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Chapter 228: Cobra and Vivi.

Marijois Here is where the Celestial Dragons live, every building was exquisite and luxurious, Other the Celestial Dragons, the world government officials and Kings of other country are coming and going.
In the center of the island was the world Government’s Building, This was the center of the world’s power and also where the conference will be held.
The fourth floor, Sengoku was sitting in front of a large pile of documents preparing for the upcoming world conference.
On the other side, Roja was lazily lying on the chair, Aokiji was sitting next to Roja while Kisaru was on the opposite side.
None of the three Admirals looked like one.
“So this is your first time here right Roja?” Aokiji leisurely asked Roja with one hand on his chin.
Roja turned to look at Aokiji and nodded: “Yeah, it’s the first time.”
Roja didn’t feel much about the world government. He didn’t even put any celestial dragon in his eyes. Therefore he never visited Marijois before. This was the first time coming here after becoming an Admiral.
Sengoku reviewed the documents while listening to Roja and Aokiji. In fact, Roja being here made his heart feel uneasy.
Sengoku never called Roja here because he was afraid that Roja will cause trouble as did Garp that year.
Garp and Roja’s characters are similar, They felt uncomfortable looking at the Celestial Dragons, Fortunately, With Sengoku here, he will put some pressure on them.
“The tea here is still very good.”
Kisaru drunk his tea and casually said.
Roja yawned and stood up, he reached the window and looked at the distance and faintly saw some kings of some countries approaching.
It is almost impossible for the world conference to be attained by more than 50 kings. Therefore before they come, preparations must be done.
“What a rotting smell.”
Roja looked at the center of the world deeply.
Aokiji moved beside Roja and looked at the scenery from the window when he heard Roja his eyes flashed a little bit, then he slightly shook his head.
Roja turned around and saw Aokiji, he looked at Sengoku then turned around and said.
“It’s nothing, I am going back to my room.”
“Good then.”
Sengoku nodded and didn’t stop him.
After Roja’s departure, Aokiji continued to stand at the window, he looked at Marijois with confusion. He didn’t know whether this was the right thing to do or not.
Roja lived in the same area as the kings that came here.
About a dozen of Kings had already come, leaving only a small number them that still didn’t arrive.
Roja was wearing his Admiral coat as he walked in that area, the kings noticed Roja’s figure.
Some people were awed, Roja was the strongest Marine in history, other people didn’t react and other ignored him with arrogance.
Roja walked to his temporary Room, as he was going in, he showed a hint of astonishment, he turned around and saw a group of people approaching.
The reason why Roja was astonished was that the people coming his way were the king of Alabasta, Nefeltari Cobra.
Following him was a blue-haired little loli, there is no doubt that she is Alabasta’s princess, Nefeltari Vivi.
“We’re really fortunate in meeting you, Admiral Ghost sword.”
Cobra apparently also saw Roja, his eyes flashed as he smiled toward Roja in a friendly way.
For this polite king, Roja was also polite as he said.
“It’s weird to call me that, just call me by my name.”
Cobra didn’t expect Roja to talk to him with such politeness, as Roja was rumored to be cruel, but he was rather a gentle person, he couldn’t help but reveal his astonishment.
Unless the one wearing the admiral’s uniform wasn’t Roja, but he didn’t seem like Aokiji or Kisaru.
Roja killed Doflamingo, then He destroyed the Big mom’s pirates making the Yonko turn into a Sanko.
In the sea, there is almost no one who didn’t know how terrible Roja was.
“Mr. Roja is really different from the rumors, it seems like the rumors are untrustworthy.”
Cobra looked at Roja with a smile.
Roja also laughed, the rumors on him were of him when he was facing an enemy.
“Did you think I’d look like a ghost with fans and flames?”
Princess Vivi stood next to Cobra couldn’t help but laugh, Her cute eyes blinked, It seems like what she heard about Roja and what she saw is completely different.
nearly six years passed since Roja arrived in this world, So this little cute Loli was 10 years old.
“Vivi, Don’t be rude.”
Seeing Vivi, Cobra couldn’t help but show his helplessness, he wanted to reprimand her but he couldn’t say anything to this little princess.
After glaring at Vivi, Cobra looked at Roja with a wry smile.
“Sorry about that, she lacks discipline.”
Roja smiled and said: “If I remember correctly, this should be the little princess of Alabasta, Vivi right?”
Of course, he didn’t care about what just happened.
These days he saw a lot of Princes and Princesses, almost all of them were arrogant with no real abilities.
In contrast, Vivi was a mischievous princess, compared to other she was completely different.
If Roja was to say, this aristocratic family compared to the other Celestial Dragons, is more qualified to become the worlds nobles in charge of the powers in the world.
“Do you know me?”
Vivi’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise, she couldn’t help but ask Roja.
On the Side, Cobra didn’t have time to stop her, his face showed his helplessness.
“Of course.”
Roja looked at Vivi, This little girl smiled; then he looked at Cobra and said: “Well, I will go now, you look like you will be busy soon.”
After saying this Roja walked to his room.
Until He closed the door, Cobra’s eyes were on him, he couldn’t help but say: “It’s better to see things in person instead of believing rumors… Really his totally different.”
After Cobra shook his head and looked at Vivi, he kindly smiled and said: “let’s go, Vivi, we live here.”
Vivi nodded her head, she seemed well behaved as she followed Cobra.