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Chapter 42 : Practical mission

Chapter 42 : Practical mission

He didn’t do a thing in his break.Directly sleeping for the afternoon and evening. He completely relaxed until the next morning. Roja woke up while feeling a kind of unspeakable comfort.

This comfort seemed not only from his body but also from his soul.  Not only did his soul get stronger but  even his whole body was more concise and strong.

As every strengthen will add ten point to his strength.

If he relaxed every day and didn’t make so much effort he wouldn’t get stronger and the energy bar increase. So after a month of practice his soul and will was tempered, nourished and improved.

The soul is improving every time Roja improve. He didn’t imagine that the soul system is so strange.

Or is it something else ?

he temporarily threw this idea aside as long as he knew the sword of the soul and how he can he improve it that’s enough.

Marine headquarter

Here in front of the huge fortress a large number of warships were docked. The view was like they were preparing for war.

Many Marine soldiers were busy carrying a variety of items. Ready for the upcoming departure.

This day is the day of the mission.

And now the elite camp members were boarding the ships as they will be going for the mission.

In addition to those from the elite camp the other Marine officers and soldier are dealing with navigation and other necessity as they will not participate in this mission.

Roja this time didn’t board the warship late like last time but he arrived early and was on board already.

“This world is very big while i come here for so long and this will be the first time i will go to an actual island.”

(Tl : Probably because the island of the test was man-made. )

Watching the vast sea while clenching his fist as he murmured ” What a scenery. I wonder when will i be able to look at this world from above.”

“Oh that tone didn’t have any confidence.”

Roja saw a beautiful blue haired girl that went beside him and as she heard his murmur she smile and said.

“I can see that you want to look At this world from above like an admiral ?”

Roja turned his head and glanced at her, recognizing her immediately.


The user of the Mado Mado no MI, Z’s disciple and a member of the elite camp. When Z was attacked she was one of the survivors.

Now Z wasn’t attacked and incident didn’t occur; so probably she didn’t eat the devil fruit yet.


Roja smiled casually.

Ain was surprised. Unlike before he had so much self confidence which let her feel that Roja had a hard to figure out character.

In fact the real goal of Roja isn’t just overlooking the sea But he will not say it as goals are something to do not to say.

“Strange guy.”

Thinking about Roja’s sword strike and the flames that were produced which stunned all onlookers. Defeating Very Good with single strike. Ain eyes couldn’t help but flash while her face looked at him strangely.

Ain was curious about Roja and wanted to satisfy her curiosity But Suddenly Z boarded the warship.

“Teacher Z.”

“Teacher Z.”

All those boarded on the warship saluted Z.

Z looked at the Marine navigator and asked.

“How is the preparation ?”

“Still need to carry to barrel of water and will be good to go.”

“That’s good.”

After nodding his head, Z glanced at the veterans of the elite camp and then his eyes fell on Roja, Drake and the others.

“As newcomers had joined the elite camp, this mission will be less difficult than before. The goal is to travel to the south blue and destroy a pirates that built a stronghold there.”

“That pirate goup has entered, the red line but i don’t know why did they come back and started controlling everything there. The captain’s reward is 63 million berry.”

hearing the simple introduction of Z Smoker and the other veterans looked calm but Hina and the other new comers were surprised.

A reward of 63 million berry.

Such a guy who returned from the red line  which will let him become a small celebrity. They didn’t expect that the first combat will be such a character. But from Z words this wasn’t that hard of a mission.

The Marines elites and those ordinary ones are completely different.

Z looked positively at the recruits.

For those who entered the elite camp this is their first confrontation with a pirate’s group. So Z was very concerned about the performance of the new recruits. Especially Roja.

Roja’s first assessment and second assessment were very eye catching but after all that was just training and in tye face of blood, A real fight is completely different.

Those that experienced Blood baptism before joining the Marine are a few of a few.

Many recruits will get used to blood after the seventh or eighth battle and at first their hand will be shaking and they won’t be able to fight normally.

Using 70% of his strength is good but using 100% very few will be able to do that.

“This is a real battle. There can be death at any time. The first battle will hold the most casualties among newcomers. Although i will interfere when there is a life threat, but i don’t want to encounter such situation. Understand ?” Z said.


Almost all new comers, listening to the words of Z, their faces exposed how tense they were before responding.

The tension they were feeling is very different compared to the veterans. Roja’s eye didn’t have a slight bit of tension all you could see is in fact …. desire!!

The soul sword inside of him was excited that a fight about to start and Roja didn’t resist such a feeling.


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