates that used space type devil fruits.
If the opponent was too weak compared to him, then the Reiatsu would greatly suppress his opponent.
Roja didn’t want to eat a devil fruit easily, especially when he didn’t know it’s ability, even if it was a space type one.
Roja wasn’t sure if the fruit would work on his body or on his soul, not to mention whether that power would conflict with Sen Maboroshi or not.
With Sen Maboroshi, it’s enough for him to stand at the peak of this world.
And if he continues to increase his strength then it wouldn’t matter if it was the world government or anyone else in this world, he would become the true ruler of this world.
After thinking about this, Roja grasped the air and brought Sen Maboroshi out.
“I trust you more than the devil fruit.” Looking at the sword in his hand, Roja smiled and said to it.
But almost as he stopped talking, The sword started changing, it suddenly distorted and enlarged then suddenly returned to its original shape.
Roja was surprised to find that the devil fruit in the box disappeared.
“What… Did you eat it?”
Roja widened his eyes, apparently, he didn’t expect Sen Maboroshi to actually eat the devil fruit.